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1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sami wants Will to forgive her. He is more worried about upset Sonny not forgiving him and blames himself ... Eric is glad to see Allie admiring the baby through the window with Nicole. The girl wonders whether she can still hold him ... Stylish Claire is praised for helping with the Ben case by Marlena at the townhouse ... Busy commissioner Rafe congratulates Hope for her great work. She warns with Vincent on the loose Ben and Ciara are far from safe ... On the phone vicious Vincent informs Eve he is in Salem and ready to follow the rest of the instructions so long as he continues to be paid ... Ben dreams of his torment and wakes up when Ciara rushes to his hospital bed. He pulls away for the images are still strong ... Nicole goes to find the nurse. Allie asks Eric to keep her in his prayers. She wants to find the perfect parents. Eric is moved and hugs her ... Will forgives Sami and she hugs him with a sniffle. He admits he is still angry but hopes Sonny in turn forgives him ... Phone Vincent explains how he slipped into Ben's room and gave him the final dose of mind altering drugs. He gloats he is going to want to off his bride ... Ciara innocently asks Ben if he is alright. He imagines holding the necktie as she smiles the nightmare is over. He touches her neck, still imagining the necktie around it and ominously repeats it is over ... Allie is back in her room as Eric sits with her. She sure hopes Sami did not send him ... Rafe wonders why Ben was tortured. Hope believes when the drugs wear off they will know more ... Ben coughs back to reality. Ciara gets him water. He feels he has taken a turn for the worse ... Claire was determined to prove herself to Ciara. Marlena has high praise for how she changed. Claire is so grateful for her glam grandmother ... Sami believes Sonny and Will will be fine but not her and Allie. It dawns on her that Nicole could be discussing her decision with her now and she bolts like a bat out of hell ... Eric wonders whether Allie decided not to give Sonny and Will the baby just to sock it to Sami ...

Nicole brings the bundle of joy to Allie, who weeps and greets her little man. Eric and Nicole smile at the sweet sight ... Lucas comes to the Kiriakis mansion with a stroller for Will, who sighs he and Sonny are not getting Allie's baby after all ... Allie calls her baby the perfect person. Sami races in and the baby cries. Sami hopes she is keeping him ... Claire cannot believe Eve did all those things to set her up! Marlena points out the parent had her daughter murdered and has not been the same since. Seeing Ben happy must have made her snap. Claire has been there herself but that was then this is now. She wants all the best for Ciara and Ben ... Ben will be able to leave after this last IV. Ciara cannot wait. The IV with mind altering drugs drips and drips. Ben suddenly sees Ciara begging for her life in her wedding dress. She asks if he remembered anything. He blinks and denies it ... Marlena asks if Claire is headed to Hong Kong. She would rather remain here since Salem is home. Marlena is over the moon. Claire cannot wait to meet Allie's baby. Marlena informs her the baby boy came early while she was in New York but ... Eric reminds Sami she agreed to give him at least an hour. Allie begs Nicole and Eric not to go but Eric wants her to hear her mother out. He warns Sami not to blow this chance. Once alone with her daughter Sami says she is sorry ... Vincent is in scrubs and sneaks a peek into Ben's room. Ciara offers to sponge him down. He wants to wait until they are home together in a real tub and calls her his wife. She loves the sound of that. He drawls he wants a wedding night. She remembers how romantic the room was with rose petals. He promises her a night to remember. Vincent watches them kiss and is counting on it. The deadly IV goes drip drip drip ...

Hope and Rafe ride the elevator together and he tells her Ben's tox screen was surprisingly clean. She hopes there were no aftereffects. They are both aware Eve was dealing with Rolf so anything is possible. They get to Ben's room seconds after spying Vincent scurries away. The romantic couple stop kissing. Naturally Rafe has a few questions ... Nicole feels for Eric having to be in the maternity ward. He has not forgotten losing baby Mackenzie and regrets he never had the chance to hold her and show her off to the world. Nicole holds him close ... Sami refuses to apologize for wanting the best for Allie, who is still fed up. Sami can see she has bonded with her baby and is moved. Allie is overwhelmed. She admits she feels the bond and weeps she would not be a good enough mother. Sami suggests she learn from her own well meaning mother's mistakes … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Lucas is sorry Sami put the squeeze and Will agreed to lie. He believes Sonny will come around and impulsive Allie might change her mind again in their favor ... Allie reminds Sami she never planned any kids, lied to Lucas about his own child etc etc. She feels like a mistake. Sami argues an accident is not necessarily a mistake. Motherhood means everything to her. Allie loves her baby and feels even more strongly about doing right by him. She is ready and knows what she must do. Sami looks hopeful. Perhaps she shouldn't ...

Claire and Marlena admire the texted baby pictures. Claire is confused. How can Allie give him up? Marlena suggests they support her decision no matter what ... When Sami starts to probe, Allie decides the baby needs a new diaper. Sami asks to hold him a moment and gets her wish. She gushes she loves him as well as Allie ... Nicole notes Eric was born to be a dad. He is indeed a dad to Holly. She smiles and suggests they adopt a sibling for her. They kiss and Sami emerges with the baby in her arms. She thanks Nicole, believing Allie has decided to keep her baby ... Ben is aware he was worked over but remembers nothing, says he. Rafe believes Eve's motive was revenge for Paige with a slow painful death. Ciara is shocked. Ben stands and takes off the IV. He insists on heading home with his beautiful bride ... Sami, Nicole and Eric soon realize Allie is no longer in her room. Sami gasps she is gone ... Ben and Ciara enter the Salem Inn arm in arm. Vincent calls the boss and leers this will be her last night on earth ... Ben carries smiling Ciara to the bed. He romantically kisses her and puts the do not disturb sign on the door ... Marlena marvels John will love Claire staying. They hug ... Will assumes Sami is at the hospital trying to get Allie to keep her baby as they speak. Lucas just wants both his kids happy and the grandson safe ... Eric finds a note from Allie and reads it aloud. When Sami hears she actually wants Nicole to raise her son, she looks ready to explode!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 10, 2020