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Friday, April 11, 2008    
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Anna spies Tony at Chez Rouge. She wonders what he is doing
there and vice versa. He states he is there to do business with Kate. Anne makes a catty comment about Kate’s past as a lady of the evening, and waltzes past, till John asks her to join him and Marlena
at their table. Anna does so and proceeds to bat her lashes at John,
who tells her to stop flirting with him. Tony overhears and is amused. Anna gets up and walks away, followed by Marlena. Suave John advises Tony to take action before he loses Anna cos if he weren’t married, who would stop him?. Tony says he would! Meanwhile, Marlena tells Anna she knows she was just trying to make Tony
jealous and Anna tells Marlena she envies what she has with John.
In continuing his discussion with Tony, John smoothly brings up the Hollingsworth news and asks Tony if his company could do some PR magic and give it a good spin. Morgan and Paul just happen to be nearby and Morgan introduces her daddy to Tony. Count DiMera  assures them he will do a good campaign …
Marlena and John slow dance together.

Stephanie and Max are still talking. She is concerned about the dire situation the missing Patch and worried Kayla are in …

At that very moment, Bo is about to leave to find Hope, runs into Kayla, and suggests they do it together. Bo calls someone even more powerful than law enforcement – Victor Kiriakis. Vic shows up and warns Bo that the Vitali cartel is so dangerous that anyone who tries
to leave winds up dead. Their tentacles are far reaching. Kayla later gives Bo her terms –  OK, if he goes, she goes!

Meanwhile, Patch and Hope are confronted by slinky Ava, who
insists she and Patch are about to rekindle their romance with “Kayla” watching! Angelo dutifully handcuffs Hope to a chair and departs. Ava taunts her ex with pics of their past and Patchman lets her know he is not impressed with her threats. He recalls his reluctance to involve himself with her all those years past because of her dangerous crime boss father. Patch stands up, makes his way to Ava, and proceeds to kiss her passionately, much to Hope’s horror …

Thursday, April 10, 2008
At the Brady pub, Stephanie tells Caroline about her dull
apprenticeship and asks how Max is. Enter Max, working too
hard to spend time with Steph so she complains to Caroline
about it. Caroline tells Max he should work less. He agrees
and saunters up to Steph, ready for some free time with her.
She tells him her father is missing …
At the Brady pub, an angry Paul Hollingsworth finds John at
a table and demands he help him with his legal woes. John
assures him all will be fine. Exit Paul, but not before Marlena
has spied them together. John asks Marlena to sit with him and proceeds to flirt with her. He asks her to think of him as her
very own project …

At Chez Rouge, Sami and Nicole bicker as Nicole tries to extract
legal advice from EJ.  As it turns out, she has a case EJ feels he
could win. Mickey takes the lad aside and warns him not to deal
with Nicole, but EJ insists he can handle her and does not wish to
turn down business. He tells Nicole to stop insulting his missus and
tells Sami to take it easy. Nicole dishes Sami so Sami retorts by
tossing a drink in her face. EJ accepts Nicole’s case. Sami is livid …

Chloe summons Phil back to the Kiriakis mansion, to help her deal
with the Austrian agents but before the lawyer can arrive, they insist
on escorting her to the Austrian consul. Phil gets back in time to see
and advises her to tell the Austrians nothing! He then calls his lawyer and wonders what is going on with the Austrians ‘till it dawns on him
that Nicole must have set the whole thing in motion …

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe overhears Phil getting mad at some
dude on the phone cos he still hasn’t found Brady. Chloe has more
bad news. Se has been receiving phone messages from the Austrian consulate. Enter nosy Nicole. Phil asks Chloe to leave them alone.
Nicole wants to talk at Chez Rouge. Phil goes to get the car. While
he is gone, she  places a call to the Austrian consulate! Meanwhile,
at Chez Rouge, EJ wines and dines Sami,  to keep up appearances. Sami is uncomfortable. EJ wants to know what happens when Lucas returns. Sami dodges the question but she does miss Lucas. EJ says
that all Lucas did was make a mistake. Enter blonde vamp Nicole with Phil. Phil appears annoyed as Nicole, having spotted her nemesis and possible latest prey, at a table, slinks over to the pair. Sami is miffed. Nicole is catty but tells Sami she has married well indeed! Phil takes
her off to their table. EJ asks Sami about Nicole. He finds her fetching despite her history! Meanwhile, Nicole is with Phil at their elegant table, pretending she wants it to work between her and Victor. Phil doubts it and points out not only did she try to get Jan Spears to kill the Greek tycoon, she is gonna be hit with divorce papers soon. Nicole glides
back to EJ’s table and asks his legal opinion,whether she is still legally married if her "dead" husband isn’t really dead …
Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe is shocked to open the door to Austrian authorities, who announce the consul wants to question her!

At the Java Café,  Dr. Dan and Chelsea are chatting. Enter Nick, who joins them at their table and talks green. Chelsea is uncomfortable. Nick mentions hoping to drive a hydrogen car. Dan actually has one. Chelsea looks feverish. Dan thinks she ought to go to the hospital. She says she is fine and strides off to get a drink. Jealous Nick wants to know if Dan has coffee dates with all his patients! Dr. Dan insists they are friends only and admires Nick for defending his turf.  When Chelsea returns, genius Nick tells her that she is gonna be his focus. Dan tells the Nickster to take good care of Chelsea and leaves. Chelsea wonders what went on between the men of science and admits she is cold …

John saunters into Marlena’s office and asks Blondie to hypnotize him so he can get his memory back but if he doesn’t, she will just have to accept him as is! Once John has reached a hypnotic state, he does recall a cold room with Dr. Rolf and pain. Marlena describes and flashes back to scenes of their love. John is dismayed he cannot remember. When he comes to, she tells him his memories of their life did not return. New John tells her to now accept him the way he is ...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Kayla is in her hospital bed. Enter Stephanie. Kayla complains
about Patch hanging up on her. She wants to set out and find him. Steph says she isn’t well enough yet. Kayla asks a nurse to bring
her a printout of the heartbeat of her baby. The baby is fine.That’s
all Kayla needs to hear to let her know she is ready to leave …
Elsewhere in the hospital, Bo summons Lexie, as he wants ta be released. Lexie says no way and says she isn’t above restraining
him. Bo waits ‘till she’s gone and gets rid of the tubes attached to
him, determined to get out and look for Hope before it is too late.
Lexie returns and announces she has summoned Roman. Bo tells
her to call him off – no police involvement! However, Roman is
already en route. Kayla wants him to stop by and see her. He does.
She tells him about the obsessed Ava and Patch hanging up on her.
He tells her not to worry, does not agree with anyone getting outta
the hospital early, and exits. Steph goes to fetch her mother some
ice. One alone, Kayla doesn’t waste a minute. Steph and the nurse return to an empty room! Kayla has gone to Bo’s room, suspecting
he knows that Patch and Hope are in danger. Unfortunately, he
doesn’t know where they are, either, and informs her that Ava
actually thinks Hope and Patch are man and wife.. Meanwhile,
an orderly secretly takes photos of Stephanie with a cell phone …

In Vitali world, Ava’s doc is suspicious that Ava is up to something
and senses she is tense. He continues to medicate her. Elsewhere on
the estate, Hope is desperately searching for a way to escape from
her room. All of a sudden Patch appears at the outside window,
having broken his! Hope follows suit and then they’re off, having
pulled off the great escape. So it would seem, until Angelo captures them just as they are about to climb over a wall. Ava has gotten
word and is livid. The recaptured pair are transported back to the house. Patch tries to smooth things over but the she-devil has a
trump card. She holds up the cell phone with pics of Stephanie and warns that the next time he tries to escape, she will have his daughter killed!

Monday, April 7, 2008
Anna is in her office. Enter Stephanie, with Mr. Cameraman.
Anna tries to be upbeat about their prospects and then tells him
to stop filming. He reluctantly says OK. Anna touches up her
makeup and admits she was reading a silly article on how to win
back your man. She believes she could come up with far better
ways to get back her Tony! She soon sadly admits she is unable
to tell him how she feels, not to mention that it is next to impossible
to compete with him in business. Naughty cameraman, meanwhile,
is really still filming! Anna announces she needs a break …
At Tony’s swanky company, Tony is impatient. Morgan is an
emotional wreck. She confides in him about her parents’ divorce
and her father’s legal woes, due to accepting bribes. It saddens her
that her pop has been left with nothing, while her wealthy mother
had it all. And now what will become of the family name? Tony consoles the stressed apprentice with a hug, as the camera continues
to film. Enter Kate in a glam black dress. Morgan exits. They talk biz. Tony flirts up a storm and invites the sultry diva out for dinner …
Moments later, enter Anna. There is no one at Tony’s office so she sneaks a peek at what the left behind camera of the apprentice caught on tape. She angrily views the hug for Morgan and how Tony asked seductive Kate for a date. Anna is livid! Little does she know that
Tony is in her office and has just watched what her apprentice’s
camera caught on tape, including her admission of missing him.
When she gets a call from Tony, she lies that she is busy, out having her hair styled. He calls her hair exquisite but Anna refuses to take the bait, makes a catty remark about Kate, and hangs up. So there!

Aware of Ava’s gun on him, Patch answers the phone and tells Kayla tis a bad time ta talk. Kayla is mad and won’t be dismissed. Ava tells Angelo to get back the phone and find out who the caller is. Patch has
a split second to do something. He shouts at the phone that it is a bad time to talk and throws and destroys it, then claiming it was a pushy
real estate agent. Ava is doubtful but Patch diverts her attention by pretending to love the demon ex-galpal. Ava calls him on it - she
wants to get married! Patch plays along. Moments later, Angelo tells Ava her doc is waiting so she must leave with him. Once they are
alone, Patch announces to Hope he has a plan. She knows if Bo
were there, he would be able to get them out. Patch thinks she means he ain’t as good as Bo. Enter Ava, who wants to know all ...
Meanwhile, Kayla tells doc Lexie she needs to find Patch. Lexie insists she rest some more and promises to get Abe involved if he ain’t back by tomorrow.
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