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Friday, April 18, 2008    
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At the Brady pub, Chelsea and Kate chat over breakfast and Kate notices Chelsea looks unwell. Enter Dr. Dan, who remarks the
same. When Dan gets a call, Kate decides to take Chelsea home.
Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Chelsea passes out. Once again, enter Doc Dan, who had followed them there out of concern for his patient. The paramedics are summoned. Chelsea pulse is too fast and she has
a fever.


Slick Phil and Nicole have already headed from the Kiriakis mansion
to the Brady pub, where he wants to talk over breakfast. He lets her know whom he wishes her to spy on – none other than John Black! Once they arrive outside the pub, through the window they see John Black. Phil tells Nicole to go make use of her feminine charms.
As it turns out, New John has already finished a meeting with the now impatient Paul Hollingsworth, promising to put him back on top. 
Nicole slinks up to John’s table and proceeds to flirt, thinking she has the upper hand. She asks him on a date. He counters by inviting her to the mansion for dinner. She accepts. Meanwhile, Morgan approaches the pub to meet her da and catches Phil watching through the window. She is disheartened how he has dragged her father into his John Black vendetta. Phil invites her for breakfast. She says no thanks, she is
there to meet her da. In the pub, Morgan and Paul then breakfast together but Morgan cannot eat. The sight of John makes her uneasy. She leaves to visit Chelsea and arrives at the mansion in time to see
her friend being transported away …
Still at the pub, Phil walks up to John and tells him he and Nicole deserve each other! As Paul is departing, he asks John about being married and sitting with that hot blonde but John smugly replies he knows exactly what he is doing. Nicole tells Phil their mission is accomplished, not realizing John is already a step ahead of them …

Ava recounts how she was at the chapel for her groom who
never wed her. Steve explains how he was having flashbacks of his
other wedding (to Kayla) and wanted to tell Ava why he could not
go thru with it and then 2 goons suddenly abducted him. Meanwhile, Ava had a nervous breakdown and was thereafter confined by her father. A tragic tale indeed. Ava is not willing to listen to an explanation of Stefano DiMera, his memory erasure of Steve, or even Steve’s humble apology. She screeches she hates him and now he will pay …

Thursday, April 17, 2008
It is night and Stephanie sneaks into sleeping Max’s rom. She
cannot sleep as she is worried about her parents. And where is
Kayla? They deduce that she must have gone to locate Ava and
the missing Patch. Max does not let Stephanie run off to find them
on her own. Max senses that undercover Bo went with Kayla. He 
talks Steph out of contacting the cops, as Patch obviously had a good reason for not doing so in the first place. He continues to console her. Steph remains in the room, just to get some sleep, but will she …?

Scantily clad Nicole heads for the study, where Phil is having a
much needed drink. Nicole wants to know how Sami could snag a
guy like EJ, while he demands to know why the heck she came back
so suddenly, after 2 years in L.A.? Nicole squirms. Enter the raging Chloe. She accuses Nicole of turning her in to the Austrians.  Nicole denies it. Chloe rages. Nicole blurts out that she did, cos she feared what Chloe might have done to Brady. Chloe is ready for a not-so-lady-like smackfest. Phil intervenes and breaks up the two gals almost gone wild. He gets rid of Chloe so he can talk biz with Nicole.
Once alone with the black widow, Phil smoothly points out that he is Vic’s sole heir apparent so if she wants anything, she should do what
he says. Quite impressed with her already proven techniques, he suggests she become his very own spy for lotsa cash. Nicole gladly accepts the shady offer from her new boss …

Replay of Ava shooting Hope. You can see it
here. Hope collapses. Kayla checks out the bullet hole and deduces that it is not that bad, Hope will survive. Patch is stunned. The gang tie Ava to a chair and slowly make their great escape. Ava summons her henchmen by pressing the alarm. The dangerous dudes cut off the would-be escapers and evaders in the hall and march them right back, also untying the mafia princess from hell. When Kayla calls her crazy, she goes into an odd trance and orders her men to kill everybody! She ignores Patch’s pleas, shoves Kayla when Kayla charges her, and waves Angelo’s gun around. Ang takes his gun back. After all, daddy dearest wouldn’t want the mafia princes to get blood on her hands. He'll do it for her. Time to die, everyone! Hope suddenly speaks up. Will Ava at least tell them why she hates them so much?  The mafia princes pauses. Yes, she
will tell them first, she decides. The whole sordid story …

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ discuss Ali’s teething.
Sami reminds EJ that Lucas is Ali’s papa. EJ wonders what is
really bothering her. Sami voices her displeasure that Marlena
has taken off. Enter John, who accuses EJ of being on the wrong
side, working for Mickey Horton and representing Nicole. Sami
has harsh words about Nicole and flounces off to attend to crying
baby Johnny. EJ points out to John that Nicole too is anti-Kiriakis.
Sami returns. John pulls rank and tells EJ he will be the one to
decide if EJ can take Nicole’s case. EJ makes it clear that he takes orders from no one and suggests he and Sami move out. Sami
refuses! Now EJ leaves to attend to the crying baby. New John
asks Sami about Marlena, anxious to know what she might decide,
but gets nowhere. John later cuts EJ some slack where Nicole is concerned and informs him that it would devastate Sami to lose EJ
to the black widow. EJ wonders …

Angelo places Hope in Steve’s room and then informs Ava that the Vitali compound has been infiltrated by an intruder. Hounds are set loose to capture the culprit. Ava is most anxious for her father not to find out about her secret guests. Patch and Hope have a plan of their own. He bangs on the door, demanding to see Ava. He claims to want to pick up where they left off, as he and the missus are thru! He wants her to let Hope go and run away with him. Ava gets a headache. Patch and Angelo start to fight but goodfella Angelo has the upper hand and knocks Patch out cold. Meanwhile, Bo and Kayla are concealed in the bushes, preparing to make their move. Kayla darts out, gets caught,
and demands an audience with Ava, as she is the REAL Kayla! Bo jumps out and attacks the henchmen holding Kayla. He ties them up and he and Kayla head inside …
Angelo and Ava return to Patch and Hope but are interrupted by the radio. There are intruders! Exit Angelo. Moments later, Bo and Kayla arrive on scene, much to Patch’s relief. Bo unties the pair. Patch embraces his “sweetness,” the real Kayla, who tells a stunned Ava that she kidnapped the wrong gal. The group start to leave. Kayla suddenly bends over in pain. Ava grabs and fires a gun – at Hope!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In the night …

Hope has nightmares of Ava. First she dreams that she kills Bo,
then she dreams of Ava killing Kayla. The third dream is of Bo’s
spirit walking away from her at the docks. Hope wakes up, more determined than ever to escape, and rummages through the desk …
Meanwhile, Patch paces his room, remembering how the whole
mess started. He recalls his and Ava’s passionate days, his marriage proposal, and how much sweeter she was. He decides to summon Angelo and tells him there is something not right with Ava. She
needs a doctor’s help. Angelo retorts everything is Patch’s fault and he’d love nothing more than to kill him …

Bo and Kayla watch the hospital parking lot surveillance footage.
Ava appears to be driving Hope’s car with Hope collapsed in the
back seat. Bo wants to know where the felonista took his wife.
His next step is to cover the footage from the security cameras of
all the bridges in Salem. He calls a contact to check for Hope’s
license plate on said footage. He and Kayla await the results.
Kayla eats. Bo gets a call from his contact. Eureka! Hope’s car
was seen entering Brookville. Bo summons a seedy contact to tell
him about the Vitalis. For a few hundred bucks and a big threat,
Earl tells the mad Supercop that the Vitali compound is located
north of Brookville, heavily guarded. Moments later, Bo and Kayla speed off  to the dangerous fort together …

Phil interrupts Nicole’s beauty sleep, accuses her of selling Chloe
out to the Austrians, and tells her to get outta the mansion. Slinky Nicole summons lawyer EJ. Her smooth talking lawyer arrives,
informs the Kiriakis heir that Nicole, as Vic’s wife, may remain,
and if Phil touches her, he shall be charged with assault! Nicole is pleased. Phil is baffled why EJ would represent her and warns that
he is not about to give up so easily. EJ, however, has clearly won
this round for his negligee-clad client …

Monday, April 14, 2008
Bo is at the hospital, in a hurry to get outta there and get to work
on the Vitali case. Lexie, still half in the dark, wonders why he won’t
get the police involved. She tells him only Dr. Dan can decide if he
can leave. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan has just agreed to suggest Kayla’s release to the chief of staff. Dr. Dan then checks up on Supercop
Bo, who appears to be doing well, and insists he would recuperate faster at home. The doc lays down the ground rules. No driving for
6 weeks, must take pills daily, etc. Both Bo and Kayla call Caroline
so Ma Baker shows up with the getaway car and takes them to the
pub. Once there, Bo privately tells his sis that he has a security tape which will lead them to the missing Hope …
At the Vitali crime family compound, Patch gets hot and heavy with
the mafia princess but then pulls back, citing pain in his ribs from the plane crash she caused. He says as he is not in good shape, she will have to wait for any further action. She tries, without success, to
make him choose between herself and his pregnant wife down the
hall. The ardent princess then smacks him and walks out. Patch manages to make his way to Hope’s room. They prepare for yet another escape attempt, yet are thwarted by the arrival of Angelo,
Ava’s most trusted flunky. The goodfella wants Patch’s lock pick pronto or else he will strip search him as well as Hope. Patch gives it
up. Angelo takes him away, leaving Hope alone. She vows to find her way back to Bo despite the mafia princess’ order that they remain imprisoned. Miles away in a Salem pub, her telepathic message of
being in danger has been received by Bo …

John and Marlena dreamily dance until Marlena suddenly remembers
he still has no memory of her and cuts the dance short. They return
to the table. John thinks they need more champagne. Marlena says no. She does not wish to get carried away in the arms of a stranger. Her feelings are confused but she admits she is drawn to him in every other way. He wants her to go along and enjoy the new him. Marlena is overwhelmed and says she must leave for a while, to sort things out in her fair head. John’s eyes fixate on her as she slowly walks away …
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