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Friday, April 4, 2008    
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At the grand Kiriakis mansion, Victor is pleased by something in
the newspaper. Nicole and Chloe show up for breakfast and trade verbal jabs. Victor has quite enough and takes his leave. Chloe and Nicole bicker over Brady.

At the grand DiMera mansion, John is already up, having been
kept awake by the crying twins. Marlena departs for work. A smug
Phil Kiriakis waltzes in to meet with John, who ain’t interested in hearing another fit over the docks affair. The prodigal son is wearing
a look of victory and presents the morning paper. Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted for accepting bribes. Phil says John should make a deal with the Kiriakis empire. New John ain’t interested. Phil warns
that Hollingsworth’s replacement is one of his friends! John, however, is still up for the game. In fact, he seems to revel in it.Once alone, he addresses Stefano’s portrait and vows to be even more ruthless!
In his therapy session with Marlena, Vic complains about Nicole and
is also concerned about John, but refuses to elaborate, convinced that John would be able to manipulate any info out of Marlena  …

Chelsea finds out Bo stood up at the hospital and chides him for
getting out of bed. He asks her to fetch him a glass of water. She complies. Dr. Dan drops by to check on the Salem patient. Bo
wants to talk man to man about Chelsea’s crush on the doc. Dan
replies his relationship with Chelsea is doctor-patient and he does
not plan on being unethical.  He runs into Chelsea, who wants to
have coffee with him. He accepts and later clarifies they are friends only but Chelsea fails to tell her new friend that she feels feverish …

Stephanie is with Kayla at the hospital. She is fine and wants to
know Patch's secret. Steph tells her all about Ava!
Meanwhile, Patch is brought to Hope’s room by Angelo. Patch
informs her that Ava acted strangely and passed out. Hope tells him what Angelo said about blaming him for Ava’s woes. Patch is enraged! Enter Ava. Patch pretends Kayla is jealous. Hope plays along. Ava has Ang take Patch back out of the room and claims she and Patch made love! Patch returns and Hope pretends to be mad. Sudenly a cell
phone rings. Angelo says it is Patch’s cell. Ava makes Angelo hand Patch the phone. She points a gun at Hope and demands to know who it is. Patch takes the call. It is Kayla – and she wants answers!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blonde vamp Nicole still has the floor at the Kiriakis mansion.
Victor tries unsuccessfully to get her to leave. She asks Chloe
where Brady is. Ex-Stepford wife Kate demands to know what
the tart is doing there. Nicole replies she decided to come home
and she wants money! The Greek tycoon ushers her out, so they
can have a private conversation.
Once she is gone, Dan marvels how hot she is. Kate warns him
about the man eater. Phil thinks Vic will not be able to easily get
rid of her. Chelsea is advised to get some rest. Dr. Dan asks her
to later come in for a checkup. Chelsea gushes. Dan leaves.
Meanwhile, diva Nicole is in a heated discussion with her ex-hubby Greek tycoon, who threatens that she will not get a cent! She begs
to differ, and so does a settlement-seeking lawyer she has seen.
Vic implies she is a tramp. She ties to smack him but he thwarts
the blow. He tells her to get outta town! No such luck. Eventually
the pair return, with Victor stating to the ever curious guests that he
will have to put up with the tramp until his lawyers can get rid of
her. She, however, lets it be known that the battle is still not over …

Max is working down at the docks so starry eyed Steph brings him
a warm drink. They discuss how tough life can be. She says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.  Max’s supervisor
shows up and barks ta get back ta work. Max advises Steph to stop coming to the docks to visit him. It just ain’t a safe place fer a little lady. The pub, however would be just fine so Steph  agrees, and swoons that he is her hero. All of a sudden, she is interrupted by a
cell call, since Kayla has just been admitted to the hospital.

Ava continues to be duped by Patch and Hope, with the Kayla
charade. She prods Patch to kiss the missus. He pretends to oblige, Hope plays along. Patch now wants Ava to let Kayla go. She says
no. Patch calls her babe. She melts but then becomes suspicious as
they try to reason with her. When she suddenly gets a migraine, her mood worsens. She summons Angelo to remove Kayla from the room. Angelo, who would love nothing more than to take out Patch for what he did to her, escorts Hope out of the room, leaving Ava alone with
the target of her mad obsession. She attacks with a passionate kiss!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
At the DiMera mansion, Rolf is trying to lose his accent
by practicing tongue twisters.  Enter John, who is not exactly sympathetic and points out that Victor Kiriakis has a valet so
why shouldn’t he. Rolf gets to business and tells the master of
a call he has received about another Kiriakis shipment arriving tomorrow. Cigar smoking John is smug that it will never get
unloaded. Rolf worries that the Kiriakis clan will hit back on a
personal level. Enter Marlena, who explains Sami wished to meet
her at the mansion. Enter Sami and EJ. Sami needs her mother’s
help. She and EJ are having financial hardships and now, even
though he has a new job, he risks deportation unless … They
then drop a bombshell. How about they move in with Marlena? Marlena blanches and says her place is too small. She suggests
they live with John at the mansion! Sami wants Marlena to move
in as well! Marlena considers and agrees, as she will be able to
keep an eye on him.  EJ assures a dubious John that he’s not 
much of a DiMera anymore. John admits it might not be a bad
idea, odd group that they might be, and proceeds to mull it over …

At the Kiriakis mansion, an elegant dinner gets underway. Chloe, Chelsea, Vic, and Phil are soon joined by Dr. Dan, Victor’s special dinner guest. Victor provides the champagne and toasts to everyone, though he makes a point of slighting Chloe. Kate sweeps in to visit Chelsea and Victor invites her to stay for dinner. She accepts. At dinner, Dan discusses medicine in Italy, surfing in France and slips
in a comment about Kate’s figure. A marvelous chocolate dessert is served. Dan mentions seeing Chloe sing the opera in Vienna. Vic
makes a snarky comment and the diva storms off, followed by Phil. Kate then privately tells the volatile Greek tycoon that by criticizing Chloe, he is sending her straight into Phillip’s arms. Meanwhile,
Chelsea tells Dan all about her family tree. Just as the gang get ready
to enjoy the chocolate dessert the doorbell rings. Enter Nicole and her little pooch, ready to join the dinner in progress!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Bo takes a tumble outta his hospital bed. He just wants to
get to Hope, sensing she is in danger. Lexie helps him back
to bed. Enter Kayla, whom Lexie is not pleased to see, as she
too should be in bed!  Once alone with Bo, suspicious Kayla
wants to know what is going on with Patch. Bo pays dumb.
Kayla suddenly doubles over in pain. Moments later, Lexie
carts her off in a wheelchair. Bo finally succeeds in standing
up, ready to find his Fancyface …

At Chez Rouge, Mr. Immigration prods Sami to answers his
question. Does she love EJ? She says YES. EJ returns to the
table, gives her a kiss on the cheek, and announces that on the
phone, Mickey has just asked him to be partner in his law firm.
He informs the baffled immigration man that he is a qualified
lawyer, licensed to practice in the U.S. Sami and EJ continue
their banter. Immigration man departs, but not before saying he
will have one final meeting with them. Enter new Mickey, who
lets EJ know he will have to earn any partnership in his law firm.
For now, he will be on probation. Mickey still seem to have
doubts about dealing with a DiMera, though he is willing to give
him a chance. The next stage of the plan, Sami reveals, is to enlist Marlena’s assistance …

Patch appears at Ava’s limo. He wants to see Kayla. She angrily
refers to how he stood her up in the past. He explains that stuff
has changed. He loses his cool but quickly changes his tune when
she threatens Kayla (really Hope)! He does, however, remind her
of the terror in the skies she is responsible for. Ava says she hates
him. She alludes to the fact that unless he reconciles with her, she
will kill more! He humors her and they drive home together.

Still in captivity, Hope looks at Ava’s scrapbook and pictures, and discovers that she was once a successful businesswoman. Enter
Ava, with a concerned Patch. It soon becomes evident that Ava is
angry about Hope going through her belongings …

Monday, March 31, 2008
Sami has a visitor – an elated EJ. He has met with Immigration
and all he needs is for Sami and himself to prove to them that
they are truly, madly, deeply married. Sami is dubious. EJ plays
the Johnny needs his daddy card. Sami listens Shortly afterwards,
the pair head to Chez Rouge to meet with the Immigration official.
Maggie sees it is a visa issue. Sami and EJ proceed to play the role
of spouses who love and hate each other, for the benefit of the Immigration man. They fib that they live together in Sami’s apartment. They smooch up a storm. Maggie gets EJ away from the table as he
has a phone call. In fact, there is no phone call, but she says she has
a plan to help EJ, who needs a job to overcome. Meantime, the Immigration man wants to know if Sami loves EJ. What will she say?!

Nick, Morgan, Steph and Max visit Chelsea in her private room at
the Kiriakis mansion. Nick has news, he says. He has received his grant! Max appears preoccupied and says he must go somewhere …

Still a captive, Hope reminds Ava that her plane sabotage cost 3
lives. Ava insists her flunkies blew it. Her plan had been to prevent
the plane from taking off. Ava asks about Kayla’s pop. Hope says he gave his life in the air, so that his son could live. Sad Ava leaves …
Max is at Shawn Sr.’s grave, where he pours the Irishman a pint
and fills him in on what’s new, how he helped Nick, who had made
a mistake. Max would like to make more of himself for Stephanie.
Ava arrives, claming she heard of Shawn’s passing from a friend.
She places flowers on the grave and asks Max to tell her about him. Max obliges. Ava is remorseful. Later, she is back in her limo and
talks to daddy on the phone, who is about to do her a favor. She is
en route to meet up with Patch. Meanwhile, Hope tries to escape.
She gets a window open but an alarm goes off.  Enter Angelo, who grabs her with too much enthusiasm, and she shoves him away …

Max is back with his friends, who listen as Nick gets scientific. Max,
as it turns out, knows exactly what Nick is talking about and this surprises the Nickster. Morgan later asks Max about that paper he took out  of the proposal. Max is blasé and says the machine would not have worked with the formula on said paper anyhow. Morgan wonders …
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