Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Wednesday July 2, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


- At the DiMera mansion, Johnís posh party is underway. Rolf
serves drinks. Ava, Nicole, EJ, and John congregate. Nicole is glum over EJís optimism concerning Sami. He calls her cell phone and
leaves a sweet message. Lucas broods. Lucas then calls Chloe for
moral support and insists on meeting her. The doorbell rings. Tis Marlena, who states she will stay until John comes to his pawn
senses about the disk! He tells her to accept that old John is dead,
long live new John. Marlena asks if she can have the disk. Ava overhears and runs down to the lab to steal said disk! Upstairs,
Dr. Rolf informs John that the labís security has been breached.
John heads down to the lab and catches felonista Ava in the act.
- At the Brady-Horton party, Vic arrives and is informed by a smug Chelsea that Dan is her date. Victor then wishes to talk privately with Dan and lectures him for not making his intentions known. The Greek tycoon doubts Dan can have a decent relationship. At the same time, Bo and Chelsea disagree again. Bo reluctantly agrees to back off.
-Meanwhile, EJ and Nicole discuss Sami. Nicole is doubtful she will ever give up Lucas for the charming Brit. Unbeknownst to them,
Sami is still at the mansion and observes them together. She then
calls EJ, pretends she is already at the bbq, and vows they will never
be together cos she will always be with Lucas. EJís pride is now hurt. He agrees to head to Nicoleís place with her. They go to the Salem
Inn and get in the elevator, to go up to her room. Lucas and Chloe
are in another elevator at the Salem Inn when all of a sudden Ö
- The lights go out, the elevators are stuck. Claustrophobic Chloe tells Lucas itís over with Phil. Lucas tells her about Sami having feelings
for EJ. They impulsively get very close to each other Ö
- Nicole, trapped with EJ, is less anxious. How about a game of poker?  Once a champagne bottle is opened, they get sprayed with champagne and loosen the clothes. Moments later they impulsively get very close to each other and start to make out Ö
- Back at the DiMera mansion, Ava and John are trapped in the lab. Marlena stands outside the door and listens in horror as John destroys the disk, at Avaís suggestion, and then vents his pent-up rage against the lab as well Ö!

Tuesday July 1, 2008


At the DiMera mansion, EJ is looking for Sami. Lucas informs him
she has gone to the Brady-Horton bbq. EJ is about to go but Lucas reminds him he ainít invited! EJ is miffed and says he's family. Lucas says Sami will be mad mad mad if he shows up! EJ opts to stay at the mansion. Enter Nicole. She is sloshed and on her way to crash Johnís party. She and EJ share a drink. He goes off  to get changed nd join
her in her plans. Enter Lucas. Nicole warns him not to give his heart
to Sami or she will walk all over it. Lucas says it ainít gonna happen
like that this time around. EJ comes back and tells Nicole his latest news. Sami now knows they are no longer married. Nicole is mortified but Master EJ thinks tíwas a good thing as Samantha did admit she had feelings for him in the end. Lucas listens at the door and feels betrayed yet again by the woman he loves Ö

At the Brady residence, Doug and Julie have just swept into town,
back from their latest cruise!  There are all dressed up for the party,
in 4th of July costume, ready for the festivities! They cannot help but be impressed with the new green friendly house of Bo and Hope. Bo boasts that they would not even be affected by a Salem blackout! 
Doug and Julie both seem pleased to hear that Chelsea is now dating
a doctor Ö

Chelsea tries to make Morgan feel better by inviting her to the Brady-Horton party and having her stay with her as well. She also moans
that Bo thinks Dr. Dan is too old for her.

Roman shows up at the pub to help get stuff ready and cheers his ma up. Caroline was down in the dumps about not having her hubby Shawn around for the holiday.

Family and friends start to arrive at the Brady-Horton party.

Meanwhile, Phil lets Chloe know he disapproves of her meddling and then sidles up to Morgan, assuring her he is on her side. He has plans
to meet Kate, never mind the bbq. But Chloe has had quite enough
and is ready to end her romance with Philip Kiriakis once and for all Ö

Monday June 30, 2008

- At the Brady residence, Stephanie and Chelsea loaf around together. Stephanie is concerned about Max, while Chelsea is smug about her first date with Dan. Zzzz. But wait! Elsewhere in Salem Ö
- Max is alone at the closed pub. Enter Trent Robbins, who puts on
his best behavior for their planned meeting. He insists he came to
Salem to spend time with his son. Mad  Max is doubtful and keeps cleaning up the pub. When Trent brings up the racing career he gave up, Max is further annoyed. Trent asks him not to tell anyone he is
his father. Max retorts that some Salemites know it already, so there! Max also alludes to the fact that Robbins acting like he never wanted him might even lead him to tell the Deanís colleagues about his seedy past. When Trent brings up Shawn Sr., Max relents, so as to respect
his popís memory. However, he demands to know who the mysterious girl in the photograph is. Robbins wonít say, gets nasty about Maxís blue collarness, and departs. Maxman thinks it is far from over Ö!
- At the police station, Roman agrees with Bo that Dan is too old for Chelsea, but advises that if he were him, he wouldnít get involved.
The conversation then turns to the missing Paul Hollingsworth.
Roman knows he never left the country as heíd planned. The next
step will be to check the dudeís home and belongings. Roman gets a search warrant and later comes back to the station, irate that nothing was found. Except for the guyís suitcase. Enter Morgan, who is losing
it as the cops havenít found her missing father. Exit Morgan after her brief outburst. Bo and Roman feel sorry for her. The suitcase is searched and Bo finds a letter Hollingsworth had left his daughter Ö
- Back at the Brady residence, Morgan shows up to hang out with Chelsea, who assures her that Bo will locate her missing father.
- At the DiMera mansion, John and Ava are together. Enter EJ.
Uncle John lectures him for pretending he is still married to Sami
when in fact the marriage really has been annulled. Enter Sami in
time to hear the whole thing. John tells her Nicole had filled him in
on EJís deception. Exit John with Ava. Sami rages at EJ for keeping
her and Lucas apart. But thatís not all! He also admits that the immigration agent was bribed by him to claim he would be deported,
as part of his plan to keep their family together. Samiís blood boils.
She calls him manipulative. She will not ever forgive him. He reminds her that she herself is far from perfect. Moments later, he also gets
her to admit she does have feelings for him. Exit a flustered Sami!
- Meanwhile, John and Ava are snooping around Rolfís eerie lab.
John wants to play the disk. Ava stops him, warning it might harm
him! John considers but does remember Stefano saying his memories are indeed on the disk. Ava encourages him to destroy the thing and leave old John in the past so they can move forward. He puts the disk in a drawer, locks it, and proceeds to make out with the mafia spice girl, never mind the disk. At least not for tonight Ö

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