Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday June 27, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


The lights start to flicker in Salem, warning of the power
failure to come …

At Chez Rouge, suave Tony wines and dines his divalicious new
bride, Anna. They are in love and still very much in honeymoon
mode. When Tony steps out for a moment, Anna’s boss walks over
to her and tells her he is closing the biz. Afterwards, Anna tells Tony she accepts his offer to work with him. He is delighted, even though
he soon learns when he meets her ex-boss that it is only because her
old job no longer exists – a detail she failed to mention !

Greek tycoon Victor meets Philip and gives him a piece of his mind about the missing Hollingsworth fiasco. He wants stuff under control. For all they know, Hollingsworth could be hiding out with the cops, ready to implicate Phil. Phil is a tad overconfident and insists that everything is gonna be taken care of cos he will find Paul first. Enter Morgan. Exit Victor, who is even more irate when he suspects Phil is involved with Hollingsworth’s daughter! Phil offers to drive Morgan home, suddenly pretending to be just a concerned friend.

Chelsea and Dan are still in the hospital room, having their cozy
dinner. They kiss. Dan has to leave for a little while. When he comes back they dance.

At the Carver residence, Abe and Lexie console each other and vow
to help their autistic son together. The tears flow ...

At the DiMera mansion, Mastermind Doctor Rolf has headed to bed. Visitor Ava arrives in time for the heated disk discussion. John is sarcastic. Exit Marlena, who heads to Chez Rouge for a much needed drink. Meanwhile John romances Ava but then decides to take the disk to the lab after all. Ava decides to tag along …

Thursday June 26, 2008


At Chez Rouge, Daniel and Chelsea continue their date. Bo and
Hope have returned home. Dan likes Chelsea’s smile, but the conversation is rather forced. Dan has concerns about Bo’s lack of approval. Chelsea thinks Kate is a bigger problem. All of a sudden,
the hospital pages Dan. Chelsea tags along with him and waits in a hospital room. After a while, Dan has dinner sent in and shows up, giving her a kiss …

Still at Chez Rouge, Nicole keeps drinking and reminds Trent all he
ever wanted her for in the past was sex. He wants them to put that
past behind them though it seems she cannot. She refers to his dark past. He claims to have saved her life, however. Nicole gets mad.
Trent gets madder and warns her that unless she keeps her mouth
shut, he is gonna blurt out her dirty secret!

At the pub, Morgan calls Chloe a liar. Chloe can’t recall what Paul
was wearing and secretly text messages Lucas, who messages her
back - as Roman puts out an APB on Hollingsworth. Chloe now “remembers” Paul was in a gray suit. She insists John and Phil are innocent. Roman says Paul is gonna have to admit who he was
working for or else he’ll get arrested. He invites her down to the
station to give a statement. Morgan complains to Phil that she is
worried about her missing da. She wonders who Chloe is covering
for. Phil, also in the dark about Chloe trying to protect him, assures Morgan he is on her sweet little side. Morgan gives him a sweet southern kiss …
Meanwhile, Patch and Kayla try without success to talk Max out
of exposing Trent, but he is madder than ever and storms off …

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena waves around the disk and calls
Rolf the mastermind. He plays Dummkopf (dumb head). John wants
to know how she got it. She refuses to tell. Lucas tries to help.
Marlena is interested in taking it to a lab. She knows Stefano was involved in the disk and wants
Mastermind Rolf to come clean right now!

Wednesday June 25, 2008


- At Chez Rouge, Bo is treating Hope to a romantic night out. Enter Daniel. Bo asks who his hot date is. As Bo and Hope are seated, Dan tries to contact Chelsea via her cell phone but has no luck. Moments later, enter Chelsea, who spies Bo romancing Hope. She decides she
is adult enough not to hide who she is seeing. Chelsea and Dan walk
on over to Bo and Hope’s table. Hope is gracious. Bo blurts out how much older Dr. Dan is than his daughter. When the couple head off, Hope tells Bo he shouldn’t have been so rude. Bo reminds her that
Dr. Dan is a globe trotting surfer boy with commitment issues in his personal life. Meanwhile, the doc gets into his date with Chelsea and proceeds to flatter her …
- Across the room, Dean Robbins - aka Trent - wines and dines a nervous Nicole, with ulterior motives. He claims he has changed and wants to make up for their past. Their secret will remain a secret. In fact, he is quite enjoying his intellectual celebrity. He insists Nicole dance with him and fills her in on the fact that Max Brady is his biological son …
- At the Carver residence, Marlena consoles Abe and Lexie, who deal with the diagnosis of their only child. Autism? Abe is in denial. Lexie weeps. Marlena gently suggests they also get counseling and then departs …
- At the DiMera mansion, Lucas gets a call from Chloe, who has just had a passionate session with Phil prior to arranging her meeting with Roman. She calls Lucas to let him know she is on her way to see Roman, all systems go! Lucas hangs up. Someone rings the doorbell. Rolf announces visitor Marlena to John. She comes bearing news for both John and a stunned Rolf. She informs them that she has the disk Rolf must have put all John’s memories on for Stefano, but now it’s time to get her husband back!
- Meanwhile, at the Brady pub, Caroline cannot shake the feeling that Max did not tell her everything about his biological family and/or his deepest thoughts. Max has already told Stephanie he still wants to talk to his father, but has not been more forthcoming. Patch points out he would like to speak with Maxwell in private. Thus, Steph joins Kayla and Uncle Roman. Patch tells Max he is on his side. Enter Morgan, who dramatically announces to Commander Roman that her father is missing! Roman informs her of the 24 hour wait before filing a missing persons report. Morgan insists that something is amiss. Enter Chloe, accompanied by Phil. She blurts out to Roman that as a matter of fact, she saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier the night of the big fire and he smelled of gasoline …!

Tuesday June 24, 2008


- At the DiMera mansion, Chloe watches Lucas take off his ankle monitor. Enter Sami, who is suspicious of Chloe and wants to know what they are cooking up. Chloe lashes right back at her. Enter John, who is less than pleased to see “Philip’s girlfriend” at his home!  He wonders if she is spying on him. Chloe says no and is about to say
more but Lucas cuts her off.  John demands that Chloe leave. For
that matter, if Lucas and Sami continue to argue, Lucas will be the
next to go!  Sami is miffed. She reluctantly walks off with John, who repeats that Chloe must go. Lucas reminds Chloe that they have their work cut out for them. She simply must convince the cops that she
saw Paul Hollingsworth at the pier the night of the big fire …
- Ava and Nicole head to the health club and then havea drink. Enter EJ. Nicole admits she turned down EJ’s one night stand proposal. Ava thinks that was a mistake! Nicole thinks that deep down, he ain’t all
that interested but Ava insists she can see his attraction for her new
best friend. Enter John and Sami. Ava saunters up to John. Sami saunters up to EJ and asks him will he please move out. He says no way and gets a sandwich to go. Exit Sami, after Nicole taunts her that she and EJ recently got verrrry close. Nicole then sidles up to John
and drops a bombshell – Sami and EJ aren’t really legally married!
- Meanwhile, Phil meets Marlena with some interesting news. He has John’s disk, and it seems to have brainwaves on it. She agrees not to call the cops on Phil for stealing the disk, seeing as they both have the same goal in mind - to get the old John back …
- In his room, Max tells Caroline all about what it was like when his mother got sick and child services notified his father, who let them
put him in foster care. He remembers crying and that the creep didn’t care. His real father was Pop Shawn. Caroline consoles him and encourages him to use his genius …
- Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ returns home with his lunch. He
and Lucas discuss Sami. Lucas gives him the inside scoop - Sami always wants the guy who isn’t available and that’s why she is all
deception! Enter Sami, who confronts EJ for almost sleeping
with Nicole. EJ realizes that Lucas was right, she does just want the
one she cannot have. Both guys walk away from her …
- Abe and Lexie are at home, discussing Theo’s tests. Abe thinks the boy is fine, but doc Lexie sees there is something wrong with the way he plays. Enter Marlena, who bears news. Theo, as it turns out, is autistic …

Monday June 23, 2008


- At the pub, Morgan tries without success to reach Paul on her
cell phone. Chloe gives her the evil eye, still smarting from having witnessed her smoochfest with Phil.
Bo asks Caroline why Max is not working at the pub now. She says
he sorta is, he just has stuff to deal with, but she won’t say more. Bo
is pleased to see Hope and Chelsea bonding as they have a girl talk.
He wants to organize a surprise party for Hope. Meanwhile, Hope presses Chelsea to fess up who her date is with. Chelsea admits it’s
Dr. Dan. He is much much older, Hope points out!  Chelsea begs
Hope not to tell Bo. Hope reluctantly agrees.
Bo asks Caroline to help with the surprise party for Hope as he is
too busy with work. John has sauntered over and sarcastically tells
Bo his workload could be lighter. He repeats he was set up by Phil.
Bo doubts it. Enter Phil. All of a sudden, Morgan confronts John
and loudly blames him for corrupting her father so why isn’t he in
jail?! She informs Bo and Hope that poor Paul even had to leave
town! Chelsea departs for the hospital to see Kate. Phil sits with Morgan for a spell. Exit John. Bo asks Hope who Chelsea’s date
is with. Caught off guard, Hope sidesteps the question.
- Diva Kate is about to be released from hospital. Phil has promised
to later stop by and take her to the Kiriakis mansion, where she will
be able to recuperate. Enter Dr. Dan, who has just returned from the gym and a friendly chat with Phil, who admitted he cares for Morgan more than Chloe. Kate is hostile towards Dan. He asks her not to
show her hostility for him to Chelsea. Enter Chelsea. Exit Dan. Kate soon finds out that Chelsea has a mysterious date …
- At the DiMera mansion, Sami wants to pack EJ’s stuff, as she tells Lucas he will be moving out. Enter EJ, who declares no way, he is
not moving out!  Lucas has had quite enough. Once in private, he
takes off his ankle monitor and heads off to visit Chloe. He tells her
all about seeing Paul Hollingsworth down at the docks and how he could smell the gasoline on him. Chloe is doubly intrigued once she hears that Paul is Morgan’s father and agrees to pretend to the cops
that she saw Hollingsworth, seeing as Lucas can’t admit to being out and about …
- Still chez DiMera, Sami begs EJ to go and pretends she does not care for him but he insists she has some feelings for him, else she would
not have ended up in his bed. Sami later tries again and flatters him
on his success working for Uncle Mickey. Surely he could afford to stay at the Salem Inn? EJ ain’t interested. Enter John, who sides with his nephew and gives Sami a wakeup call when he reminds her that she too is a guest in his home. Plus, if she isn’t careful, maybe she will be the one who gets kicked out …!
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