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Friday June 20, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


- Phil and Chloe wake up together in the morning. Phil wants to continue their bedroom activities until he gets a call from John
Black, who wants to see him at the pub …
- At the health club, Chelsea tells Morgan she has a date with
Dr. Dan, who, at that very moment, is making reservations at Chez Rouge. Morgan seems to think Dan is too old for uni student Chelsea and wonders if she would go all the way with him on the first date.
- At the hospital, Kate tells Dr. Dan she does not want him in her
room! Enter Lexie. Kate is tight-lipped about her reason for not
wanting Dan as her doc. Lexie tells her how she and Abe have Theo
in hospital today for tests.
- At the pub are Caroline and a socializing John and Marlena. John orders breakfast. Marlena says what a nice time she had with him the previous night but John was hoping for a sleepover!
- Stephanie reiterates what a creep Max’s real pop is and wants Max
to tell adoptive mom Caroline all about it.  Meanwhile, said pop calls Nicole and insists she meet him pronto – at the pub! Steph takes off
and Caroline notices Max is preoccupied. Moments later, Dean Robbins meets nervous Nicole and wants her to have dinner with him and for them to continue like the old days. She tries to discourage him.
- Nick arrives and gives Max a cd. The Nickster tries unsuccessfully
to convince genius Max to take some courses. Max eventually returns
to Caroline and announces he has met his biological father …
- Phil and Chloe join John for breakfast. John advises Phil to admit defeat and thus end their war. Phil has until the end of the day to do
so. The prodigal son is not interested and storms off to the gym after calling John a criminal. John and Marlena return to the mansion and discuss their future. She still has trouble accepting new John and thinks he should see other women. Perhaps then he will be willing to try and come back to her as old John …
- Steph joins Chelsea ad Morgan at the health club. She is not in a
good mood. Dan calls Chelsea to confirm their date at Chez Rouge.
Her pals are not impressed. What would Bo say?
- Phil runs into Dan, who is now at the gym. They discuss women.
Dan does not understand what is going on with Kate. Phil thinks of his kiss with Morgan. How does a guy know when he has met the “right one?” Meanwhile, the 3 sorority sisters have left the health club and arrive at the pub. Morgan is not pleased to see Chloe the tramp.
Chloe walks up to Morgan and warns her to stay away from Phil cos
all he does is use women! Morgan, however, believes Chloe the harlot is simply threatened by her …

Thursday June 19, 2008


At the Dean’s room, Max blurts out to nosy Steph that Robbins is actually his father! Robbins admits tis true, but he stayed out of
Max’s life after he heard he was adopted by the Bradys. Mad Max accuses him of never giving a damn in the first place.  He accuses
bad man Robbins of seducing his mother and abandoning him to
foster care. Robbins offers him money. Max turns him down but
wants to know who the girl in the picture is. Robins agrees to a
meeting the next day to discuss the matter.

At the Kiriakis residence, Nicole and EJ continue to get physical. EJ
is hot for some action and grabs his new partner onto the sofa. Nicole pulls back and tells him to go home to Sami, the woman he loves anyway! EJ departs. Enter Victor, who suspects Nicole has been
turned down and mocks his sl*t of an ex-wife, though he does note
she always debases herself ...

EJ heads for the pub to drown his sorrows and runs into dashing
Tony (our best actor daytime Emmy nominee). Tony gives him
advice on dealing with his feelings.

Meanwhile, Marlena sweeps into the DiMera mansion to retrieve
her belongings. Ava is gone. John wants a word with Blondie. He is sorry for how he acted at the pub. Ava is only a friend, it was really
just his bruised male ego talking. He invites Marlena to stay at his mansion for dinner. She accepts the invitation. Moments later. John privately gets the news that Hollingsworth is planning to skip town.
He has a cryptic phone convo and tells Marlena it was about business. They have a drink together. They start to kiss. John is later on the phone again and says he wants HIM found!

Down at the docks, Chloe watches from a distance as Morgan is consoled in Phillip’s strong, not-so-reliable arms. She interrupts the smoochfest and makes a drama queen scene. Exit Morgan. Chloe laments that despite their arrangement, she has very strong feelings
for the new generation of Salem Greek tycoons, aka Phillip Kiriakis. They kiss. Phil gets a phone call and orders whoever is on the other
end not to let HIM talk!

Meanwhile, Paul prepares for his great escape, having told Morgan
bye bye, but he never makes it.  Within minutes, his lifeless body gets dumped in the river …

Wednesday June 18, 2008


Down at the dangerous docks, Paul Hollingsworth accuses Phil of having him tailed. Phil denies as much.  Paul admits setting the fire
was a mistake. But he fears his life is now at risk. Phil tells him he
has to face the music on his own this time. Hollingsworth grovels. Phil advises him to get outta town.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Hope wants to discuss new John with Marlena. She feels he needs Marlena’s help. Upstairs, Steph asks Max if Dean Robbins is his enemy. He grudgingly says yes and admits he even
broke into his room. He then heads to the Dean’s room and asks who the girl in the picture is. The Dean is uncommunicative and tells him
to scram. He doesn’t. Stephanie shows up and bangs on the door till Max opens it and taunts the Dean into saying out loud what they both already know to be true …

At the DiMera mansion, Ava sips a scotch as John thanks her for her help. Enter a livid EJ, who is out for Lucas’ blood! He settles for a drink instead. He is mad that Sami wants to kick him out and feels
she has no right to do so as John is his uncle. John is on his side.
Enter Lucas. Both EJ and Lucas are mad mad mad at Sami. They
have a verbal sparing match. John sides with EJ, he can stay. Exit
John. Lucas tells EJ that him sleeping with Sami changed everything and now she is confused. Lucas has seen Sami packing EJ’s things, however. EJ retorts he will NOT be moving out and storms off.

Still at the pub, Hope wonders if John is guilty. Enter Ava and Nicole. Ava tells Hope and Marlena they should join her and her new pal for
a drink. Hope is horrified when Marlena informs her that John and
Ava are now dating! Ava gets a bad reception and goes back to Nicole, who laments that someone from her past is in Salem and this could
spell big trouble. Ava promises to help. After all, she does have the resources.

At Hope’s urging, Marlena goes to speak to John, who is now at the pub. Should they have dinner together? John gives her the brush off
and saunters off with Ava.

EJ drops by to see Nicole. He needs someone to talk to and complains about Sami wanting him to move out. Moments later, they kiss …

Meanwhile, down at the docks, the worried fair maiden Morgan runs into Phil, who consoles her about her pop’s problems. She asks Phil to protect her da, who has already told her he's leaving town,  and then kisses her new hero, Phil!

Tuesday June 17, 2008


At the DiMera mansion, Lucas and Chloe bare their souls
to each other. He snuck out to get fresh air. She was crying
cos of Phil. Lucas is sympathetic. Chloe vows she will never turn
him in, for he is her new pal and if Sami is willing to let him go,
then she is one fool …

At the pub, Bo and Hope run into John, who accuses Bo of not arresting Phil for burning his shipment due to the fact that they are blood. He also says he is gonna get the proof that Phil planted the
drugs on him with Hollingsworth in the first place! John storms off
and returns home in time to overhear Chloe telling Lucas she has to believe Phil is innocent, as he says. John hits the roof. Exit Chloe.
John promptly summons Ava for that help she’d promised. Ava
arrives and arranges for her thugs to bring Hollingsworth to the
DiMera mansion. They do just that and rough him up ... Lucas
overhears John demanding a confession. It doesn’t work. John tells Angelo and the other thug to take Hollingsworth outside and let him
go. Concealed witness Lucas recalls seeing him at the pier …

Nick is trying without success to reach Max, who hides in Robbins’ room as Nicole and the mean dean enter. Robbins takes one look at
the trashed place and calls security, Nicole takes off.

Back at the pub, Bo has summoned Phil, who once more denies he set up John. Bo is suddenly called to the Salem Inn on police business and leaves. He tells Robbins that he cannot do much for him as no intruder was spotted. Meanwhile,  Nick and Steph are soon at the pub, still wondering where Max could be – until he shows up!

Phil returns home to the Kiriakis mansion, nervously remembering
how Hollingsworth had tried to squeeze cash out of him. Nicole
sweeps in and announces she needs protection! However, she soon changes her mind when Phil wants to know from whom. Exit Nicole. Enter Chloe. Phil gets a call and soon learns that some of Vitali’s thugs have taken Hollingsworth to the DiMera mansion. He makes out with Chloe …

Nervous Nicole gets summoned by the smooth talking Robbins, who wants to see her pronto ..

Monday June 16, 2008

- At the Kiriakis mansion, EJ shows up to speak with Vic about
his now expired offer. The Greek tycoon is annoyed, as Kate will
soon be having her surgery. Enter Phil. Victor dismisses him so exit Phil! EJ suggests Vic settle with Nicole, else he will have to face
letting Nic take the blame when Vic faked his death way back when.
EJ also threatens to expose the sordid details of the Greek tycoon’s personal and business affairs. Moments later, Nicole sweeps in and
Vic tosses the proposed settlement into the fireplace. Nicole threatens
to start entertaining at his home. Victor negotiates. He will pay half of EJ’s original number. Nicole greedily accepts. Exit EJ. Vic tells Nicole he knows she has ulterior motives ... with EJ!
- At the hospital, Kate decides she is not comfortable with Dan operating on her cos he is the godson of Victor, plus he is now a
friend of the family.
- Down at the docks, Abe and Roman talk about cop work and the
fact that Marlena has moved out of the DiMera mansion. Chloe overhears. They also talk about Lucas. Roman is doubtful Lucas
would risk breaking the conditions of his house arrest.
- Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Sami tries to get Lucas to
admit he removed his ankle monitor and went out. Lucas retorts
with a sarcastic reply. They argue. Lucas suggests Sami go live somewhere else. She says no way. He then suggests EJ go live somewhere else. Ding dong, Chloe calling! Chloe wants to speak with Lucas. While Sami heads off to shower, Chloe says she knows Lucas was at the pier. He denies it. She insists he was there as he knew she was crying. Lucas comes clean. Chloe promises to keep his secret.
- At the pub, Steph wakes up to find Max gone. He is actually busily rifling through Dean Robbins’ room! Roman arrives and meets with Sami, who is trying to diet. She complains about Lucas’ demand that
EJ move out. Roman thinks she has feelings for the British legal eagle. Enter EJ and Nicole. Sami is miffed to see them together. Nicole takes her leave. So does Roman. EJ wants Sami to celebrate his legal victory with him at an Italian restaurant but Sami has other things on her mind. She wants him to move out of the DiMera mansion pronto!
- Once outside the pub, Nicole runs into Robbins, who clearly knows her on a personal level and was once intimate with her. They go to his room together, which Max has just trashed. Mad Max hides …
- Kayla tells Steve all about moody Max and they head to the hospital, where they meet Nick and Steph. Steph is anxious to find her honey. Patch wants to know what’s going on with the Maxman.
- Vic also shows up at the hospital, to be with Chelsea, Phil, and Kate during her surgery. When Dan tells him Kate wanted another doc, Vic
is perplexed. Once alone with Phil, he apologizes for being so hard on him and admits he thinks he is doing a great job in the Kiriakis empire. Kate is now doing well. Dr. Dan asks Chelsea on a date.

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