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Friday, April 25, 2008    
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At the DiMera mansion, Marlena is further stunned to see John
get a candlelight dinner ready for Nicole, not her! She reminds
him he is married ta her and he remarks she is jealous. Meanwhile, Nicole marches up to the Greek tycoon at the hospital and reads
him the riot act for kicking her outta the mansion. She implies she
will spill the beans about his dirty little secret! Nicole is then off to
the mansion dressed to kill. However, within minutes John has
busted her for spying on him, likely for Phillip Kiriakis! Enter
Marlena. Nicole realizes she is busted and leaves. John and Marlena toast one another. John is pleased she is jealous but does not realize
that moments earlier, she swore to Rolf that if he doesn’t get John
his memory back, she will surely find a way …
Meanwhile, Chloe complains to Phil that the mighty Vic has given
her the boot from the Kiriakis mansion. Phil insists to Victor that
Chloe WILL stay! Vic relents, but not about Nicole. Big mistake
cos Nicole meets up with Chloe and tells her that Victor has known
all along where Brady is!


Roman and Abe confer about the dangers of Steve/Kayla/Bo/Hope being held captive by the Vitalis and arrange to meet Bo’s informer, who confirms that Beauregard had been lookin for the Vitali
compound. At that very moment, Kayla ends up  in Patch and
Ava’s room. Patch jumps up, livid how he’s been set up. Elsewhere, Bo knocks out the guards and then unties Hope! Kayla and Patch
hear the commotion. Ava pulls a gun on Patch. All of a sudden Bo
and Hope burst in and Patch decks Ava and gets the gun. The mafia princess has lost this round! Roman and Abe soon arrive on scene and arrest her. Angelo, however, places a call on his cell phone …

Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie get busy in his room but he decides the timing isn’t right and they head back down to the pub, where, while Max works, the Vitali thug quietly threatens Stephanie with a knife …

Thursday, April 24, 2008
New John confers with Paul Hollingsworth at DiMera mansion.
John feels the time is ripe to take action. Out come the Cuban
cigars. Enter Marlena, who is suspicious of Paul. Now enter a
visitor – none other than Phillip Kiriakis!  Phil wants to talk. John
says no thanks. Paul accuses Phil of framing him but the Kiriakis
heir scoffs at Hollingsworth's guilt. Paul slinks away. Phil assures
John he means business. John points out the Kiriakis empire is worldwide and he wants his own piece of the pie – the Salem docks. Phil calls him a DiMera and departs. John is left alone with Marlena. They kiss but then John drops a bombshell – time to get ready for
his date with another woman! Marlena is stunned …

Kate is at the hospital, where Chelsea is still feverish. Count Tony appears with flowers. The production teams is waiting with the commercial. Kate is too preoccupied for that now, however.
Chelsea’s fever subsides. Abe, who has just finished discussing
the Vitalis with Lexie, wants to have a word with the patient.
Dr. Dan reminds him to go easy on her. Abe tries to probe about
Bo and Hope maybe being with Steve and Kayla and perceives Chelsea’s worry. He leaves.  Enter Dr. Dan. Chelsea wishes he
weren’t her doc but he is quick to remind his patient that he is
way older than her anyway …

Groggy Patch wakes up in bed with Ava – and the dude soon
discovers he is buck nekid!  They talk. Ava realizes he was truthful about what happened and he really did love her. He reiterates that
he would not have married her as he still felt the presence of his true love, Kayla. They were really just each other’s escape. He tries to
talk her into moving on. Ava doesn’t listen. She wants them to have
a baby together. Patch pretends to go along, seeing as it means she
just might leave his and Kayla’s unborn child alone …

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Sami comes across a shirtless John and
asks if he’s seen EJ. The Johnster puts on his shirt and says no.
Exit Sami. Enter EJ, wanting to quietly know if he’s seen Sami
cos he doesn’t want her ta know he’s home yet. How bizarre,
thinks John. All of a sudden, his goddess Marlena waltzes in,
having returned from Colorado. She has decided to accept him
as is. Oh la la! John tries to get her to model her lingerie for him
but fails. Enter EJ and Sami. John helps take Marlena’s bag upstairs. Rolf approaches Stefano’s portrait and examines the disk of John’s memories, considering his options. He then returns it to the secret
safe and Marlena enters, curious about what he might have been up
to. Rolf pretends he was just straightening the portrait. Enter Sami,
who complains to Marlena about Nicole. EJ listens in. Marlena points out she will always be grateful to EJ for finding John. Sami talks like
a jealous wife. Moments later, enter EJ, who soon gets a call from
the suspicious immigration agent …

At the pub, Max gives Morgan a hug to comfort her about her da’s
bad situation. Stephanie sees and appears a tad jealous but Max soon reassures her with even bigger hugs. Steph is still worried about Patch and Kayla, who continue to be unaccounted for. Meanwhile, Stephanie is tailed by Angelo’s bad ass associate who is now in the pub, too! Steph admits to Max she was jealous of Morgan and then privately admits to Morgan that she does love Maximilian.  Max creates a bogus power failure to clear the pub so he can be alone with Stephanie. They then declare their love for one another, as the Vitali thug observes …

At the Vitali compound, Kayla suspiciously wonders where everyone
is and demands to be taken to Ava.  Angelo says everyone is alright
and they are having Hope’s wound taken care of. Enter Ava, who disagrees with Kayla. When Kayla notices her taking a pill, she wants
to know what it is. She wants to know about all her meds and says she can help her. Ava is doubtful. She admits she has attempted suicide and the docs diagnosed her with temporary psychosis. Kayla suspects she may have been misdiagnosed, however. The pills make Ava worse. She starts to get mad and orders Kayla removed from the room, then telling Angelo that she needs time alone with Patch, despite the fact that the dude is still unconscious …

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
At the hospital, Dr. Dan announces to Chelsea, Nick, Kate and Vic
that the patient has peritonitis. Kate is livid. Bo has been messaged
by Lexie, but is still no show, leading Victor to wonder where he is. Daniel orders a bunch of medicine for Chelsea and assures a worried Kate he will do everything to make her better. Lexie confides in Vic
that Steve/Kayla/Bo/Hope all seem to be MIA. The Greek tycoon recalls his son asking about the Vitalis but warns Lexie to keep the cops outta the matter. Dan gives Chelsea a big injection. Her condition starts to improve but while Nick is with her, she dreams of kissing Dr. Dan!

At the health club, Sami has left the twins with the club babysitter
and tackled the treadmill.  Enter EJ. Enter slinky Nicole, who makes
a catty comment about Sami’s extra pounds and an even cattier comment about Lucas. Sami wants a sauna. EJ and Sami disagree
about her plans. Nicole jumps in and taunts Sami by reminding her
she was once an item with Lucas. Enter Maggie with her personal trainer, who gets catty with Nicole. Nicole flaunts her nice figure.
Sami trots off . Nicole wishes to consult with lawyer EJ on her divorce. EJ pauses to commend Maggie on her restaurant’s new green status. Sami is unable to enjoy the sauna and confides in Maggie that it reminds her how Lucas once rescued both her and EJ from the sauna. She complains that Lucas will not accept her visits in the slammer. Sami soon spies Nicole holding baby Aly and snatches her away. She later tells Nicole not to go near her kids. Nicole responds by bringing up the different paternities. Sami punches her out. Nicole wants to sue. No
can do, says EJ. Nicole hopes she won’t be bruised for her hot date with John Black … Also at the health club are Miss Morgan and Phil Kiriakis.Morgan flirts with Phil. He feels that her da should stay away from the likes of John Black and warns the filly that John will ruin his future. Morgan assures him she doesn’t want her da near John either.

New John probes Paul Hollingsworth about his association with the Kiriakis dynasty. Paul is tightlipped. John is suspicious. Paul pledges
his loyalty. John wants proof of it. He wants Hollingsworth to help
him ruin the reputation of the Kiriakis clan. More deets to follow.
Paul agrees. They part company. John then heads for the health club, where he overhears Morgan telling Phil about Chelsea’s crisis. Phil gives Vic a call and then offers to drive the fair Morgan to visit her friend. She has her car with her. He says he is a gentleman and wants her da to stay away from the likes of John Black DiMera. Meanwhile, John gives Hollingsworth a call and announces that Vic’s family problem is gonna be the break they need for their deception …

Monday, April 21, 2008
At the hospital, Kate wants answers from Dr. Dan! He replies
that tests must be done. Chelsea feels she is in good hands but
Kate suspects he is hiding something. Nick visits with Chels, who
gives him the brush off. Later, Kate and Nick talk in the hall. She
has been unable to reach Billie and he has had no luck with Bo.
Perhaps Bo is in is way, the Nickster muses. Dan is alone with
Chelsea, proud of her bravery, though he gets tense when the
nurse shows him test results. Rush the remaining tests, he orders! Chelsea then daydreams about kissing the doc, who, in reality, is
more interested in getting to the lab than making out with her …

As EJ chatters about his great office at Mickey’s law office, Sami announces she is off to the park with the babies - without him.
Matter of fact, unless he drops man eater Nicole as a client, he
won’t be getting anywhere near baby Johnny! EJ refuses. Sami threatens to make things difficult with the immigration agent. EJ
accuses her of being jealous and brings up Nicole’s beauty. Sami demands to know if he has fallen for her. He says no. She says she doesn’t care anyhow and storms off to the park. EJ grins, delighted
that John was spot on about her jealousy …!

At the Vitali compound, emotional wreck Ava continues to rage
against Patch and demands an apology. He says he's sorry. It ain’t enough. Kayla tries to explain that Patch never really meant to cause her any harm. Hope offers to help her. Ava breaks a vase and cries
she hates them all! She then wants to dance with Patch and gets mad
at Kayla as she watches. Kayla gets mad right back, blaming her for Shawn Sr.’s death. Ava retorts they can have a reunion cos she wants ‘em all freakin dead! Kayla appeals to her to spare her unborn child
and places her hands on her stomach. When Ava feels the baby kick, she has a change of heart. She will keep the baby as her own and
then decide who will live and who will die! Meanwhile, Hope has lost consciousness and Bo has been knocked out by Ava’s henchmen.
Only the mafia princess’ interest in Steve and Kayla’s unborn baby
has spared their lives …
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