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(February 4, 2022)

Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- At the old Salem Cemetery is an open coffin. One by one
- men and women pass by and toss torn pages inside that coffin.
- Father Eric finally closes it and John Black addresses the
- crowd, Marlena at his side. "We are gathered here today ..."
- EJ jumps up and shakes his fist. "To mutiny, mates!"
- The crowd roars. Steve kisses Sweetness, tosses his patch.
- "No aggression," says Marlena. "The transition of power
- must be peaceful for us to get what we need and want."
- Sami looks from EJ to Lucas, who rolls his eyes. She is
- standing symbolically between the two romantic rivals.
- Next to EJ is Sarah Horton, her eyes wide with hope.
- They are all waiting, all anticipating better days.
- Ben frowns and suggests Ciara come home with him.
- "This crowd could get out of control without warning."
- Ciara shakes her shaggy head. "I want to bear witness
- to this historic event. Our baby does too."
- Jack has climbed onto the church rooftop to snap pictures.
- Jen loudly whispers to get down. He invites her up.
- Eric stares at John. "Tis time to lower the coffin."
- Xander, Rafe, Abe, Eli, Justin, and Tony step forward the
- fastest and get to do the honors. As the coffin is lowered
- into the ground, Anna, Kate, and Paulina break into song.
- Allie and Chanel hand out free cookies to the crowd.
- The coffin goes lower and lower until ... A snap permeates
- the air and it falls to its final resting place with a bang.
- More cheers ... Victor Kiriakis steps forward with a grin and a
- golden shovel. He nods and waits for John to give the go ahead.
- John nods. "Friends, family and foes, we are gathered here today
- TO BURY THE STORYLINES of the past months. From now
- on we call the shots, we are the masters of our own destiny!"
- The crowd of characters cheers. Vic tosses dirt onto the casket
- of ripped up scripts. Brady does a happy dance. The devil flies
- out of Johnny to another network. The characters' takeover
- in Salem is just getting started ...

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