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WEEK OF JULY 28, 2014

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- Eric needs Nicole to help him in Rome!
- After some soul searching, Nicole makes her choice .
- Here comes trouble! Kristen DiMera is back on MONDAY.
  Salem will never be the same ...
- Kristen is convinced her latest scheme is justified.
- Brady must deal with his new normal but can Sami
  keep going with hers? You betcha!
- Sami should not have underestimated smart son Will!
- Marlena is highly suspicious and worries about John.
- Eric cannot forget the passion of the Nicole.
- Kristen resorts to holding Dan as her hostage at the hotel!
  Her DiMera methods may be dramatic, but she wants Brady
  back and she would just looove to have a baby ...
  Dan defies her demand to bring Brady to him and
  calls her crazy.  Kristen and her thugs rough Dan up.
- Theresa realizes how wrong she was to trust evil Eve.
- Theresa is blackmailed to do Eve's bidding. She should be
  more worried about Kristen, though, cos she wants to save
  Brady from being her husband.
- New hospital board member Sami checks the rules with Madame
  Milbauer of haughty HR fame, then demands Dr. Kayla fire Abigail
  for her ... immorality with board member EJ. The rules are the rules
  so Abigail gets kicked out!
- Adrienne feels just awful.
- Abigail storms over to the mansion to take on smug Sami!
- Kate tries to drag Victor into quite a scheme.
- Victor does something unexpected concerning EJ.
- Clyde sticks around Salem like a bad penny.
- Rafe wants to know who the heck Clyde is.
- Sami enlightens Jordan on a secret. Jordan confronts Rafe!
- Maggie wonders where or where Daniel could be.
  Meanwhile Dan is all tied up. Literally! But Kristen
  has underestimated the superdoc ...
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July 28 -  August 1, 2014
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