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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- After his fingerprints place him at the secret room
- Leo tells his lawyer he knows who really did it!
- Gwen is gonna be in biiiiiiig trouble.
- Sadly Lucas is leaving Salem for the slammer.
- Orpheus has a present for perturbed Kayla.
- EJ totally attempts to blackmail Ava.
- Paulina tries to play rematch maker.
- Stefan slowly starts to stir ...
- Chloe realizes that Kristen remains violent.
- Leo claims he knows who really done it!
- Johnny and Ava have another sweet moment.
- Ruthless Li Shin seeks a secret deal with Kristen.
- Stefan makes his great escape!
- Johnny tells Gabi how sorry he is.
- Rolf accuses smug Li of attempting to off
- the son of the great Stefano DiMera!
- Stephanie is back on the 18th turning heads.
- Alex's audacity angers Allie big time!
- Chad and Jada head down to the DiMera
- room of secrets to search for clues. Bingo!
- Leo now has his very own lawyer who plays
- hardball with Rafe and exasperates the commiss.
- Chad gets some emotional support from Kayla.
- EJ is totally onto Ava now and the dapper
- DiMera does wot he does best - he plays
- an underhanded game of blackmail with her!
- However, thou shalt not underestimate a Vitali!
- Anna can sense Kristen has a huge secret.
- Gabi and Alex Kiriakis get acquainted.
- Chad demands answers from Gwen and accuses
- the cornered culprit of murder most foul!
- Chloe asks Gabi to assist her with that
- Kristen cos she is causing too much chaos.
- A couple that connected too fast to come undone.
- Alex plants something he knows would make Vic peeved.
- Clyde and fancy Nancy are a formidable force.
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