WEEK OF MAY 23, 2022

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Leo wants to get Gwen involved in his wicked plan!
- Rafe wants the right answer to his marry me question.
- Johnny just wants to say I do with Chanel again!
- EJ makes a stunning admission to legal eagle Belle.
- Kristen still has a voice that must be heard and
- she has her own bold DiMera idea that makes
- unpleasantly surprised EJ and Chad see red!
- Jan blames Belle for her unexpected emergency.
- Fiery fancy Nancy has a run-in with Leo.
- Xander seeks forgiveness from furious Sarah
- and also asks Chanel for a sort of favor.
- Sonny experiences strange memory loss about 1 night!
- Perfumed power Gabi got herself a new deal.
- EJ still has something up his designer sleeve
- with perfect brotherly partner Chad, who still
- has much to lose if he happens to know his secret!
- Lucas is more than a little surprised by the latest.
- Belle gets advice on how to deal with the Jan
- Spears and Shawn situation, which never ends!
- Chanel gets a clearer vision of her future.
- Ava is sorry for accusing Kayla of offing Tripp.
- Oh la la when EJ kisses Belle right on the lips
- and somebody sees the scandalous moment!
- Ben is utterly delighted to meet fancy Nancy.
- Eric is still in Salem and trying to help Sarah.
- He is completely caught off guard by Nicole's engagement
- BUT the good news is he got the boot from the priesthood
- because of his unapproved exorcisms and Kate believes
- tis best since he belongs with Nicole. Now if only
- he would not be so noble about her latest engagement!
- Sonny has words of wisdom for disheartened Xander.
- A secret starts to unravel as the Salem P.D.
- seek answers and Lani feels the stress ...
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