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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Sonny the nice guy tries to help a friend.
- There is more to a recent story than suspected.
- Ava appears to EJ and blames him for everything.
- Tony and Chad have more concerns about brotha
- and how he is clearly not coping these days.
- Sloan meanly bares her claws at innocent Chanel.
- Stefan and Gabi start to bicker about her wedding.
- Unhappy EJ and Nicole end up together again.
- Wendy is home at last and has it out with Li.
- The clues about the kidnapping on the
- Kiriakis estate just keep coming in.
- Bonnie gives Xander a gut wrenching punch.
- Paulina has an ambitious new plan.
- Wendy tells big brother she knows what he did.
- John and Marlena believe Brady was hoodwinked.
- Sarah demands answers from her almost hero.
- Brady discusses being a dad with Eric.
- Johnny blasts EJ for the big loss but
- EJ attempts to swear his son to secrecy.
- Wendy and Johnny accomplish less than planned.
- Unhappy EJ and Nicole get drunk together.
- Sonny tries to get Leo back on track.
- Stephanie soon finds herself in a love triangle.
- Gabi hates seeing Stefan and Chloe get closer.
- Eric is stunned by something Jada says.
- EJ's insults make Eric sock it to him!
- Will and Sonny will celebrate together.
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