WEEK OF MAY 13+ 2024

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Sara and Xander search for clues.
- Teresa tries to get back together
- with randy Alex. Maggie is mad
- about his not so good work ethic.
- Sloan blasts boozing Leo for the blab.
- It gets known Gabi was wrongly accused.
- Rafe weighs in on who really offed Li.
- Kristen grills Ava for the whole story.
- Marlena believes Brady is in denial.
- John helps Eric with Hey Jude and more.
- Eric and Nicole notice the same thing.
- Prom planning leads to petulance for some.
- And the blood on Clyde's book belongs to ...
- Ava gets accused of killing Li!
- Chad now has the journal of his
- beloved Abigail and proceeds to read.
- Chad now knows something strange.
- Holly and Tate try to hide their lie
- but Brady is suspicious of his son.
- Chanel and Johnny need that miracle!
- Konstantin is a clear and present danger
- with all kinds of creepy connections!
- The secret connections of Clyde have
- got to go down for a safer Salem town!
- Someone is in danger of being offed!
- A faithful friend turns into an enemy.
- Li Shin's real killer to later be revealed
- but first there will be a few fake clues!
- Chad and son visit Abigail's grave
- and remember her on Mother's Day.
- The cops get new intel on Clyde,
- Paulina gets a complaint about dishonest
- D.A. EJ and it comes from brother Stefan!
- Konstantin has quite a shocking connection.


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