WEEK OF June 10+ 2024

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Konstantin grabs Teresa and shots are fired.
- Steve goes down and there is blood!
- Maggie totally collapses in the mayhem.
- Xander aims his gun at Konstantin and
- makes him start talking. Konstantin laughs
- like a loon, recounts his treachery and taunts
- Alex that Victor was neverrr his father!
- Clyyyyyyyde gets grilled about Li.
- Honorable Eric reaches out to EJ.
- Marlena makes an unfortunate reveal.
- Leo talks turkey about love with Marlena.
- Johnny updates Chanel on a possible gig.
- Kristen has terms when Stefan seeks a deal!
- Stephanie feels like Everett is lost to her.
- The DiMera siblings scheme and dream
- while the balance of power for the
- Kiriakis clan could give Brady a reboot.
- John's memories of the badass old days
- will not be as bad as he believed.
- Sara discovers more about Xander's
- not so good old days when he was wild ...
- Julie just reels from the latest reveal!
- Someone seems to get closer to doing
- the Eric and Nicole and baby Jude
- math and when this secret spills,
- a trio will have reached the point
- of no return ...
- Everett gets tooooooo extreme as Bobby!
- Leo's mom Diana soon has a scoop for
- Salem that will be connected to John.
- Everett's alter has an unexpected connection.
- The return of the Gabi gets closer.


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