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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- As per the contents of the case that
- greedy Teresa got her hands on first,
- Victor was Alex's real daddy and the
- tycoon left him half of everything!
- Sadly tis Sonny's last week in Salem.
- EJ's former London stepfather gets
- involved in the overseas search for Sue.
- Sarah and Rex's wedding is strangely
- planned the same day as Chloe/Xander's!
- Anxious Rex admitted to Philip that
- Xander is Sarah's real baby daddy
- and Chloe happened to hear it!
- Xander finally finds out the truth!
- Paulina is caught off guard by the D.A.
- Gabi and Stefan to wage war with Dimitri.
- Vivian tries to make a deal with Alex.
- Sarah has an intense meetup with Xander.
- DANGER DANGER is lurking in Salem!
- Kate gives Madam Viv a piece of her mind.
- The family reveal rocks the Kiriakises.
- Sarah and Xander are not in the best place.
- Sarah is an apprehensive bride-to-be!
- Rafe and Jada see Harris and Ava.
- Chloe and Philip discuss the future.
- Sarah feels like a runaway bride!
- Marlena disappoves of Eric living
- with Sloan and says so to her son!
- The Salem PD get close to the fugitives.
- Ava and Harris follow their leads in
- the hopes they will find Susan alive.
- Chloe and Phil walk down memory lane.
- Wendy has been let down by Tripp.
- EJ tries to hide wot he did.
- Vivian is dealt a huge blow.

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