WEEK OF June 3+ 2024

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Clyde claims to Chad that Abigail is ALIVE.
- Melinda warns Rafe if he arrests her it will
- NOT help his sister Gabi's case at all!
- Sinner Sloan wants to tell Eric everything.
- Eric also wants her to face the music.
- Sara's Xander surprise is a tad unwise ...
- Teresa and Brady get hot and heavy.
- EJ tries to intimidate tough cookie Melinda.
- Konstantin is cornered at the faux wedding.
- Goldman gets offered a deal against Clyde.
- EJ is determined to discredit Sloan.
- Nicole and Eric are closer to the truth.
- Alex catches Teresa getting cozy with Brady.
- Lucas turns out to be a very good agent.
- Harris stops Ava from killing someone.
- Kate and Roman discuss the sad Jude story.
- Eric and Nicole have an inteeeeense moment.
- Kristen wants to work with Stefan.
- Someone is in danger of being offed!
- Everett gets tooooooo extreme as Bobby!
- A faithful friend turns into an enemy.
- Leo's mom Diana soon has a scoop for
- Salem that will be connected to John.
- Stephanie still needs to lean on Chad.
- The Salemverse is still trying to tell
- Nicole that Eric is the real baby daddy!
- Someone soon spots a significant detail.


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