July 27, 2021
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Days of Our Lives Day Ahead!

- Let's start with Sami. The years pass and she gets more
- worldly in every way, but one thing never changes. She always
- overplays her sneaky hand! She is no longer the ponytail
- girl with gumption so she looks sophisticated, yet her impulses
- override everything. Of course such a quality makes her exciting
- but is what gets her in trouble every time. She is also a tad
- too confident in her ability to control the outcomes of her
- actions. Now that EJ is aware of her affair with Lucas, he
- just might become as DiMera as Stefano did with Kate in
- their suffocating marriage. Sami must now also worry wot he
- will do to Lucas! Like the old days, Sami's explosive drama
- is linked to Nicole, who also used to be married to EJ and
- passed Sami's baby Sydney off as her own once upon a time. The
- bad blood runs deep, though the two stylish women have more in
- common than they care to admit when it comes to getting all their
- heart's desire, not to mention payback. Nicole would do well not
- to lose her edge with volatile Ava Vitali, whom Rafe cares for
- way less than he cares for Nicole! That is another storyline about
- to blow up. Only in Salem would the commissioner consider dating
- and living with a mob princess who has a history of snapping! He
- was really lonely and let his emotional guard down. It could cost
- him his career if he is not careful.
- Now to discuss Ben and Ciara. Wow! That wedding interruption
- was classic days. Ben becoming her limo driver was a little
- more tame than the way Bo did it in the 1980s - a time when
- heroines were abducted by heroes in romance novels and soaps.
- Head writer Ron Carlivati - aka Rockin' Ronnie - pulled it off
- with the same exciting feel as the old days. After the Olympics
- are done, Days will be back with the continuation of that classic
- bride stealing story with a twist. The kiss that could launch
- a thousand ships is imminent!
- Claire's parents are going to be troubled by her boldly taking
- the place of the bride, given their stylish daughter's history, but
- all is well that ends well. Besides, Bo and Hope were papa
- Shawn's parents so it's in the genes.
- The excitement has only just begun.
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