February 3, 2022
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Days of Our Lives Latest Rockin Recap!

- Craig and Nancy's situation was a stark reminder
(no pun intended) of the old days when gay men too
often were pressured to pretend they were straight -
just as Craig reportedly did for all these years.
I remember those days well. My flamboyant college
friend R, however, refused to pretend and lived a
happy life until his tragic end. His boyfriend felt
the hospital that sent him home did not want to admit
him when he was throwing up blood because he was gay.
He went home and died. He was in his early 30s.
Fortunately the world is a better place now.
People are supposed to have equal rights, respect
and opportunity. The mean gay jokes are not the
norm and no way would a hospital be able to turn
away anyone because of their orientation or identity.
- I am sad that Craig and Nancy broke up but amid all
the far fetched stories in Salem this one rings true.
Kevin Spirtas is gay in real life as many of us close
to the industry have known for years. In addition,
there was often a cute campiness to the scenes with
Nancy. Now we have the realistic situation of a
wonderful man having to hide who he was all those years
so he could live the life society expected of him -
and his loving wife's subsequent heartbreak.
In the future Nancy and Craig will for sure find their
way back to being formidable friends. The show didn't
really break them up because they never were.
It was an enchanting illusion but the formidable
friendship and children will keep them connected forever.
UPDATE: Alas Craig was hoodwinked by Leo, who also lost
as he fell for his mark for real when it was too late.
Now Craig is leaving Salem, so we will not get to see
the continuation of his journey. Leo, on the other hand,
has something new up his sleeve ...

Love Cathy
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