Days of Our Lives Spoilers
November 3-7, 2008

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- Dan refuses to give up on Kate and begs her to do the same.
- Kate fesses up to Dr. Dan that his support means more to her
  than he will ever know!
- Sad Nicole begs EJ to believe she did not kill Trent but sad EJ
  admits he doesn't know what to think ...
- Phil and Steph make a friendly pact, to temporarily put their
  love lives on hold.
- Melanie is about to turn 18.
- Nick decides to re-submit his proposal so he turns to Max.
- Max and Stephanie bicker some more about Melanie.
- Nick uses the L word.
- Tony is mad at Stefano and lets him know!
- Stephanie has too much to drink so Phil helps her get home!
- Abe wins as mayor. Lexie informs Mayor Abe that she thinks
  papa Stefano was responsible for Marino's murder. The phoenix
  also seems a tad too interested in who the new commissioner will
  be. Of course, that's before Bo is offered the job! By the way,
  big bro Roman is all for Bo becoming commissioner.
- Dr. Dan makes a new friend - Chloe! Will they get romantic?
  Not in the near future, nope, cos Chloe/Lucas/Brady will be her
- Chelsea is so worried about Melanie destroying Nick that she
  asks Phil for his intervention!
- Phil lets Melanie know he is well aware of what she is up to
  and it's about the money she thinks Nick will soon have!
- Sami and her new guard Rafael discuss their association and
  give each other a hard time!
- Nicole pretends to need medical assistance and it's all part
  of her plan ... She ends up at the hospital ward and EJ rushes
  over to save the day!
- Sami sneaks a call (behind Rafe's back)  to Lucas and finds
  out her nemesis Nicole is in the slammer! Furthermore, Bo is  
  determined to keep her there.
- Nicole confesses she thought of killing Trent but chickened out in
  the last minute when she got to the cemetery, where she did spot
  a man ... Incidentally, Nicole was packing heat that fateful night!
- Nicole fears EJ wants to get the baby away from her.
- Melanie winds up sharing Mickey and Maggie's house with Nick
  and she plays a game of emotional flip-flopping with him.
- Chelsea has a very bad feeling ...
- When Phil spies Dr. Dan and Chloe hanging out at the health
  club together, he acts before he thinks. The result? Dan gets an
  earful, Chloe gets mad, and Phil gets remorseful.
- Max advises Nick not to get romantically involved with
  black widow Mel.

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