Days of Our Lives Spoilers
November 17-21, 2008

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- Dr. Daniel confides in Chloe about his tendency to get involved
  with patients. Of course, she will keep his secret.
- Are Lucas and Chloe solid as a rock or is this the relationship
  to nowhere? Lucas wants them to get mega-serious this week,
  but is she ready to commit? Here's the deal - Lucas wants to
  marry the singing diva and he tells mama Kate all about it!
- Phil and Steph talk biz as she shows him her resume. Looks
  like she could have a bright future at Titan with that juicy
  internship though their attention is soon diverted when they
  learn of a possible kidnapping from an unexpected and very
  accidental phone call as psycho Nick makes his first slip!
- Melanie wonders if she killed Trent and should turn herself in.
  Nick is about to take Melanie out of town when she remembers
  that he was at the cemetery the night of Trent's murder. The ice
  pick makes Melanie remember the night of the murder as it really
  happened but Nick will not let her leave their motel room, not
  even to go for a walk! How does Melanie react? She informs
  him she knows what he did, even though he has been trying to
  make her believe she killed Trent. And it gets worse for poor old
  Nick. Maggie comes across the creepy note he wrote to Melanie.
  Stephanie and Phil overhear a very telling conversation between
  Nick and Mel when Steph's number is accidentaly dialed and the
  race is on to find out where they are. Time for the cops to act, too!
  When Bo and Hope storm the motel room where Nick has Mel,
  the ensuing chaos makes it look like he tried to kill her by shoving
  her off the balcony! Phil rescues Melanie from the jaws of death
  when he catches her! Hope then has to slaps the cuffs on her
  cousin. Nick gets arrested, while the town turns on Melanie for
  causing the drugged out demise of Salem's most popular professor.
  But are things really what they seem in Salem ...?
- Brady has some interaction with Nicole when he shows up at the
  mansion and enlists her to help him with John. Nicole tells him
  she is a pal of new John, not the old one. Still, she puts in a good
  word for him with the pawn, who has been painfully aloof.
- Now that Brady is single again and near Nicole, EJ gets jealous!
- Marlena calls EJ on his feelings for Nicole, who also meets
  up with Brady at the health club.
- Nicole enjoys the grand DiMera lifestyle and dines with the
  family. However, just when EJ and Nicole get close, Stefano  
  summons his legal eagle son away on business. Meanwhile,
  Nicole starts to have sharp pains in her stomach and it looks bad.
- On another murderous note, Marino's killer, aka Sami's wannabe
  killer, gets a step closer to finding his prey when he brazenly
  approaches Marlena, seeking information and threatens her, but
  he is messing with the wrong blonde. John to the rescue! The
  pawn shows up, cool as a cucumber, with a gun aimed at the
  killer and he is just as deadly ...
- Sami is desperate to get out of her prison apartment more than
  ever and gets to work ...
- Once again, Lexie feels that everything is just too much.
  Abe takes steps to keep the waterfront green friendly and
  he holds a press conference ...
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