Days of Our Lives Spoilers
November 10-14, 2008

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- Nicole asks EJ if he is trying to make her take the fall for
  killing Trent! He convinces her they need to trust each other.
- Melanie is turning not so sweet 18 so Nick plans a celebration
  with cake and gifts and just the two of them. He is disappointed
  when Mel wants to put her and Trent's picture in a nice frame
  he gives her. Nick had plans to have his and her photo in it.
  When he has the big cake knife in hand, Nick has a freaky
  flashback about killing Trent and he seems to be under the
  influence of those meds he is now addicted to. Perhaps the most
  interesting thing is that Mel was lying unconscious near nasty
  Trent when Nick came across the pair in the cemetery and then
  Trent crouched down to Melanie. That, according to Nick's
  flashback, was when Nick knifed him in the back. From his
  vantage point, it looked like Melanie needed protecting ...
- Kate's chemo takes its toll. Kate's sons feel she should quit
  the chemo but Dr. Dan disagrees! Chloe helps her the most.
- Rafe outsmarts Sami and it's all good fun!
- Sami admits her secret to Rafe. He promises to keep it a secret,
  but will he really? And who is he calling on his cell phone?
- EJ romances Nicole at DiMera mansion and she is delighted.
- John and Marlena have a heart to heart talk at the park.
- Chelsea and Max get re-acquainted.
- Maggie finds out about Nick's meds and also lectures Melanie.
- Phil and Melanie butt heads!
- John is determined to find the hitman who wants to off Sami.
- Melanie wants answers from Nick about a certain note after
  she discovers what stationary it was written on!
- Nick manipulates Melanie into heading out of town with him.
- Bo and Hope uncover new evidence which points to Nick as
  Trent's killer.
- Meanwhile, the very out-of-character Nick has a plan ...
- Chelsea helps with Theo again. Lexie is a tad jealous, so Kayla
  assures her she is a fab mom.
- Max admits to Kayla she was right about a certain matter and
  he should have listened.
- Nicole gets EJ to attend a prenatal appointment with her.
- Sami is livid when she hears that free Nicole is back at the
  DiMera mansion, near Johnny!
- Brady is baaaaack!

Sneak it and peek it
  The dang caretaker lied to the cops!

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