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March 30 - April 3, 2009

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- Grace is christened and her middle name is Raphaela.
  Rafe is ever so moved.
- Lucas has a sneaking suspicion that Sami is actually
  Grace's birth mother! He asks Sami to tell him the truth once
  and for all. Is Grace, in fact, her biological daughter?
- Nicole wants to shut up the now hospitalized Tony.
  She insists that she saved his life by calling 911, so he
  should return the favor and keep her secret. She also warns
  him that if he does not keep her secret, he will have problems!
  That is when Tony’s heart rate skyrockets!
- Tony attempts to communicate the truth to EJ via a note ...
- As it turns out, however, dying Tony is unable to complete the
  note, and EJ swears he will find out what exactly his brother
  was trying to tell him!
- Tony loses his life.
- Nicole is cagey with the cops. Hope is displeased.
- Angry Stefano demands answers from Nicole.
- Bo is not pleased with Philip’s attitude.
- Nicole finally tells the cops that Tony's fall was an accident,
  just as Phil described. In return, Phil will keep mum about
  whatever the heck she is up to with Brady. Stefano senses
  something and calls her a traitor!
- Anna blames Stefano for Tony and slaps him!
- Stefano blames the Kiriakis clan and thus declares WAR!
- EJ agrees to put off his wedding.
- Bo tells Roman to steer clear of his wife!
- Hope also perceives that Bo does not want her near
  Roman. Will she do the math?
- Kate considers forging Dan's signature!
- Sami talks to Will about Grace. Will gets mad, so Rafe
  has a heart to heart talk with the lad. He tells him why
  he should go easy on Sami.
- Will's new pal Mia ends up close to Grace. Will she learn
  the truth?
- Sami reconsiders her decision not to tell EJ he is Grace's papa.
- Chloe gets an exciting job offer, but will the timing be right?
  Fact of the matter is, she suspects she is pregnant!
  But wait! As she soon informs Kate and Lucas, her home
  pregnancy kit was faulty.
- Trouble in paradise looms for Max and Chelsea. Their
  relationship is strained by Chelsea blaming Mel for the recent
  tragedies in Salem.
- Doc Baker is back to wreak havoc! And he gets a new
  patient - Sydney!
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