Days of Our Lives Spoilers
March 2-6, 2009

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Brady tells Nicole she deserves to be loved for who she is.

Kate informs Vic she will make Chloe suffer and also plans
to divert Lucas with another woman ...

Victor refuses to make peace with Stefano, whom he believes
is faking an attempt at friendship.

Stefano makes a romantic move on Kate! He asks her out on a private dinner date. Kate says she will think about it. Stefano is hopeful.

Max gets jealous when he sees Dan the man talking to
Chelsea but he has no cause for jealousy. Matter of fact,
Max and Chelsea later do the deed at Bo and Hope's house!
Bo gets mad when Max comes down in the morning and
tells him to get out! What next ...?

Lucas agrees to give Chloe another chance cos he has no
recollection of her Dan fling!
Maggie reluctantly agrees to keep her silence.

Bo informs Hope of his latest vision and it is a mighty wild one -
her making love with another man, but he has no idea who! Hope tells him that would NEVER happen!

EJ seems to abruptly pull out of the fuels deal, but why,
wonder Phil and Mel? Mel is unable to get any more money
from EJ. Only Max is not surprised. But that's not all. Phil has
been duped by the DiMeras big time!

Nicole discovers Grace at the convent, unaware that suspicious Stefano is having her followed! Stefano warns EJ to get his head
out of the sand!

Sami wants EJ to change his wedding plans but offers no
promise of her own. Matter of fact, EJ soon sees Sami kissing
former bodyguard Rafe when Mr. FBI shows up in town, and he
is consumed with jealousy, much to Nicole's dismay! Nicole gets mad about EJ's cute visit to Sami. She also discovers what Sami
told Lucas about her baby. Chloe gives her some friendly advice.
Not surprisingly, Nicole and Sami loudly butt heads.Sami taunts Nicole by boasting that EJ still loves her! She also wants papa Roman to pull some strings for new best friend Rafe, though EJ
would rather have him get out of town for good and reports him
for improper conduct!

Will lashes out at Chloe. Kate secretly shares his view!

Brady is once again there for Mel in her time of need when
she feels like the biggest loser.

Macho Phil smooches with Steph at Titan.
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