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Week of March 16-20, 2009

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- Victor rages at Phil for the computer mishap. Phil gets more
  bad news when he soon discovers what Tony now has in his
  possession! And that's not all! Brady then tells Phil off for bugging
  Nicole. Meanwhile, Phil angrily vows that the DiMeras will crash
  and burn.
- Chloe's priest resurfaces!
- Stefano lets Nicole know he knows about her secret visit to the
  convent and he does not buy it when she claims she was doing
  charity work!
- EJ praises Will to Sami.
- Rafe sneaks out the back when he sees Nicole at the pub cos
  she could recognize him as the bogus cable guy who showed
  up at the DiMera mansion a while back!
- Sly Stefano sets it up so Sydney's baptism is at the convent!
- Melanie accepts Tony's offer but he has not been any more
  up front with her than EJ! What will Mel do next? Max flat out
  refuses to give greedy Mel the last blueprints so Miss Mel plays
  the burglar and steals them! Max is enraged! However, what goes
  around comes around, for once she lets Tony have them, he
  appears to give her the brush off! Mel tries to turn the tables on
  the DiMeras by bringing Phil into the picture ...
- EJ is increasingly jealous of Brady's connection with Nicole.
- Tony discovers Nicole's secret! (as we already reported 1
  month ago, he runs into Mia and does the math). He becomes
  confrontational toward Nicole about her deception!
  Here's how it plays out. Mama Mia (as DaysCafe was the first
  to call her!) arrives at DiMera mansion and slips up by telling
  Tony she wants her baby! Of course she leaves alone, though 
  Tony is now armed with the truth. Nicole tries unsuccessfully
  to throw him off by claiming Mia is a blackmailer. Later at the
  church, Nicole faints! However, she is soon revived and Sydney
  is christened, with godparents Tony and Lexie in attendance. Mia
  quietly drops by as well.
- Meanwhile, against Victor's advice, Kate heads to Vegas and
  she is just desperate to stop that wedding! She even confides
  as much to a complete stranger! As it turns out, she will be too
  late. Time for Plan B! Kate's intentions take a murderous turn!
- Sami has a close call when EJ hears her mention bringing
  home her baby! Poor Grace is unwell.
- Will meets Mia, and wonders why is she crying? Will and Caroline
  later try to help her and she is grateful ...
- Bo advises Steph to rethink her relationship with Phil.
  Speaking of Bo, he has a vision about his vision that makes
  it seem that much more realistic!
- Rafe gets a warning about Sami.
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