Days of Our Lives Spoilers
January 5-9, 2009

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- Nicole wants Brady to pose as her future husband so she can
  get the baby of an ideal candidate. Does Brady go through with
  the charade? Nope!
- Stephanie gets the goods on Mel!
- Theo has a visit with Stefano. Not surprisingly, Lexie and
  Stefano have another intense convo and Theo wanders off,
  falling down the stairs. Psychic Bo calls 911 before anyone, to
  help the unconscious lad! He and Hope then race to the mansion.
  Not to worry, though. Theo has an operation and will be ok.
- Rafe's now infected wound makes his mind foggy.
- Love struck Dan pushes Chloe to come clean about her feelings.
- Hilda has a dire warning for Sami and then meets a killer!
  But Sami is ready to make her getaway from the apartment!
- Bo has solemn words for Phil about his past with women.
- Kate hosts an engagement bash for Lucas and Chloe. She has
  a prezzie for Chloe, too.
- Kate gives Dan his relationship walking papers!
- As the engagement party is about to get into full swing, Dan and
  Chloe lock lips and are about to get farther until Lucas interruptus
  shows up!
- Lucas decks Dr. Dan for the wrong reason!
- Brady and EJ butt corporate heads!
- Chelsea has hesitations about Max's real interest in a relationship
  with her ...
- John decides to get hypnotized but is he trusting the right doc?!
- John does have a flashback of Marlena on the pier ...
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