Days of Our Lives Spoilers
January 26-30, 2009

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- Bo is pressured to apprehend the former mayor's killer by
  current mayor Abe. The press wants it solved!
- Bo gets Patchman on the case effective immediately.
- Kate misreads Dan's depression as being due to her breaking
  up with him!
- Sister Theresa rushes Sami to the clinic as Colleen.
- Kate makes Dan and Chloe mighty uncomfortable.
- Max has a word with Phil about his sis!
- Phil finds out about Mel's offer from the DiMera side.
  Meanwhile it becomes increasingly evident that  the Kiriakis
  lifestyle is not Stephanie's cup of tea! She would take a game
  of pool over a swanky jet any day! As it turns out, Phil's
  career gets in the way of his Romancing The Steph, again ...
- Phil and Brady wonder about Mel's loyalty to Titan. Brady
  makes nice with the little hellcat. They can relate to each other.
  Phil insists he can look after Melanie despite her devious
  little thoughts of pitting the DiMeras against the Kiriakis clan
  in the name of money!
- Nicole ends up delivering Mia's baby in the teen's home!
  Sami has her baby too, pretending her name is Colleen! 
  Nicole then takes Mia's little bundle of joy to the clinic, where ...
- Nicole hatches a twisted plan. Turns out the baby switch rumor
already reported here is true! Part of it is accidental, then it
  turns intentional! Sami's baby is born not breathing but is then
  ok after being taken out of the room to be checked over. This is
  where the accidental opportunity comes in and boy does Nicole
  seize the day, with her oh so bad intentions. What comes next is
  that Dr. Baker gets in deep with the scheme when he takes Mia's
  baby and walks back in, presenting her to Sami as her own, at
  Nicole's urging!  If she can pull this off, then Nicole will indeed be
  bringing home the new DiMera baby! She just loves Sami's real
  baby at first sight, as she is EJ's, too. EJ, by the way, is gonna be
  out of town the day of the delivery.
- A vision of someone near and dear to him haunts Bo ...
- Our poor Rafester has been tied up by the assassin, with a gun
  held to his head, but, like all heroes, he does get himself out of
  the mess - at least temporarily. The killer reveals just how low
  he would go. He has threatened to go after the kids cos Rafe flat
  out refused to give the Salem terminator any info about where
  Sami was hiding!
- Rafe and the assassin have a knife fight and they both get stab
  wounds! The assassin gets away and then winds up in the
  hospital, after Maggie finds him injured at the pier. Dr. Kayla
  wonders where she has seen that face before. Unbeknownst to
  Bo, that is what triggers his very complicated vision! Steve gets
  a hot lead on the assassin, courtesy of a secret DiMera file, but
  will  they connect the  dangerous dots in time?
* Note: fear not. Psychic Bo's wild vision of Hope shooting Kayla
  is not at all what it seems *
- Oh la la! Dan and Chloe are at it again!
- Chloe gets some advice from the all knowing and maaad Maggie,
  who sees evidence of her Dancepetion (deception with Dan)!
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