Days of Our Lives Spoilers
January 19-23, 2009

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- Hilda is discovered to have been murdered.
- EJ grills Nicole on Mia and he is annoyed Tony knew about
  her volunteer work before him cos it made him look like
  a fool. Nicole claims she only just started and was about to tell
  him. They kiss and make up. Nicole later prepares to sneak
  out of the mansion as Mia is close to giving birth but ...
  EJ is totally against Nicole leaving the mansion without him!
  Furthermore, he has every intention of being there when the baby
  is born and he makes this clear.
- As we broke ages ago, Sami will have to temporarily hide from
  the killer at the convent. Too bad Rafe has a run-in with him!
- Nicole finds out Sami is expecting and EJ is the papa, so look for
  Nicole to get that much more desperate! Here's what happens.
  Sami panics and calls - you guessed it - Lucas! Lucas tells Chloe
  where Sami is and Chloe then tells friend Nicole about Sami's
  pregnancy and location! As a result, Nicole heads for the convent.
  Nicole spies Sami, hides and listens. She then emerges when Sami
  isn't anywhere to be seen and gives the sister Dr. Baker's contact
  details, just in case there are any pregnant girls in need around!
  Speaking of the dubious doc, he tries to warn Nicole that her plan
  of passing Mama Mia's baby off as her own is far from foolproof!
- Dan thinks he should come clean to Lucas about his thang with
- Dan is dismayed when Chloe tells him that she plans to go to
  Vancouver for a brief holiday with fiance Lucas, but Sami
  unwittingly thwarts her plans with that phone call about a murder
  and changing her hiding place as Sami is in even more danger!
  The result? Lucas says he's not going anywhere and Chloe
  ends up in Dan's arms again! Chloe and Dan are also gonna
  have a heart to heart talk about all that fire between them and
  what it really means. Dan is in LOVE, people!
- Kate is troubled by the notion of Sami getting close to Lucas
  and she tells him so!
- Melanie could find herself in an even more lucrative position,
  but for now her loyalty to Phil seems unbreakable! Still, she
  looks into stuff ...
- Kayla agrees that Charlotte is trouble and tries to intervene!
- Brady has shown Marlena the proof that John is making a
  comeback. Brady updates John on Charlotte's deception. John
  then rushes off to save Marlena from the evil doc, who wants to
  kill her with an injection but ends up stabbing John with it
  instead! Marlena has him rushed to the hospital. She is at John's
  bedside, whispering to him about the past, imploring him to make
  it, and he does! The classic couple then tie the knot in the hospital!
  Brady, Kayla, and Roman attend.The good news is that John will
  remember Marlena totally! Charlotte is charged, though John will
  suffer what appears to be temporary paralysis. Devoted Marlena
  takes him overseas for treatment and recovery in Europe.

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