Days of Our Lives Spoilers
January 12-16, 2009

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- Both Lucas and Kate come close to finding Dan and Chloe
  together! Chloe tries to give Dan the cold shoulder and yet
  she later simply cannot fight it. She starts to question whether
  what she has with Lucas is eternal.
- Sami confides her fear of her baby's father to Sister Theresa.
- The convent agrees to help Sami so it's a go! Sister Theresa
   even gives her a cell phone.
- Stefano gets EJ more involved in the DiMera empire dealings.
- By the way, Stefano still wants to marry Kate and he tells her so!
- Big Hilda is grabbed by the killer! Hilda will be a hero, not
  telling where Sami is hidden, only to be fatally shot ...
- Nicole doesn't seem to want to listen to Tony when he warns
  her about Stefano and she gets downright defensive!
- Mia discovers what deceit Nicole is up to! And yet their
  association continues. Nicole shows Mia where her baby will
  live. Mia then prepares for her ultrasound as Nicole awaits.
- Phil has doubts about his professional relationship with Stephanie.
  Kissing is nice, though he feels they shouldn't work together!
- Max does indeed make it to the engagement party, and he
  would like to know if Chelsea wants Dan in her life again.
  Her answer? Naaaa.
- Chelsea and Max are still cutely in denial about their feelings.
- Melanie publicly forgives Nick in Judge Fitzpatrick's court, so
  he gets a reduced sentence. Phil secretly sees the whole thing!
- John forgets what happened when he was under hypnosis and
  jealous Charlotte sure ain't telling! Charlotte and Marlena are at
  odds over John! Marlena then stakes her claim (John) with a kiss!
  Marlena will be hopeful when John calls her "Doc."
- Charlotte lies about John's prognosis.
- In addition, Charlotte turns out to be suspected of wrong doing
  in her last job!
- John informs Charlotte he will only leave town with Blondie
  and not her, as she suggests.
- Brady gets his hands on John's taped session and realizes his
  memories have indeed started to return.
- Stefano and EJ hatch a plan against the mighty Kiriakis empire.
  Let the games begin!
- EJ and Nicole are on the receiving end of Victor's razor sharp
- EJ seeks out Melanie to talk biz and money is no object ...
2 Weeks Ahead!
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