Days of Our Lives Spoilers
February 9-13, 2009

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- Baby Sydney (DiMera) is not out of the woods yet. She stops
  breathing again and must be hospitalized. Nicole wonders if she
  should come clean to EJ but changes her mind when she hears
  their daughter is ok!
- Papa EJ is not impressed when Nicole gets the housekeeper to
  babysit so she can attend to other matters.
- Baker gets in Nicole's face and demands more cash! Brady
  finally agrees to help out this time and loan her the payment but
  Vic catches them in the act at his safe!
- Brady has tough words for the dubious Doc Baker.
- Stefano tries to interfere in EJ's life. He notes something is off
  with Nicole and advises him to keep an eye on her.
- Steph is upset when she hears Phil agree with Vic that Mel
  must be taken care of and Phil vows to destroy her. Steph tells
  Phil it is wrong, but he will not back down! Can she keep seeing
  such a dark prince ...? First she thinks she can when they have
  a romantic evening, which gets unromantic as he continues
  to obsess over ruining Mel, so Steph says goodbye!
- Hope the mope decides to go live with Doug and Julie!
- Kayla forgives Hope. She gives Steve a break, too.
- Kate senses something bad is coming for Lucas and she is right!
- Lucas and Chloe decide on a Valentine wedding but then she ends
  it after singing a love song when both Lucas and Dan are present.  
  Confused Chloe claims he deserves better than her! Kate finds out
  from Lucas. Meanwhile, Chloe has a plea for Daniel. She wants
  them to leave town together but he feels they should stay and go
  public with their love!
- Wedding plans are made that have Sami seeing red! And Sami 
  even makes a comment about stopping EJ's wedding!
- Speaking of love, Stefano hasn't given up on Kate just yet!
- Rafe appears to leave the convent. Sami considers her options.
- Brady and Chloe take a trip down memory lane.
- Victor clues in to Dan's interest in Chloe when the doc defends
  her to the acid-tongued tycoon.
- Bo talks to Abe about his problems.
- Mel is booted out of Titan after she gets into Phil's computer.
  Mel, however, finds out she can get the blueprints she needs
  from someone else! Time to talk biz with the DiMeras! Here
  comes a little cash grab ...
- Meanwhile, on unlucky
Friday the 13th, EJ chooses a wedding
  date with Nicole, though he does not bother to check with
  dahling first.
- Mia contacts Nicole again!
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