Days of Our Lives Spoilers
February 2-6, 2009

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- Maggie does not tell Lucas about Chloe's infidelity.
- Doc Baker warns Nicole that Sami's baby is the spitting image
  of her, so she had better hope her luck holds up!
- Kayla becomes a hostage in a most dangerous situation after
  she recognizes the killer at the hospital (finally!) Hope springs
  into action and grabs her weapon to save the day, but the killer
  uses Kay as a human shield and she gets shot by Hope! Bo and
  Steve arrive in the nick of time and Bo shoots ta kill, with his
  bullet killing the killer! Kayla is taken to surgery. Hope is filled
  with guilt but then gets mad at Bo once she realizes his vision
  foretold the event, so why didnít he tell her?! Cop Hope also
  finds herself under investigation cos she fired her weapon.
  Bo gives her the bad news.
- Sami and Rafe are back at the convent, where she helps him heal.
- The DiMeras meet the new little heiress, who has a birthmark.
- Soon after, they learn that Sami will be homeward bound.
- Nicole names Sami's baby! Meanwhile Sami names Mia's
  baby. Nicole chooses the name Sydney, while Sami decides
  on Grace.
- Brady finds out Nicole got herself a baby but Nicole is soon
  panic stricken about her new bundle of joy!
- EJ has it out with Brady.
- Smitten Melanie cannot keep Phil off her mind!
- Meanwhile, Victor decides he has had quite enough of Miss
  Mel's wavering loyalties.
- Phil and Steph take things to the next level. And they use the
  L word, too!
- Maggie tries to make Dan stop seeing Chloe, but he is not about
  to give up the woman he loves anytime soon. Sorry, red!
- Nicole needs someone to talk to, but is Chloe a wise choice?
- Meanwhile, Kate has a bad feeling about her son's happiness
  cos she knows that soon the Sami cometh!
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