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Week of Dec 29, 2008-Jan 2, 2009

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Chloe fires Dan as her doctor! Kate finds out they have ended
their doc-patient relationship. Dan covers for Chloe. Also, after
saying she is worried about a possible cancer recurrence, Kate
successfully pushes Chloe and Lucas to an earlier wedding date!

John is advised by Charlotte to undergo hypnosis.

EJ decides to asks Nicole to marry him! Stefano tries to talk
some sense into his heir about proper documentation before
proceeding so as to protect one's interests.

Nicole gets herself in deeper with Dr. Baker, the baby broker!
Chloe warns Brady that Nicole can be baaaad news! Meanwhile Nicole demands answers from Dr. Baker about why he withheld
his baby biz from her. His excuse? She mentioned DiMera too
many times and it make him antsy. She then blackmails Baker to
get what she wants! He calls her New Year's eve with news that he has got a baby for her. Nicole gets in her new Mercedes and heads off for their meeting but her car breaks down! The doc calls
DiMera mansion looking for Nicole. EJ is confused. Brady realizes something is up and goes searching for  Nicole. He arrives on scene and takes her to the clinic. However, they are too late - the baby
and baby mama are gone. With a heavy heart, weepy Nicole takes the patient's file and returns to the mansion, having been pressured by Brady do-right that the time has come to tell EJ the truth. EJ, however, has plans of his own, and asks Nicole to become his bride so her fake baby plan continues!

Dr. Dan and Chloe come close to kissing!
Speaking of kissing ...
Melanie makes her own passionate plans with unsuspecting Phillip, who takes Stephanie to Chez Rouge as his New Year's eve date. Mel shows up as well and gets someone to spill their drink on Steph so she can move in on Phil with some heavy duty flirtation and close-up whispering that Steph mistakes for kissing. Steph is already a tad frazzled due to Chloe's claim that Phil might not be the best relationship material. But things look up for Miss Steph when Phil plants a big one - on her! Will Melanie give up? Naaaa!
Chelsea is overwhelmed after she and Chez Rouge date Max
pucker up but if it feels like old times, why does she take off?!

John runs into dateless Marlena at Chez Rouge New Year's eve.

Sami and Rafe prepare to ring in the New Year together.
Sami, by the way, is not about to give up on her plan despite
what Rafe might think!
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