Days of Our Lives Spoilers
December 15-19, 2008

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- Sami helps heal Rafe's stab wound and discovers his true
  thoughts when he has too much to drink! Alcohol-saturated Rafe
  informs Sami of the stupidity of her caring for EJ. On a more
  serious note, Rafe is against reporting the attacker being onto
  him, as he suspects there is a rat in the FBI. The next morning,
  sober Rafe apologizes for his harsh words about EJ.
- Sami later takes a very bad fall and Rafe is there to pick her up!
  The doc is contacted and the baby seems okay.
- Dan and Chloe decide to stop being friends but keep obsessing
  about each other anyway!
- Nicole discovers her so-called surrogate was not even pregnant!
  With her surrogate mother plan up in smoke, Nicole ensures that
  Brady continues to keep her secret by making him feel very sorry
  for her,as she is even more determined to live her dream! Brady
  notes she used to be sharp but now she is slipping ...
- EJ and Lexie disagree but then agree on Stefano!
- According to Max, he will never fall in love again!
- Melanie's greed comes between Phillip and Victor. Will Phil ever
  forgive her?  Phil quits Titan when Vic talks tough, but then
  seems to change his mind about leaving his job! (art mirroring
  life perhaps?)  Here is what goes down. Mel is given Nick's
  portion of his  project and smugly tells Phil, who is not interested
  and gives her  her walking papers. Mel gripes to Victor, who
  second guesses Phil's decision and Phil gets hot under the collar...
- Stephanie blows up at Melanie. Steph also wants Phil to get his
  great Titan job back so he does!
- Stephanie and Phil pucker up and get it right this time, but don't
  expect Casanova Kiriakis to make it official with Miss Johnson
  anytime soon!
- Marlena asks John to be her Christmas date!
- Nicole gets an unexpected and most unwelcome visitor. 'Tis
  the financially needy and secret-aware Doctor Baker, who
  wants money. Meantime,  EJ just wants his girl. Now! She
  obliges with a kiss but that's all for Elvis!
- Stefano is suspicious that Nicole has changed her doctor. EJ
  seems oblivious. New doc Baker waits for his cash from Nicole.
- A dream, car trouble, a delay, a drop-in doctor, and a femme
  fatale in waiting. The question is, will Chloe and Dan act on
  impulse after this series of unfortunate events? How superstitious
  are you? You see, it is Lucas whose car breaks down and
  the last time his car broke down, he lost Sami to EJ. At least,
  that night spelled the beginning of the end and often times a
  fantasy can later morph into reality ...
- Theo ends up with Max's little toy dog. Speaking of Theo, if
  Bo is as psychic as he seems, he could be in danger!
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