Days of Our Lives Spoilers
Week of December 1-5, 2008

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- Stephanie kisses Phillip!
- The game is afoot! Nicole's chance at biological motherhood
  is gone with the wind so she straps on some padding and begins
  her game of deception ... Meanwhile, she begs Brady not to tell 
  anyone she lost her baby! After hearing she was in the hospital,
  EJ gets worried so Stefano gets a new doc for Nicole, who gets
  freaked out as she still hasn't told the DiMera duo that she is no
  longer carrying a DiMera heir/heiress. Her solution? She tells
  the phoenix it is her body and pretends to be mad ...
- Also, Nicole wishes to bribe Dr. Baker!
- Rafe tries to plan a Merry little Christmas season for Sami
  and she thinks that's very sweet, tree and all.
- Max finally receives Trent's mysterious box ...
- John's first therapy session is about to get underway. Marlena
  informs Brady of his cooperation.  John gets mad as he feels she
  has betrayed his confidence but then gets an earful from Brady,
  who calls him a robot who insults people! Speaking of the session,
  Dr. Charlotte Taylor, who has inherited her deceased da's files,
  tells John what he wants to hear. Is it intentional?
- Sami wants to return to the convent. Rafe accompanies her.
  Speaking of Rafe, he will know a major secret about the goings
  on at DiMera mansion when he sees that Nicole must be hiding
  something! He originally snoops around said mansion in order
  to investigate the mayor's murder.
- Sami learns more about Rafe's life, too!
- Dr. Dan bears bad news for Kate, just when she thought
  things were looking up. But there is always hope. Kate needs
  a bone marrow transplant to save her life and Chloe is a match! 
  (remember we reported a few weeks ago that Chloe would help
  Kate the most - this is it!) It's official. Chloe intends to be Kate's
  bone marrow donor.
- Melanie tries for a fresh start in Salem, but she will need a
  helping hand to jump start that career, and so without further
  ado, Phil hires her, but he will not be an easy man to work for,
  as she soon finds out! He is also blunt about her needing to not
  embarrass herself this time. Stephanie's annoyance soon turns to
  smugness about the whole scenario ...
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