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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- The last day of Victor Kiriakis comes December 26
- and there will be a tribute to the patriarch.
- A big lie comes back to haunt ...
- In another Peacock predicament
- Ciara clashes with hoodwinked Hope
- because her new hero is really a zero.
- Prepare for the reunion of the century.
- Bo and Hope are making a new comeback!
- He gets to go back to the earth again and
- wants to find her but someone causes trouble!
- Marlena, Kayla and Kate all leave
- the earth temporarily with a mission.
- The orchid was stolen and the 3 women
- embark on an out of this world adventure.
- Eli and twins will be home for Christmas
- and Julie is just as joyous as she can be.
- Speaking of those hopeful Hortons ...
- Lucas is still gonna be the comeback kid
- after he is done with that dang debt to society
- but it will take time. Meanwhile Sami is
- still staying away from the Salem scene. For now.
- An unexpected meet up takes place.
- Philip now believed to be returning with a
- new attitude and a new rival. Date unknown.
- Someone who needs help soon gets it.
- Justin will be shocked by what he hears.

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