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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Mad Chad goes after guilty girl Gwen.
- Will lovers' minds meet again?!
- Stefan does not seem to be immune.
- Alex tries to get a date with Stephanie.
- Roman realizes he cares deeply for Kate
- but Orpheus tries to ruin his birthday bash.
- Team Kiriakis is hit with tragic news.
- Rachel gives Chloe a hard time.
- Turns out Li is as guilty as soap sin
- also of something that no one in Salem
- would have ever seen coming ...
- Nicole blurts something out!
- Eric makes a most stunning realization!
- Lucas is still gonna be the comeback kid
- after he is done with that dang debt to society
- but it will take time. Meanwhile Sami is
- still staying away from the Salem scene.
- Who knows when exactly but tis important to
- note that Beyond Salem's intent is to deliver
- a living Bo to viewers. Time to find Hope!
- The Bo and Hope suspense is beyond maddening!
- The character of Melanie might appear again.
- Needless to say Maggie will be delighted
- not to mention that the redhead could really
- use the support of all her loved ones.
- Philip now believed to be returning with a
- new attitude and a new rival as well.
- So far that date is still unknoooooooown.
- P.S. Days is still alive, it is just moving
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