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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- A hoodwinked heir finally gets what is his.
- Kiriakis vs DiMera gets big again.
- We are getting closer to the remembering
- Doug days. It will be a crowded affair.
- Smart cookie Julie solved a mystery.
- Some Salemites get news from the other side.
- More to come soon on the situation of Bo.
- Ciara, Jack and Jen are in Salem USA alert!
- Liz - aka the amazing Gloria Loring - is
- back for the classic Doug Days tribute!
- Julie's little brother is coming to town
- played by slick and cool Stephen Schnetzer
- aka Cass Winthrop of Another World fame!
- Alas Harris' story is oh so over.
- But Abigail's story is about to BLOW UP.

- More soon!

- Love Cathy

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of July 15+, 2024
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