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Saturday November 14, 2015
Hollywood, California

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Eric Martsolf, with a great family, career, and Daytime Emmy to his name, leads a charmed life. Does he believe Brady too could have a charmed life ...? Not exactly. According to Eric, Brady is one bad choice after another. He is a man on a mission for affection and Theresa is not the best choice for him. Of course there will be other stresses for him to have to cope with regarding a couple of family issues as well but Eric does not mention those. I just happen to know a few things! I snap a sexy smile picture and the charmed one leaves the chair empty... It is soon filled by a dazzling redhead called Maggie on the show, Suzanne Rogers in real life. The good news is that Victor and Maggie are staying together. I say that is a good thing since she glams up the Kiriakis mansion and she giggles. I now ask about Chez Rouge. Well, we will not be seeing that set anytime soon but make no mistake, Maggie still owns the place and earns her own living from it. Suzanne smiles that is what makes Maggie different from Victor's other wives - she makes her own money and does not need his. The only little issue Maggie faces in the near future is the attention Victor keeps paying to Caroline. I ask whether Caroline is intentionally encouraging Victor to come around so much and she confirms that is the case. Once we are done, I look down at my notes and look up again, only to see Drake Hogestyn - aka John Black - a few feet away, coming in my direction. WOW! I yell, simply because I cannot help myself. LOOK AT YOU! He grins he is gonna come and talk to me and I realize he was supposed to go to another table. Oops! My bad! Drake slides in beside me and we start to talk. He is as suave as his character. We discuss John's unknown past and he explains John's real parents will be revealed and that story will cause quite a stir for his family. It sounds like it will be quite a shock. Look to see the elusive Petrov in a scene as well ... Deidre Hall - aka Marlena - now gracefully sits at my table and Drake is directed to the next table. I share my view that John and Marlena are like the heart and soul of Salem these days and wait for her response. Deidre smiles that beautiful smile and points out they are the perfect couple. They are there for one another through thick and thin and when they are apart, they always find their way back together. It makes them stronger. We continue to discuss the show's 50th anniversary and after a few minutes, Drake is done. Deidre stands up as well. I suddenly blurt out "Could you kiss?" Deidre looks surprised. Drake sits back down and they fall into character. For a few magical moments the press room becomes Salem with John and Marlena sharing a tender moment. She sits on his lap and Drake looks into my iphone which is recording. "This is only for DaysCafe Cathy!" Then he leans in for a perfect kiss and she smiles and kisses him back. The room goes silent and some cameras flash. I let out a yelp "Ooooo I love it!" Drake looks into my camera again with a roguish grin. "That's a fact."

Of course in daytime dramas we need complicated characters with questionable histories in addition to our heroes and heroines. The next actor at my table - A. Martinez, aka the mysterious Eduardo - is one such complicated character. In fact, Eduardo is going to turn out to be a violent man because of his brutal past. A. considers the character of Eduardo "almost broken" despite his charming facade. No doubt something will happen to show this to the viewers in a big way ... Sultry Camila Banus - who portrays Ed's daughter Gabi - is my next interview. Compared to Ed, Gabi is like an open book. We discuss the fact that the late Paige was Gabi's half-sister - something neither girl knew before her death. Camila notes she did not even know she was going to be her half-sister until after her death scene had been filmed so she was surprised. She feels she would have gotten along well with Paige. She will continue to get along with Paige's ex-boyfriend JJ by the way. And the whole Hernandez family will soon be in Salem ... I have four words to say to Kassie DePaiva, aka Eve, when I notice her standing there. "You made me cry." She sits down and I refer to her reaction when her daughter was killed. The emotion was overwhelming and it was heartbreaking. Elegant Kassie is modest about it and I ask her where that heart wrenching believable reaction came from. She explains one must draw from within. I am later informed by another cast member that she has a son close in age to the character of Paige. That same cast member insists she deserves a Daytime Emmy and I agree ... Next I talk to Theresa - that is, Jen Lilley the southern belle. If ever they do a remake of "Gone With the Wind," she is definitely my top pick for Scarlet O'Hara. She tells me about her new Christmas album and I tell her I downloaded her singing "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Eric Martsolf last year and loved it. She has a voice like a songbird. She gushes as a little girl she wanted to be a bird. I ask about Theresa's feelings for Brady, whether it is real love or just an infatuation. She thinks that is a good question that should be examined. Meanwhile Theresa and Brady play off each other in a love/hate kind of way. But Theresa is not as tough as she thinks ...

Wally Kurth is on a phone call when he approaches my table and I see glimpses of Justin Kiriakis, D.A. of Salem, for a few seconds. Then he ends the call and grins it was his wife. I already know from an interview I conducted with him years ago that his wife happens to be a lawyer. We discuss his Salem promotion to D.A. and he talks turkey. General Hospital did not make him the same kind of offer that Days of Our Lives did. I ask whether he thinks Justin might be morphing into a mini-Victor. He half smiles and states he is not. Based on what lies ahead, I have to agree. What about Adrienne? Alas she is with Lucas and they continue to be a couple ... It is afternoon and the interviews will be followed by an outdoor question and answer session with the fans outside. Thank God it's still sunny, no rain forecast for Salem ... Back in the press room, James Reynolds, aka Abe Carver, the recently appointed mayor, takes a seat. We chat about a number of things, including his new daughter Lani's story, Theo being written as an autistic genius, and the fact that Abe never seems to have a personal life. James laughs Roman has been dateless longer than Abe and suggests they go on a double date together ...

Amazon is a rainforest, a river, a book company, and the best way to describe Arianne Zucker. She is wearing a slinky dress and sits down without making a sound. We discuss her character Nicole's current relationship with Dr. Dan, which is all about honesty. I ask about Eric and she sighs Ericole fans are in for even more torture. In fact they must be the most tortured fan base at the moment... Things are going to get intense ... Chad and Andre DiMera are next at my table. Actually their portrayers Billy Flynn and Thaao Penghlis are at my table but they are in character! The banter is sophisticated since Thaao is a writer and renaissance man while Billy holds a degree in finance. They converse about the conflict. I ask Thaao whom he would like to be Andre's love interest. KATE. Billy points out their father was married to her so I point out Andre had a sexy tango with Kate years before she was courted by Stefano (if one does not count the hooker days). Thaao remembers it well. He also remembers his infamous shower scene with Anna. I ask whether Andre will be making mischief for Chad and Abigail. Thaao replies with a resounding NO. The young people's relationships are for them and Andre will not interfere. Billy shares his views on the complexity of his own character, needles his brotha a bit, and Andre smirks about the youth of today. They put their heads together and pose for my picture before NBC whisks them away ... Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans have been brought to my table. They discuss where and how to get a coffee so an NBC employee steps up and offers to get said coffees. They sit down and I muse they act like a married couple. We discuss the old Days, the fact that Steve and Kayla's wedding was the second most popular soap opera wedding of all time. I must say Mary Beth is a credit to women. Her angelic face is accompanied by an animated highly intelligent personality. I note we already know Steve and Kayla are back together and Mary Beth mentions Ava Vitali being more dangerous than ever for their family. Naturally they bring up the actor who plays sorased son Joey. He is a good fit, a natural. Nichols notes this time they were involved in the casting. He is proud of his scene with him on the plane, their heart to heart. Naturally the harmonica comes up, the blues. Mary Beth is all smiles. I ask for a picture before the interview ends and suggest they face each other. They do and the picture shows exactly what I saw the second they sat down - this super couple is in sync ... Judi Evans is all smiles as she sits at my table with Bryan Dattilo. Her character Adrienne is just as happy with Lucas, though she points out she and Justin will always share the bond of having children. I bring up Bryan's moving portrayal of a grief-stricken parent after Will died. It was powerful stuff. Bryan takes it all in stride. He has a son, he could imagine ... Judi talks Daytime Emmy and I agree with her insistence that he submit one of those dramatic clips for Emmy consideration. This could be his year. Bryan smiles ... The people must keep moving in the press room ... Robert Scott Wilson and Kate Mansi look like models. But they are heavies when it comes to acting. I ask them whether they have ever seen the movie "Sleeping With The Enemy." They say yes and wait with bated breath. I inform them that they are better than that movie with the recent scenes they have played in their similar storyline. Rob places his hand on his heart in gratitude. Kate gets excited and they both thank me profusely. I ask Rob whether Ben is just bad or insane. He explains Ben lives in his own version of reality and blackouts at the beginning of his serial killing storyline enabled him to convince himself Chad really was the culprit. Usually on Days the serial killers do not stay. And I have heard a rumor that Kate Mansi might not stay on the soap. No matter. These kids are dynamite and Days of Our Lives will go on, like sands through the hourglass. By now the hourglass sand has stopped in the press room and it is time to go. But Days of Our Lives continues. And I have been told the announcement of a renewal is imminent ...