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- Chanel and Johnny decide tis time to go.
- Mayhem hits the DiMera mansion.
- Conspiring teens make more trouble.
- Julie gets very huge news.
- Even in death Konstantin causes chaos.
- Rafe grills Clyde, who has even more stories
- and secrets up his sneaky sleeve!
- Chanel wants to support Johnny elsewhere.
- Xander has no regrets about offing Konstantin.
- Xander and Sara get life altering news.
- Chad is out for revenge on Clyyyyyyyde
- but got much more than he bargained for.
- Ericole still don't know he's the daddy.
- Chad considers getting Abi's case re-opened.
- Leo mulls over his love and money options ...
- Kristen intends to spin EJ's latest drama.
- Stefan fights for freedom for Gabi.
- Sara inches closer to a strange secret.
- Everett's angry alter continues to appear
- but there is so much more to this story!
- The Spectator scandal caused by him
- is not so easy for Chad and Steph to spin!
- Jack gets involved when he returns to town.
- Gumption Gabi makes a mega comeback
- and boy will she be livid about Ava.
- Brady must make an admission to himself.
- Tate and Holly have an unexpected enemy.
- Jada makes more reveals about Bobby Stein.
- John learns more about his old Aria days.
- The stage is slowly set for Leo's mom,
- who happens to be John's former flame.
- Leo will want that mommy dearest scoop!

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