August 12-15, 2022 = MORE DECEPTION DAYS!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week

- Gabi pours out her heart about Stefan - to lousy Li!
- Two faced Alex proceeds with his plan
- to undermine Sonny in Victor's eyes
- with fake facts to back him up.
- He also has a strange double date!
- Anna is aware that Kristen is concealing something.
- Chad is going to go on the warpath.
- The Kiriakis mansion suddenly seems scandalous!
- The good news is Stefan is going to remember Gabi!
- EJ does him darnedest to deal with Ava at the mansion
- but some residents have concerns about his invitation.
- He is going to get the goods on her after he hears
- a telling heated discussion between Ava and Gwen.
- Chloe, Brady , Nancy and Clyde are on the case!
- Rafe realizes he is right to be jealous!
- The air was thick with suspicion and innuendo at
- the DiMera dining table and EJ will not let up.
- Nicole cannot help but secretly obsess over Eric!
- Brady and Kristen prepare for battle over their daughter!
- Belle and Shawn agree she should move home.
- Leo was able to escape Clyde but Thomas talks too!
- Dr. Rolf does not share everything with Kristen.
- Lady of masks Gwen continues to hide her secret.
- Meanwhile Leo gets confronted by a raging Chad.
- Nancy was right cos Clyde did have an alibi.
- But the questionable contacts might get demanding.
- Johnny and Ava have an unexpected cute chemistry
- but it would be silly to make a big deal out of it.
- Sonny - who has no clue that Alex is his frenemy -
- does not end up helping Chad in the way he planned.
- Xander and Sarah scramble to get Ava on their side.

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