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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- Eric and Nicole have a huge blowup
- about what she had said to Jada.
- In spite of trying to be a better lad, Leo is
- about to wreak havoc for Will and Sonny.
- Eric gives EJ as good as he gets and more ...
- and gets himself tossed in jail with Paulina.
- EJ uses a situation to his advantage.
- Both Wendy and Johnny decide to stay silent.
- Chad finds out about Alex and Stephanie's little
- lovefest and realizes he has to fight ...
- Paulina tries to drag Abe into her latest idea!
- Sarah is still being hoodwinked by Xander.
- Sneaky Sloan plans to smear Chanel's name.
- Stefan suspects Li, who is still in denial.
- Gabi gets mad at Stefan again just like the
- old days before they got together.
- Stephanie and Alex get real physical.
- EJ believed he really saw Ava Vitali
- but now wrongly assumes he was wrong.
- Johnny has more than one reason to be mad at
- EJ and misses Sue much. But there are signs!
- Li begs his little sister for mercy.
- Jada gets more suppport from stylish Kate.
- Chanel feels guilty but she is innocent!
- Gabi cannot accept Stefan being with Chloe.
- Xander made too many mistakes this time
- and the family will soon find out ...
- Li too panics his future plans are in peril.
- Gabi and Stefan still both want Gabi Chic.
- Gabi and Stefan's beautiful minds try to bring
- them back together. They are still soulmates ...

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