The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

40th Daytime Emmy Awards

My name is Cathy and I am the heart, soul, and every word of DaysCafe, this popular website focused on Days of Our Lives,
(plus a little Young and Restless). Days of Our Lives was just declared the most outstanding daytime drama at the 40th
Daytime Emmy Awards. Here is how the magical night unfolded, as per my sometimes naughty sometimes nice live tweets ...

The setting is the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California.
June 16, 2013
Broadcast Live by HLN.
Tweeted Live by DaysCafe

The California sun must be hot right now. Last week it made me
squint without sunglasses.
George Lucas showing up at the Daytime Emmys is simply stellar!
Space has spoken. Soaps are here to stay!
The red carpet ooooooooo!
When entertainment reporter A.J. asked Rachel Ray ARE THESE YOURS, I didn't realize he meant the bling lol
Bring out the soap heavies!
Best actress category mentioned. Gotta be Peggy!
Kathy Griffin has gone diva in black! Looks good with her hair color.
Cathy Bach is seen in a glittery blue gown wow!
Steve Harvey: I'm not an expert at anything except being a man.
Love it!
OMG they are trying to find the ones from The Talk. They will not
stop talking, though.
Holy diva! Kate Linder is starting to look like Susan Lucci! #separatedatbirth
Monty Hall is to get a lifetime achievement award.
Gonna miss Dick Clark, Jeanne Cooper .
Kris Jenner is getting a talk show and just got congratulated on her
new granddaughter.
The reporter is more interested in Kim, how she is doing.
The reporter calls the talk show playing field crowded. Ya think?!
Can't wait for the good stuff to start! 10 minutes to go!
Cricket talks about Jeanne Cooper! She gave her lots of advice,
serious and light.
Lauralee Bell took too long to write so I said Cricket lol
Jeanne Cooper is fondly referred to as a sparkly, feisty swearing grandma ...
Holy sheeeeet! It is John Abbott alive lol!
Promo shown for soaps that are now online
Itís the ladies of the Talk. Saaaaaaaave me!
Most of the viewers are soap fans
The gang are seated ooooo
Starting Now Live from Beverly Hilton! Super!
Robin and Sam and A.J. take to the stage.
Cool. Cane and Lily of Young and Restless are sitting together.
Hostess Robin looks like a jewel.
George Lucas is applauded. And Betty White is in the house!
A.J. wants to do interviews with some winners onstage after they win. He is gushing over Cheryl Underwood, wants her to help with their
post acceptance speech interviews, so she screams.
Cheryl is put on a red couch that matches her outfit.
Young stars are mentioned, including Freddie from Days and
Chandler too!
The nominees for outstanding younger actor are on stage! Chandler
and Freddie both have stylish stubble.
Outstanding lead actor announced and DOUG DAVIDSON RIGHTFULLY WINS!
Doug cries he is overwhelmed! The presenters are younger than his
tux, he says! He thanks Bill Bell!
Doug is crying like his character Paul (Y&R)!
Doug Davidson thanks the viewers. Classy guy!
Cheryl  is talking to Doug on couch. The story made it his year, he says!
Not keen on the silly jokes between commercials.
Todd Newton announces outstanding game show ... Price is Right!
Outstanding game show host is Ben Bailey, Cash Cab. Wasn't he the one who said he needed a leak last year?
Ben Bailey says the show is not being made anymore, knows it is a downer. "Think how I feel?!"
Sam interviews Ben on the red couch on stage. Ben started as a comedian.
Sam is having a good hair day.
Ben is gonna keep doing standup, has a part in a movie, and a new show on GSN .
Alex Trebek is shown on his phone outside the hotel, pushing an
actor/ waiter in the pool. It was a skit.
Ben Bailey should have been asked to write the jokes for the show.
I am wearing my pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt for good luck for Days.
The Talk presents outstanding informative talk show .... but the wrong envelope was given!
It says Homeland won lol!
The real winner for informative talk show is the Dr. Oz show .
The envelope screwup was the best joke so far.
Dr. Oz show is very grateful, they all work very hard in NYC.
Nancy B and Don Godlike Diamont present the outstanding supporting actor award to ... a tie ... Scott Clifton of Bold and Beautiful and Billy Miller of Young and Restless.
Ties are cool.
Billy Miller is shaking lots of hands on his way up.
Scott Clifton is out of breath, thrilled, calls Brad Bell the coolest boss.
Billy Miller takes to the stage and decides to be brief. He says thank
you Y&R and happy father's day to his dad! He misses Jeanne Cooper.
Giada is talking to the supporting hunks.
The hunks are overwhelmed.
Billy Miller and Scott have the same agent.
Giada wants to hug the soap hunks.
Kathy Griffin presents the outstanding writing team on a daytime
drama award to ... Bold and Beautiful!
Susan Flannery is praised.
Two lifetime achievement awards  ... Wayne Brady from Let's Make
a Deal comes out for the first one, thanks the great Monty Hall.
Maggie and Abigail from Days are sitting together and Abigail looks like I Dream of Genie!
Monty Hall gets a standing ovation, was expecting a video to be shown narrated by his daughter awwww show it!
Monty Hall recalls his wife Marilyn won an Emmy 27 years ago and now he has one too! #charming
Sam is experiencing a technical malfunction with the silent mike so they cut to commercial.
A.J. has Robin and her pal on guitar perform a nominated song for Good Afternoon America.
The tipsy crowd claps along.
Jason Thompson and Kelly Monaco take to the stage. Outstanding supporting actress winner is ... a shocked Julie Marie Berman from General Hospital. Berman is the woman in red, gets interviewed on the  red couch, says she feels '"like very overwhelmed," has dry mouth.
Berman feels blessed, thinks all in hardworking daytime genre should
be honored, thinks her hubby will want a drink , too.
Bethenny Frankel presents outstanding culinary program ... a tie ...
Best Thing I Ever Made and Trisha's Southern Kitchen yummy!
Culinary host winner ... Lidia Bastianich .
Alex Trebek now on stage, a good Canadian fella!
Alex talks about the Smithsonian opening US culture exhibit, including daytime TV.
Alex was invited to represent game shows, which he considers the best reality TV, says what he and others donated. Great objects have been donated, including shoes and a dress from Susan Lucci, who apparently got choked up.
Melody Thomas Scott is on stage now. Melody looks mahvelous, says daytime is important in culture, and a wedding dress is getting donated  from her character! Nikki Newman had 12 weddings and her 2002 wedding dress to Victor is getting donated to the Smithsonian!
I might donate my original pink mug at some point ...
Soap bitchslaps are shown.
Young actresses take to stage ... announce outstanding lead actress is Heather Tom of Bold and Beautiful.
Corbin Bernsen and Jess Walton go on stage to remember.
The lost loved ones are remembered ... including Jeannie Cooper.
Corbin says Jeanne would call the red couch ridiculous!
Corbin also blurts out his mom would say at least she made the F*CKING memorial list ahahahahaha!
Censors were toooooo late lol
The F word and the envelope screwup saved the show!
Now if Days has a win, it will pick up!
The Backstreet Boys have gone operatic.
I bet Corbin Bernsen is gonna make the tabloids.
Come on Days!
Dr Drew takes to the stage ... winner for outstanding talk show is ... ELLEN but where is she?
James Scott looks handsome even while eating, seated by the blonde. He has his smart glasses and an elegant tux.
Rachel Ray presents the outstanding drama directing team winner ...  Bold and Beautiful.
The mike not working for Sam again.
Sam is back and welcomes Robin to sing another nominated song,
the Day ....
Carrie Fisher is on stage! Saw her at a coffee shop talking to Rob
Reiner last year! The princess and the meathead.
Carrie is smart in black, exalts animators ...
Carrie makes joke about taking acid from the same dealer as Ozzie.
Carrie starts to joke about Lucas, too, he takes it all in stride.
Star Wars wins for special class animation. George Lucas accepts.
Younger actor winner announced by Lindsay Hartley ...  it is ... Chandler Massey, aka Will Horton on Days of Our Lives again Yay!
Chandler thanks Corday and NBC, says it not fair cos Freddie - his castmate and fellow nominee - is incredible and phenomenal!
Chandler wishes his dad and grandpop a happy Father's Day!
Betty White gets a standing ovation.
Betty pays tribute to Bob Stewart of game show fame.
Outstanding morning program is announced by Steve Harvey ...
CBS Sunday Morning. Nifty music too.
Outstanding younger actress now presented by Vincent Irizzary.
The winner is Kristen Alderson as Starr on General Hospital .
Outstanding original song is Good Afternoon for Good Afternoon America .
Kris Jenner presents outstanding talk show host award and the winner
is ... Ricky Lake, who is not there lol
Erika Slezak announces daytime is here to stay! And the outstanding daytime drama for the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards is DAYS OF
OUR LIVES! Holy sheet there is a GOD!
Executive producer Ken Corday runs onstage, says it was worth the 38
year wait! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The cast and execs are also on
stage. Corday praises the beautiful cast, says this is a dream a dream!
It is Kenny's birthday too!
And I was wearing my fav pink Ralph Lauren big pony polo shirt
for good luck :)

This is a true story.
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