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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Roman drops by to see Shawn, who gushes he gets to wed the fair Belle today ... Stylish Belle announces to coffee sipping John and Marlena that she and Shawn wed today ... Obsessed Jan vows to herself she will stop the wedding and decides Claire will unwittingly do her bidding ... Claire sends Charlie a cute text about how fun their date was from the pub. He texts back and invites her out to Julie’s Place tonight. Claire sighs. Jan sits at her table with a sly smile and gets the girl talking. She gushes about her date with Charlie ... At the Kiriakis mansion elegant Sarah informs Xander she found nothing incriminating in Phillip’s briefcase but lifted his car keys. She will offer him a ride. He just loves her sneaky and leaves for Titan ... John and Marlena are over the moon. Belle adds tis the anniversary of her and Shawn’s first wedding ... Shawn shares he texted Hope, who is happy for him. Roman wonders when she will return. Shawn has no idea though they are in communication with texts and calls. Roman too has found her unclear in their communication. The talk turns to the wonderful romance of Shawn and Belle. He could not bear to be without her ... Claire credits Jan with encouraging her to give Charlie a chance. Jan gets her to admit she has important plans today and calls herself Claire’s bff ... Phillip cannot find his keys. Sarah suggests retracing his steps. The suited sullen hunk now gets a call from agitated Ava and asks for privacy. Perky Sarah plays along but listens at the door. Ava admits she has eyes on Titan, hence being aware he is not at the company now. When she hears he misplaced his car keys, she warns to watch it with Xander. She has an apartment close to Titan now and wants to give him the address. He announces he needs a pen first. Sarah is all ears ...

Xander joins breakfasting Charlie at Julie’s Place. He wonders why the long face. He had a great date with Claire last night. Alas she turned him down today! Xander notes the girl is nuts ... John just loves Belle’s initiative. She admits Phillip was a little issue, but she got him a plea deal so no more case. Marlena assumes Shawn is relieved. He is for now. Belle sighs he seems somewhat insecure and still feels badly about her old affair. Marlena talks present so forget the past. John smiles as she states she was wise to take the bull by the horns. Belle just loves the love of her life ... Claire hesitates and assumes Jan will hate her news. Her folks shall rewed. Jan acts indignant she assumed she would be against it. She insists she is over her obsession with Shawn, just as Claire overcame her own crazy side after falling for a man who did not want her. Claire apologizes for making her friend feel bad. Eerie music plays. Jan sweetly smiles and accepts the apology, insisting she is elated for Shawn and Belle ... Charlie does not like the word nuts, which does not apply to Claire in his mind. Xander moves on to another matter, lowering his voice. He suspects Phillip is stealing from Titan ... Sarah scurries away when Phillip emerges. She comes back and casually offers him a ride since she was about to drive to work. He agrees she can drop him at the square, not seeming to suspect a thing ...

Belle hopes they will be able to have the wedding Chez John and Marlena. A Black wedding it is! She asks Marlena to officiate. Agreed with a beautiful smile! Shawn now calls Marlena, who believes a celebration of their love will be the best thing for Salem. Shawn feels like a lucky man indeed. Busy Marlena must now wedding plan ... Jan the expert interrogator gets everything she needs from Claire. Especially of interest to Ms. Spears is the fact that Belle is getting ready at a room at the Salem Inn. Claire stands to go. Jan stands too and announces she has an idea ... John is elated he can walk Belle down the aisle this time and scowls about Stefano ruining the last. The emotional tough guy vows to take care of his Tinkerbelle and they embrace ... Jan suggests Claire invite Charlie to be her date at the wedding. She brings up the late Ciara and suggests she seize all her moments ... Charlie is IN though thus far he has not noticed anything irregular. Xander brings up embezzlement. His clandestine contact is on the case ... At the square, sunglasses Sarah pretends to read a music magazine while spying on Phillip. The suited Kiriakis gets sarcastic when he runs into smug Shawn outside the Salem Inn. They verbally spar. Phillip claims he could get Belle back if he wanted. Shawn laughs at his feeble attempt. for he and the fair Belle will wed today. Phil quips he was insecure, hence his proposal. Belle approaches and informs Phillip she was the one who proposed. Phil grins and bears it, wishing her happiness. Shawn taunts him with an invite. Phillip goes on his way. Sarah the sneak now gets a call from Xander and whispers she is following Phillip to a meeting. After the call, Xander updates his trusted flunky Charlie, who still feels down about Claire’s no ... Jan smoothly convinces Claire to give Charlie a chance and invite him to the wonderful wedding. She coos to trust her and suggests she do so in person. Belle will surely enjoy her alone time while she waits. Claire scurries around the corner to go see Charlie at Julie’s Place. Jan also gets going - to stop a wedding!

Phillip finally arrives at Ava’s door and knocks while Sarah lurks around the corner ... Xander orders Charlie to keep him informed of any irregularities regarding his co-CEO. Claire comes in asking for a word with Charlie but Xander blasts her for turning down the great guy ... Romantically sitting on a cozy bench flanked by the Horton Plaque and pretty flowers, Belle teases Shawn for trying to invite Phillip to their family only wedding. He just wanted to share the happy news. She notes Phil was not thrilled. He apologizes and she forgives her impossible hubby-to-be. All of a sudden, he stands up and gasps it is bad luck to be together before the ceremony. Lawyer Belle does not buy into superstitions and he steals a sweet kiss. Jan Spears stops and stares ... Shawn later joins jovial John Chez Black. Belle’s proud papa gives him a pep talk about being the love of her beautiful life ... In her room at the Salem Inn, Belle take out her fancy white wedding dress. Knock knock! She assumes tis Claire but there stands Jan Spears with a gift and a wicked grin ... Claire asks Charlie to be her date at her parents’ wedding ... Ponytail Ava opens her door to Phillip and quips tis about time. Around the corner in the corridor, sleuthing Sarah is as quiet as a mouse ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, November 19, 2020