Days of Our Lives March 31, 2014
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Monday, March 31, 2014
Episode 12,306

- Gabi is gussied up but late for Will and Sonny’s bachelor party. She is talking to herself when she bumps into Nick by a pretty bench. He knows where she is headed. She sighs he must feel left out, her eyes filled with sympathy. He casually claims he is cool. She claims he is lying .
- At the apartment, Sonny prevents Will from tucking in his sweater. It should be out cos tonight they are casual, he grins. Tomorrow is another story. Then they do fancy. Will teases what is happening then? Sonny drawls the greatest day of his life and kisses him. He asks if Will feels nervous. No. Sonny smiles he is terrified. Will is terrified too to but this
is a great thing they are doing. Sonny declares every day will be great
and they kiss. Knock knock! Sonny exclaims that must be the sitter. Now they have a bachelor party to attend ...
- JJ is strumming his guitar at home, dreaming of the girl who likes him and the way he plays. Abigail snaps him out of it and ushers him off to
the party lest they be late. No one wants to be late.
- At the town square, Hope realizes Aiden overheard her advising Kayla
to stay far away from him. Indeed. She haughtily assumes that he is uncomfortable about having overheard. He quips it is a public place.
Hope pouts and pretends not to care. Eric appears, having gotten her message, and senses the tension.
- Dan and Jen are drinking water at the office as she admits she does not believe Nicole was going where she said. She muses the medicine man would not want to know but she knows she lied! She may have changed but she did lie and made something up to leave. Dan wonders. Jen jokes
it was likely nothing more significant that a high heels sale. She regrets
her cattiness and suggests time better spent. They share a kiss over the doctor’s desk. Buzz buzz! Tis a reminder babysitter Joanna is bringing little Parker home soon. And so they giggle and head back to his place.
- At the dark park, Liam the loon has emerged, asking how fares Nicole. She gasps where did he come from? He chuckles his hybrid is quiet and offers to help her. Nicole cringes. She soon regains her composure,
blows him off, and bids him a good night. Liam thinks she looks familiar,
then grins he saw her on TV. She is famous but why out here in the middle of nowhere? She pretends she pulled over so as not to text while driving, then she had some trash to get rid of. He excitedly asks for her name. She says she is Nicole Walker. Liam appears pleased. Nicole is nervous. He alludes to needing to use the bathroom in the bushes and
she goes on her way. He waves. But she is not done yet.
- The club is aglow in blue and the gang have confirmation the surprise stripper is on their way. T thinks the guys will love it! He gets ahead of himself and assumes arrivals JJ and Abigail are Will and Sonny, shouting SURPRISE. Wrong! Then the real couple arrive and T congratulates
them both. Sonny thanks the whole gang for coming. Abigail pours the champagne and wonders where oh where Gabi is. She is supposed to make the toast with T tonight. Will stares.
- Gabi is now seated on a park bench with Nick. The master manipulator tells her his latest tale of woe. Will had implied people did not like him.
No matter how hard he tries, it is not enough. Gabi points out he did not press charges against them and that was a positive thing. Nick acts
amazed she is actually on his side and marvels how she gets him. He pretends to get choked up as he laments Will said not to bother trying but he wants others to like him. Perhaps he is asking too much. Gabi assures him he is liked by her and their faces get closer.
- Aiden drawls Hope is all Eric’s and walks off. Hope yells after him for always wanting to point out how wrong she is. Hope sits back down in a huff. Eric notes she has it bad for that guy. She denies it and goes into detective mode. She needs him to come down to the station to sign his statement on Chyka and they can close the books. She is sorry they
came up empty. Eric puts on a brave face and acts upbeat. After all, he has good friends in his court - and Nicole!
- Back at the park, Nicole has finally found her matches. She lights one over the trash bin of shredded evidence and pauses as the tiny fire glows in the dark. Moments later, smoke. Then there is nothing. Ring ring! Tis Eric, wondering She fibs her phone was on silent and she had to venture out to a crowded place for work. She slyly suggests a pub meetup. He offers to come and get her. She insists the pub would be best and promises she is on her way.
- Back at the apartment, Parker is pumped and gets even more hyper when Dan announces they are all going out for ice cream. After the lad scurries into the other room, Jen giggles he is cute. Dan now gets to his computer to enter his check for the sitter. Jen, however, is not so high tech and muses her ignorance is bliss, as opposed to his new financial software that helps him keep track of his budget.
- Nick murmurs Gabi is late and should go. She gushes she is glad about running into him and gives him a pep talk. Will and Sonny are going to come around, she is sure. Nick notes by tomorrow they might be more mellow. He admits he too was keyed up before their wedding. It was a case of the jitters, given that he felt she was out of his league. Gabi is touched. He pleasantly pulls her to her high heeled feet, pats her hand, and says to have fun at the party. She coos she will be thinking of him
and departs with a smile. Nick was counting on it ...
- Back at the club, T has gotten everyone’s attention and starts his nervous speech. He admits he acts like a jerk. Abigail laughs. T now confesses he went Mel Gibson on his old friend when Will came out. Then Victor Kiriakis the great and powerful told him off and let him
know he was both ignorant and stupid. T admits he felt ignorant and judgmental and knew he was stupid. He was a fool to feel threatened
and is grateful Will and Sonny got past his words. Then they accepted
him as their friend. He refers to Sonny as manly, then gushes tomorrow
it is official. Now comes the toast. Will thanks his old school friend with
a hearty embrace. Flustered Gabi now  races in and Abigail demands to know where she was. Gabi reaches for some water and Abigail accuses her of being with Nick! Gabi admits she ran into him. Abigail finds it an odd coincidence and urges her not to tell the guys and spoil the mood. Nearby Sonny stands with his arm draped around Will as T jokes it was tough being sincere. Sonny thanks T for the fun party and steps away to get the champagne flowing ... Just then a policewoman struts in with handcuffs and stops Sonny. She talks complaints and public nudity.
Sonny is stunned as she lets her blonde hair down and the sexy music plays. The guests are in stitches.  Especially Will and Sonny!  Mortified
T realizes it is too late to stop the stripper. But Sonny is a good sport as she proceeds to disrobe before him ...
- Hope approaches the pub, spies Aiden through the window, and waits for him to emerge. She thinks they must conclude their conversation. She now apologizes, anticipating a lecture. Suited Aiden states he is grateful and thanks her. Hope assumes he does not want to date Kayla as she is her sister-in-law. Aiden explains he is not in the market to date period. Hope can relate, as he is a single parent, focused on raising his child. Perhaps someday. Aiden announces there will never be a someday for him. Hope peers at him and wonders.
- Dan is committed to entering every check amount as Jen insists she has a better system. She will show him after they wed. He gets sarcastic and likens her to a Kardashian. Parker bounces back and they are ready to go for ice cream. In the hall, however, the elevator door opens and Liam silently steps out, his demeanor grim.
- The stripper has stripped down to her black bra and T grumbles to mesmerized JJ it is a waste of talent! Will offers to testify on Sonny's behalf. She deduces he is the best man. Will starts to explain, but she
coos she has cuffs for everyone and starts to dirty dance with him. Will plays along with a grin.
- Nicole arrives at the pub out of breath and Eric would like to know where she really was. She sits and fibs there was a function. He informs he called her office and they had said she was done for the day!
- After Dan and Jen leave the building with Parker, Liam comes around the corner and tries Theresa's key. It opens the door and he slips in.
- Nick takes out his phone amid the flowers and texts Gabi. Is she having a good time?
- The stripper gushes about the best man's moves until she finds out he is one of the two grooms! Then the clothes come back on and she tells the boys it is on the house. They all share a good laugh.  Will puts the cop hat on and Sonny pours their guest a glass of champagne.Sonny notes she is good at what she does, She laments all the good ones these days are gay AND married. They toast to that. Meanwhile Gabi texts Nick she wishes he were here. Enter Paige. She and JJ see each other and smile across the crowded blue room.
- Hope points out one day Chase will grow up, then apologizes. She then gets curious and asks the name of Aiden’s wife. He suddenly becomes uncommunicative and she concludes she is intruding. Aiden sighs he is
not comfortable with the topic and would rather joke about her gossip. Next time a woman shows interest, he will send her to Hope to set them straight. He now hastily excuses himself to get back to his son. Hope pouts.
- Liam zooms in on Dan's open computer, using a napkin to cover his hand, and has a peek. He grimaces at the budget numbers, then catches sight of his romantic framed photo with Jen. Now he heads for the door and goes back out. After locking the door, he wipes his prints from the handle, and silently steals away ...
- At the town square, Jen steps away from Dan and sugar high Parker as they enjoy their cold treats. She approaches Hope, who complains about her latest run-in with Aiden. Hope becomes cheerful about the wedding tomorrow. Dan joins them with pumped Parker and laments he cannot attend the wedding as he has a surgery scheduled. Jen and Hope joke
they will be each others' dates and even dance together. Unbeknownst to the happy group, Liam the loon is lurking by some flowers ...
- Nicole sighs what she was doing was not connected to work. She lies it is a surprise so she could not tell him. Eric appears to believe her and is relieved she is here now. She asks if he spoke to Hope about signing his statement. He puts on a brave face about putting the past behind them. Nicole feels it is for the best. Eric brings up the wedding. Nicole cannot attend due to work. Eric murmurs he was wondering if she wanted to
sign the card for the wedding gift he got. Nicole is thrilled they are giving the gift together, since it must mean they are a bona fide couple. Eric unhappily flashes back to his discussion with Dan about having to choose between Nicole and the church. Nicole wants to get back to the topic of weddings but is interrupted when producer Miles calls. She takes the phone of out her polka dot purse and sighs she has been summoned to
the office. And so she kisses him and departs. Eric watches her leave.
Outside the pub, Nicole stops for a moment to wave to him.
- Nick and Gabi continue to text one another. He eventually thanks her
for the chat and ends the communication. Back at the club, Gabi has
stars in her eyes. So does JJ, who is surprised to see Paige, who came
by for coffee. She had no idea there was a private party. JJ explains his cousin is getting married tomorrow and invites her to stay. Just then Paige’s snooty pal enters. She points out this is a private party so they should go somewhere else. Exit Paige. JJ's face falls.
- T is explaining himself, much to Will and Sonny's amusement. He stammers that stripper was supposed to be a dude. Will and Sonny innocently wonder why. Cos it is their bachelor party and they are gay. More teasing ensues and Sonny hugs his favorite straight guy. Abigail
and Gabi now interrupt with another toast. Gabi gushes Will and Sonny were made for each other. Abigail raises her glass and toasts to Sonny
and Will.  All raise their glasses. Will smiles "to Sonny and Will and Will and Sonny." Sonny murmurs he likes the sound of that, his eyes filled with love. They toast, kiss, and continue to make merry in the swanky blue club ...


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