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- Paulina enters her lavish suite and opens her REAL plans for the Salem Square. At said square breakfasting Abe and Lani discuss Paulina’s work. They are both pleased with the plan for diverse small business owners. Abe brings up Chanel. Lani hopes she can move out soon. Home is already busy with babies and hubby ... Towel clad Eli spills his coffee and curses. He takes off the towel to wipe up the mess. Here comes flirty Chanel, who admires the view ... Gwen starts to creep out of Horton house with the stash she is supposed to deliver but shirtless Xander stirs on the sofa and accuses her of sneaking off. She primly points out she was trying to be polite. He demands the details of her delivery. She refuses to oblige so grabs her bag and removes the envelope of pills ... Eli exclaims Chanel missed breakfast with Abe. She gushes she got hard to work ... Paulina remembers the time she broached the subject of zoning permit from Abe and now sighs about her dishonesty. Tis simply biz ... Tripp runs into Allie at work. They discuss Kate’s recovery. He invites her out for dinner. She suggests he text her and steps away. Tripp now complains to Kayla the girl seems to be into somebody else ... Chanel shows her bold bakery ideas to impressed Eli. He suggests Paulina help with the capital. Chanel pauses ... Suited Abe arrives at Paulina’s with a pleasant surprise. The twins! He gushes he is going to pass Chanel’s application ahead for the final approval. Paulina gasps that might not be a good idea ...
- Marlena ends an elated call with Belle in her office and gets a visit from anxious granddaughter Allie. Belle got released! Allie is also relieved Claire is safe. She now knows Jan killed Charlie but complains some of her memories keep coming back. One was especially frightening ... Tripp complains to Kayla about Allie having a Charlie flashback when he was with her ... Abe is slightly suspicious of Paulina’s silence. She argues Chanel's interest is always short term. Abe counters she has been baking a long time. Paulina scoffs the girl will not want to work long term. She never does. Abe believes in her. She reminds him of her past mischief ... Xander refuses to let Gwen operate a drug dealing operation from honorable Jack’s home! The former goon accuses her of dirty dealings! She warns dahling not to threaten her and snatches the knitted throw he was wearing that Julie knitted. How she would hate to hear where he had it! He accuses her of fantasizing and notes Julie already knows. She talks back and snatches the envelope back, but he blocks her. She orders him away and he orders her to reveal who her boss is and what they are holding over her pretty head ...
- Kayla reminds Tripp how she advised him to proceed slowly with Ciara the survivor. Allie is also a survivor, hence her hesitation. He wishes he could make the girl feel safe. She asks what he did when she pulled away. He asked if anything was the matter and she alluded to flashing back to Charlie. Kayla suggests giving her space. He did indeed and will continue to do so. Kayla assures him he has the right approach ... Marlena gets Allie to open up. Allie admits she and Tripp got closer and kissed. Then she freaked. For some strange reason she remembered Charlie Dale. Marlena the emotional healer asks if this was her first physical moment with someone since Charlie. She remembers the Chanel smooch and says no ... Chanel informs Eli she does not want her mother involved in her bakery biz plans. He talks teamwork. She gushes her old London friend is in. Eli warns not to mix biz with pleasure, but she insists it is all about the sweets now. She shows him her amazing logo. Enter stylish Lani, who sits between them when Eli wants to show her. Lani now gives Chanel a cold stare ... Paulina warns Chanel could be trying another con. Abe is no fool and demands the real reason she wants him to refuse her daughter’s proposal. Paulina fibs she fears her daughter will fail. Abe argues with failure comes the next success. Besides the project is all about inclusion of talented people who have been overlooked. He hopes she will let Chanel shine. Paulina grudgingly agrees and thanks the mayor. Carver cries needing a diaper change. She hands him the bag and he heads to the washroom with the little lad. Paulina leans over and sighs to baby Jules. She must somehow make up for this disappointment that is imminent for her daughter ... Allie updates Marlena on drinking with her old female friend from her London days. They kissed. Marlena asks whether it troubles her that she kissed a woman. Allie smiles she is fine with it and happily tells her about getting a chance to help her friend in business too. Marlena returns to the topic of Tripp ... Supervisor Snyder scolds Tripp for being on an extended coffee break with stepmother Dr. Johnson. Tripp assures him he is ready for following another doc on her rounds in a half hour. Snyder leaves and Kayla complains about his behavior. Tripp points out he was like that with a patient too. Kayla wants a name. T’was Tripp’s cousin Gwen ... Gwen pouts she regrets her past actions. Xander can relate and offers to help her out of her blackmail bind. She turns him down and they agree not to tattle on one another. He sneakily climbs a few stairs so he is out of view ...
- Gwen gets a call from snarky Snyder, who threatens to speak to Jack. She begs him not to ... Abe takes the twins for a walk and Paulina is pleased as punch when he invites her ... Phone Gwen frantically gasps her fatha cannot know wot she did. Snyder threatens to come and get the overdue envelope. She swears to Dr. Snyder she will deliver his pills immediately. Xander has overheard every single word ... Kayla is concerned to hear Snyder answered for Gwen and he sounded rather threatening with her ... Allie calls Tripp great but there was that flashback of Charlie when she was with him. Marlena suggests she go as slow as she needs but tell the boy how she feels. She is here for her. Always. They exchange heartfelt I love yous and a hug ... At the square Abe again praises Paulina for the square plan. She credits him with making it possible and he gushes they are a good team ... Chanel admires Paulina’s beautifully decorated place. Alas mom is nowhere to be found. Chanel now spies her detailed Horton town square plan and sneaks a peek ... Allie catches up with Tripp and accepts his invitation for dinner ... Gwen looks horrified when Kayla comes to Horton house to discuss dodgy Dr. Snyder with her ... Back at the hospital unsuspecting Snyder is ready to see his next patient - Xander Cook, who flashes a wicked grin. Alone at last!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 8, 2021