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- Stylish Gabi is stunned to find sarcastic Phil in charge at Titan. Xander was fired! Meanwhile Sarah brings a pastry box home to her hero and snuggles with him while he wakes up. She apologizes for having to work Valentine’s Day and gives him a passionate kiss ... At Horton house Jack notices at least no rain as Doug urges Jen to eat. Julie has homemade banana pancakes plus peanut butter. Jen blinks ... Woman in black Abigail is grateful Chad took care of the kids. Chad just wants to help. Abigail accuses Gwen of offing grandma Laura ... Alone at the square, Gwen reads the article on Laura being found in her room. It mentions the f word. FOUL play ... Jen turns down the pancakes that made her remember something unpleasant. Doug and Jack also politely refuse. Jack gets choked up about his recent rage at the now late Laura. It made her head to Gwen’s room! Julie insists he is not to blame but GWEN is again! Jen wishes Julie would stop verbally attacking Jack’s child and gives him a heartfelt hug ... At DiMera mansion Abigail declares it was no accident. Gwen had threatened to off the person responsible for keeping her from Jack. She vows revenge after Laura’s burial and breaks down. Chad holds her and announces he will accompany her ... Sarah is tired from her successful night with the triple bypass patient. Xander tenderly argues t’was a matter of the heart on Valentine’s Day. He makes light of the Titan drama. Sarah wonders whether he regrets anything ...
- Smug suited Phillip suggests Gabi has somewhere to go. She talks up her deal with Xander. He quips it is now worth nothing, but stylish Gabi never gives up. She urges him to read over her proposal ... Xander admits it annoys him that the prodigal son believes he won. However, the future looks bright. Sarah tempts him with the cake, but he has another matter on his mind ... Gwen gets agitated about Jen’s suspicious article and rages she now has no regrets ... Kate and Jake join Abigail and Chad, expressing their sympathy. Kate found the obit Jen wrote moving. Abigail will tell her. She is glad Chad will be at her side for the service ... Jen and Jack lean on one another and Julie apologizes for making the day worse. Doug notes she did not sleep last night. Jen weeps they must not play the blame game. Jack holds her. Doug and Julie praise her poignant article about Laura. They remember her together ... Alone with Kate, Jake asks her to come to work with him. She needs more time to consider. He sighs Gabi has made a deal with Titan, so they need to get competitive. Kate suddenly sees an article that Xander is OUT but still has no answer to Jake’s job offer. He heads to the office. Kate is highly suspicious of her son’s strange silence ...
- Xander wants to do something that feels oh so right today and takes out a velvet ring box. He opens it and asks Sarah to be his bride. Sarah soap stares ... As the gang get their coats on, Jen ends a long-distance call with JJ. She heads to Boston after the service, to sort out Laura’s estate with Mike. Jack helps her with her coat and they depart for the final farewell ... Jake comes up behind Gwen at the square, sits down and concludes she will go gloat at the funeral. She is not attending. He now believes she offed Laura and rages at her for drugging and almost destroying Abigail the good. She haughtily argues Abigail got everything. He tells her she will always be trash ... Brand diva Gabi gushes to Phil that this is a great deal, and he will best DiMera. Phillip is listening. Suspicious Kate interrupts ... Xander dramatically gets down on his knee and swears he will make Sarah happy the rest of her life. He waits with bated breath. Sarah suggests they eat cake. Xander’s handsome hopeful face falls ... After the sad service Laura’s family gather round her grave. Jen sobs to Jack she will never see or hear her mom again. He offers to escort her home, but she wants to be with the gathering while they remember her. She touches the gravestone and whispers she will be back. Abigail wants to say goodbye before joining them at Julie's Place. Jack lets sweetheart know he loves her, and they leave. Chad stands at Abigail’s side and she asks him to stay. He agrees and tenderly touches her face as she tragically clutches her flowers ... Kate asks if Gabi and Phil are going into biz. Phil slyly wonders whether she minds. Gabi deduces she does not like the idea. Kate suggests they go right ahead so Gabi accuses her of wanting her far away from Jake. Ouch!
- Gwen is feeling sorry for herself. Jake stares coldly as she complains about the unfair article. Laura had an accident, and she is innocent! Jake senses her panic. She might have to pay for her actions for the first time ... Abigail appreciated Chad today. He tells her she and their kids are his everything. She wants him to go to them now. He smiles he loves her and leaves. The fair Abigail sits in the snow next to Laura’s grave ... Gwen denies any wrongdoing, hisses she owes Jake no explanation and storms off ... Phillip will consider Gabi’s proposal. She suggests he hurry, calls herself a hot property and flounces out ... Sarah insists Xander open her cake box and he does. On the chocolate cake are the words WILL YOU MARRY ME. They laugh about having the same idea and he lifts her up. The passion has only just begun for this pair. They seal the deal with a romantic kiss ... Phil grills Kate on Gabi’s accusation. Does she really fear Gabi could pose a threat to her relationship with Jake ... At the square Jake runs into Gabi, who poses in her animal print mini and gives him a sultry stare ... At Julie’s Place, Jen points out to Jack she has much to do in Boston. Julie and Doug bring champagne and they all drink to Laura one last time ... Abigail emotionally thanks Laura for everything at her grave and sighs she was snatched too soon. She vows to make Gwen pay! Then she looks up. There stands Gwen.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 17, 2021