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Thursday, August 10, 2017
Episode 13,146
Length: 1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve and Kayla argue about Joey confessing. She counters Tripp should be jailed. Tripp overhears ... Angelica pays a visit to new Adrienne aka Bonnie dressed in her clothes. She cackles their dreams will come true ... At the cafe Claire sees Theo carrying flowers. For Abigail. He regrets not doing his job faster. Claire is confused ... Abigail has a nice visit from Maggie, who reminds her many love her. Enter Chad with Thomas. Abigail motions to bring him, overwhelmed. Tender times as Chad happily hands over Thomas. Maggie excuses herself. Abigail is all smiles. Chad asks how she feels. Good. Chad has brought her own old stuffed elephant and he speaks of its magical powers. Abigail agrees there is magic in the air ... Bonnie thanks Angelica for the chance. She wants revenge on old red and her hands on Victor's money. Angelica reminds her to drop Lucas first. Bonnie wants to have fun with the hottie ... Kayla shouts at Steve for forgetting how Tripp endangered her patients at the hospital. Steve points out that is his son. She snaps so is Joey. Troubled Tripp has taken off ... Raines has summoned Lani to his office, asking about the case she and FBI Eli have against Hernandez. She cannot say. He orders her as her boss to tell him ... At the pub, Val is surprised by what Abe gave her. He assures her it is not a ring and smiles to open. She is relieved and loves the earrings. He tells her how she helped him do the right thing by trusting Theo ... Claire asks Theo if this is about the arrest of Chad. She can talk and he can trust her. He decides he cannot talk and hurries to the hospital ... Steve gets Tripp did bad things but he did not kill anyone. He was after warped justice but with the right family he would be better. Kayla brings up Joey again so he tells sweetness his soul is already in prison. He hates his idea of confessing but will support him. He cries they trapped him in the lie. Kayla cries about what prison would do to him. Steve thinks this is his decision to make. Kayla blames Steve ...

At the cafe Tripp returns what he borrowed from Claire. When she brings up the future he explains he has decided to leave town ... Angelica orders Bonnie to memorize her Adrienne dossier. Then she must take back Justin and break his heart, so he will see that Angelica is the woman for him! And it gets better. Justin would move her into the mansion where Victor and Maggie dwell. Buts first Lucas. He now knocks on the door ... After Thomas is gone Abigail and Chad have a moment. He assures her he meant what he said last night and there is no Gabi in his life. Abigail is his soul mate and Gabi saw this. He really really loves her and always will. Abigail's pretty blue eyes become moist with emotion. She is sorry for the lost time but Chad will hear none of it. She smiles maybe they can all go to the beach and watch the sun go down. He must know how much she loves him. Chad does and sighs he has something he has to do ... Raines puts pressure on Lani. If she does not talk she is fired ... Claire does not understand. Tripp confesses he set Kayla up and she hates him ... Steve only wanted to give his son a loving home but Kayla believes his haste left son number two vulnerable. Steve wonders why she never said so before. She wanted to give him a chance and snaps they have no family anymore if Joey goes to jail ... Lucas calls out for Adrienne so Angelica opens the door. Lucas doubts her claim of a truce. Bonnie giggles and agrees. Exit Angelica. Lucas has doubts about the truce and Bonnie assures him she was just playing along. Lucas is happy to see her and note her glow. He gets closer and they smooch. But then she stops and sighs they cannot continue. He replies this is their time to get married. She smiles and is sorry to say no. He suggests a quiet wedding to be with the woman he loves. She gasps he is a good guy and handsome and sweet so she hates having to say they are over. Lucas soap stares ...

Lani cannot believe it. She wonders what her dad the mayor would say. Raines wonders whether that is a threat ... Abigail wishes Chad would not go to the police at this time. He tells her he will fight to get back to her. She wants to go with him but he wants her to stay here and get stronger. They kiss as tragic music plays and exchange I love yous. He leaves and Abigail weeps ... Chad walks out, where Theo is waiting. He thanks him for all he did to get rid of the picture but he will not stay silent. He cannot let Sonny stand accused and explains he might have to mention how Theo tried to help. Then he gives him a hug .. Claire asks Tripp why he went after Kayla. Cos he thought she killed his mother. She advises him to apologize but he thinks he has no choice other than to run. Otherwise Kayla will make certain he goes to jail ... Steve follows Kayla to the pub and apologizes cos she was right. She explains her only concern is to keep Joey safe and free and accuses him of always leaving her out of decisions .. Lucas does not get it. Bonnie replies she is not the same and he sadly asks why push him away. His eyes are hurt and he wonders what she is hiding from him. They were fine when they made love this morning! Bonnie lies it was wrong to choose him cos she still loves Justin ... Steve begs baby to see their boy is suffering. He he will honor his decision if he decides to confess. They can make a deal with the authorities. Kayla laments they will not let Steve get away for covering either. Steve is desperate to protect their son but it does not always work. She cries to go away so he does ... Claire feels Kayla is forgiving. Tripp tell her not this time. She feels it is best to try in relationships instead of running as she almost did. Tripp is already packed. She gives him back her recording so he can say he kne her when ... Lani would not threaten Raines but ... He tells her she is dismissed as of now ... Abigail loves the flowers from Theo. He realizes she is worried about Chad. She laments she cannot lose him again. Theo hopes it will all work out again. So does she ... Chad DiMera walks into the station and remembers Abigail's fear about losing him. Raines emerges noting he did not have an appintment. Chad announces he is here to confess to killing Deimos Kiriakis.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, August 10