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- Jittery Jake admits to pub Roman that Kate vanished and sounded strange when they spoke again. Meanwhile Kristen concludes she is ready for her Kate closeup and departs DiMera mansion ... Jack has just updated phone Jen on inviting Gwen to stay at Horton house. Abigail will likely be livid ... Abigail tells Chad that Gabi made her see the light. Chad assures her she can avoid Gwen, but she thinks it will be hard with the baby coming ... Gwen gasps about her baby and falls to the floor ... As Henry gurgles, Allie and Tripp are caught tenderly getting close by his supervisor aka chief resident Dr. Snyder, who demands he explain ... Pink lipstick Claire is concerned about Ben, who comes by with a spring bouquet and a heartfelt apology ... Jack argues to Jen he is the only soul Gwen seems to have. She urges him to forewarn Abigail ... Abigail assures Chad she and Gabi are not back to scheming, but that girl gets her side of the story. Chad suggests motherhood might change Gwen. Abigail has decided to ignore both Gwen and baby ... Gwen gets her breathing under control but then comes another cruel contraction. She rushes herself to the hospital ...
- Tripp explains how he helped Allie’s feverish baby under Dr. Kayla’s watchful eye. Snyder sternly suggests Allie and baby head home. He hauls Tripp out into the hall and chastises him for almost breaching ethics. Tripp is sorry. Synder warns not to do it again ... Ben unhappily informs Claire he let Ciara go with Theo. Claire hugs him and he cries on her small shoulder ... Fake Kate coldly embraces confused Jake. She has decided to end the affair ... Jack joins Abigail and Chad with Gwen news. She is moving into Horton house. Abigail is aghast ... Desperate Gwen rushes to Dr. Snyder at the nurse’s station ... Claire gives Ben a pep talk about Ciara returning when she remembers. Allie arrives with Henry. Claire tells Ben to call anytime. He hugs her and leaves. She feels for his heart break. So does sweet Allie ... Jake muses Kate is miffed cos he was kind of jealous of Gabi seeing Phil. Kristen jumps on that as her excuse, concludes he was too young for her and they are therefore done ...
- Abigail protests. Jack explains even Jen understands as Gwen is carrying his grandchild. Abigail is upset she will feel uneasy visiting her folks now and storms out, feeling like a daughter betrayed ... Snyder does an ultrasound. He is sorry there is no baby heartbeat. Gwen feels like she is living a nightmare ... Allie and Claire catch up. The young mom praises Tripp for his baby bedside manner. Claire teases she liiiiiiikes him ... Lab coat Tripp is on his coffee break at the square and joins beer drinking Ben. Ben sighs Ciara went to South Africa and gave him the brushoff. Tripp heard about the amnesia. Ben fears her memories of their love will never return. Sympathetic Tripp suggests they are still stored in her head. Ben teases him for the doctor look. Trip gushes about helping Allie and his innocent little nephew. Ben believes Allie is a nice girl and can see Tripp is smitten ... Abigail argues with mama Jen long distance. She blames Gwen for Laura’s death. Jen urges her to consider her dad as a parent. Abigail is enraged and refuses to accept Gwen. Not after what she has done to her ... Chad sympathizes with Jack as Abigail is against him getting near Gwen’s baby. He is pleased papa Jack stepped up and the baby will be safe. He plans to financially support as a parent ... Gwen woefully wonders whether it was a boy or a girl. A girl. She weeps in despair for her lost daughter ...
- Allie admits she almost kissed Tripp but his boss interrupted. She fears history could come between them. Claire wants the door shut on Charlie’s Dale’s history for all their sakes ... Tripp tells Ben he really liked Allie when they first met but it all went to hell. Ben tells him to keep the faith. Anything can happen with love ... Jake asks if it is really the age difference. Kristen agrees and haughtily stand ups. She is moving out and quitting DiMera. Suspicious Jake demands the truth ... Chad is relieved Jack is helping. Jack suggests he focus on his little family with Abigail. Chad worries his wife is almost over the edge again ... After her call with Jen, Abigail is unpleasantly surprised to see Gwen, who was looking for Chad. Mad Abigail calls her baby a meal ticket. Gwen gets upset and wants her to shut up ... Jake grabs Kate’s arm. Kristen hisses to let go. Here comes heroic Roman. Kate suggests he is a better man than Jake, who storms out in a snit.
- Jack agrees to give Chad updates on the status of the baby - in secret. Meanwhile Gwen argues she was about to leave town when Jack made his offer. Abigail leers no one wants her or her baby and Gwen slaps her hard. The fight is ON ... Claire gives Allie a pep talk about fresh futures and then admires Ben’s flowers ... Jake bumps into Ben at the square and sighs Kate dumped him. He knows not the real reason ... Roman reminds Kate they were a better match than her and Jake, as he always said, and wonders. Kristen cringes under the Kate mask ... As Jack and Chad conclude their conversation downstairs, upstairs all hell breaks loose. Abigail orders Gwen out of her house. She goes to speak to Chad. Abigail follows her to the staircase and grabs her arm, raging to stay away from her hubby. Gwen yells to leave her be. Abigail hisses she wants her and her baby out of Chad’s life. Gwen grabs her arm back, loses her footing, and falls down the stairs just as Chad and Jack step back to the foyer. Abigail looks down in horror. Chad and Jack glance from fallen Gwen to aghast Abigail. Gwen lies like a motionless ragdoll.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 30, 2021