Days of Our Lives April 10, 2014
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Thursday April 10, 2014
Episode 12,314

- Busy Nicole walks out of the club carrying a coffee. Eric emotionally approaches her for a life changing moment. Today! The casually dressed ecclesiastic turned hospital photographer starts to explain but Nicole
blows him off, headed for the hospital. She is in work mode, dressed for success, and in no mood to be let down again. Eric blinks.
- Theresa has been texted by Brady about going out of town and now shows up at the house of Kiriakis, where she finds him wearing his
stylish striped shirt. He explains that he just got back from Chicago. She
wants to know if he is dumping her. Pause. She is sorry she brought up the coke thing. He says it is fine. She starts to nervously stammer and he tenderly touches her face. Theresa tells him his lovemaking made her soooooo happy but usually men walk away post bedroom. Is he walking away as well? Was that the reason for his distance?
- Hope and Ciara are breakfasting at the pub. Ciara is dressed and ready for judo class to kick someone where it counts! At the square, Aiden has escorted Chase to the place of his judo class, gets a work call, and walks off.  Poor little uniformed Chase realizes he is at the wrong place. All of a sudden a big mugger in a black leather jacket grabs for his phone. Chase cries out NO and tries to fight back. The thug lifts him up like a rag doll
as the lad struggles ...
- JJ clearly could hardly keep up with perfect Paige at the park. The jog tired him out and he is profusely perspiring. He brushes a flower from her hair and they look deeply into each others' eyes. Another sweet moment.
- At Horton house, Jen and Abe are discussing the planned hospital party in Lexie's honor. Jen hopes he knows how very loved she was. Abe gets choked up about missing her still. Then he pauses. He seeks advice on moving on. Jen says oh. She notes he and Maxine did have a nice time together at the wedding. Abe explains having a good time ... Jen realizes
it made him feel guilty. How well she knows the feeling!
- Dan is a medicine man on the go. He hastily mixes his protein drink powder with the drugged orange juice and drinks up ... Liam is getting ready for his day in his room, puts on his watch, and wonders, a wicked grin on his twisted face. He assumes the doc is drinking up at this very moment.
- Dan rushes into the hospital and Maxine muses that must have been
one short night. Then she yawns too. Dan signs in for his big surgery. Another doc will be assisting. Dan is off his game and Maxine notices.
He gets himself a black cup of coffee. Around the corner, Liam the loon
is gawking and grinning.
- Nicole is greeted elsewhere at the hospital by one Anne Milbauer, HR queen. Madame Milbauer leers Seth Burns is not available to sign what she wants.  Nicole insists she needs him to sign off on a story. Anne can only offer to deliver the document to him. Nicole wants to take it herself. Madame Milbauer gets catty about Nicole being the only blonde who
does not look good in the shade of red she is wearing and goes on her
diva way. Reporter Nicole is exasperated.
- In the blink of an eye, Detective Hope has her gun on the bad guy at the town square and yells FREEZE. Put the boy down! She flashes her badge with her free hand. He lies it is his son but Hope knows better. She cuffs the beast as Chase calls his daddy. With the cuffed thug on the ground, Hope goes to the frightened boy at the bench and praises him. Here
comes Aiden! Hope calls for a unit at the square. Aiden is shocked to
hear the creep wanted to mug his son. He holds him close.
- Paige suddenly stammers they will be late for school. Love struck JJ asks what she usually does after school. She does not have anything planned. He invites her to hang at his place while he does some music before he goes to his community service. Paige gets excited about being his audience at the garage. Along comes her friend, who automatically assumes he is harassing her again! Mary Beth blasts JJ like he is a seedy stalker.
- Jen has trouble finding the words as she recalls how some Salemites were harsh, thinking she had moved on too soon with Daniel. But the memories of Jack remain. Abe agrees the memories are precious and he does not want to lose them. Jen assures him he will not and talks living
for now. Now is all they really have. Abe thanks her for the heart-to-heart.
- Dan decides he is ready for that double bypass and goes to scrub up for the OR. Meanwhile Nicole checks in with the station, complains about
not being able to get near Seth, and ends the call. Liam steps up and announces so they meet again! He smiles enough to crack his face as he goes on about her TV show. He makes her uneasy so Nicole quips the down side of having a TV show is that some people think they can come up and talk to you. Liam keeps smiling and chuckles he will let her get to her work ... Nicole wants to schedule an appointment with Seth but is having no luck. Eric comes around the corner and insists she talk to him now. And he is not taking no for an answer.
- In surgery, Dr. Dan gasps he missed a step. He is breathing heavily and behaves in a disoriented manner. The surgeon assisting hopes he is okay. Dan gasps he is good and gets back to it, assuming he is merely a tad tired. But things go south frighteningly fast ...
- The cops have arrested and carted off the mugger. Chase perks up
when he sees his friend Michael in the distance arriving at the correct building where his judo class has moved. Aiden suggests he not go but
the boy wants to learn to defend himself, just like he always says. Aiden
is impressed, lets the lad go, and promises to wait for him at the bench. He then stands up and emotionally thanks Hope. He sighs this is all his fault. He never taught his son to use judgment in fighting and fight avoidance, he only taught him to stand up for himself. If he had taught him to avoid fights in dangerous situations, then this never would have happened. There was a clear and present danger this time. He could not bear it if anything happened to his son. He exclaims he has to protect
him, he is his whole life! Hope observes him with warm, sympathetic eyes.
- JJ snaps at Mary Beth to mind her own business. Mary Beth takes her friend aside and insists she get rid of this common criminal! Pal Paige patiently points out she knows what she is doing and tells her friend to stay out of it. Mary Beth snaps then she will not save her life, wishes her luck, and struts off, her nose in the air. Paige is sorry and promises to
see JJ at school later ... Rory and Bev emerge and peer after them. Rory whispers she was right cos JJ and that girl are really into each other. Bev glares like a stoner girl scorned. She calls Paige a beeech who is not right for him. She is not going to take this sitting down. She intends to take action by making that girl see how JJ is not right for her. Dude Rory gushes how smart she is about getting what she wants. Bitter Bev thinks
so too.
- Eric and Nicole are seated on a park bench. He murmurs about the church being his salvation and his rock. But it also brought them together and gave them a richer and deeper relationship. It means much to him
to be married in the church. He is sorry for making her sad, though. She snaps to just tell it like it is and put her out of her misery! Eric soap
stares. He stands up and she braces herself for the latest bad news. Eric emotionally explains he loves her and cannot imagine his life without her in it. He now sits at her side and asks her to marry him, regardless of the church's non-blessing ...
- Brady assures the pretty girl in the little black dress that he likes being with her, the rest of the town be damned. She is embarrassed she was foolish. He whispers to stop being hard on herself and kisses her. She giggles they can keep having fun and how about now! She touches his face. Brady spies Maggie from the corner of his eye and bids her hello. The redhead petulantly pours herself a coffee from the silver pot and
sighs he should have found some other ... amusement! Brady must take
a business call and leaves the two females alone in the room. Maggie does not mince words. She wants Theresa to leave. Theresa will but only after she thanks her for trash talking her. She taunts the more she disapproved, the more Brady wanted to be with her. The redhead retorts Brady is lost and she is no more than a diversion that keeps him from facing the reality of his unhappy life. Brady now returns. Theresa smugly goes on her way.
- Dan is perspiring. The nurse nervously dabs his forehead and he holds up the scalpel with an unsteady hand. He then hands the scalpel to the other surgeon, announces he must take over, and walks out of the OR.
He ends up lying down in the lounge, attended to by Maxine, who has taken some blood for analysis. He groggily sits up as worried Jen races
in. Dan admits with dread that he lost control and his vision went blurry. He holds up his shaking hands and wonders whether his old tremors have returned. Jen points out she shakes when upset too. Besides, his specialist stated the terrible tremors would not be back, Dan dramatically recalls she was there for him then too. Jen holds his hands and assures him she is
still here. She can see him getting better as they speak. They will be just fine. Dan now raises his hands and realizes with much relief that they are no longer shaking. It must have been a case of nerves. Jen agrees and she loves him. He loves her too and leans his weary head against hers.
- Nicole is caught off guard. Is Eric sure about this?? He replies with a resounding YES. She places her hand on her humble heart. She wants to marry him something awful. But his faith is more important ... He vows not to let anything keep them apart. She respects his faith. Eric explains after much praying, he came to the conclusion that this is God's will. There was no evidence found to exonerate him. Nicole cries she has long wanted this, then takes a deep breath. They should not rush anything. He holds her and whispers he knows. Nicole now jokes they cannot steal the thunder from EJ and Sami's wedding. Eric notes they can focus on their love and their future. They will live happily ever after. They kiss in bliss.
- Aiden deeply regrets his rudeness towards Hope. She understands. He emotionally admits he was so wrong about her. Hope thinks he should stop but he goes on, gushing about his newfound respect for her . He implores her to accept his heartfelt apology. She does and points out judo class is ending soon. He has a proposition and smiles he is not with the same connections as Hope, However, he still wants to be helpful so if she agrees, perhaps they could be a team for the church fundraising after all. Hope suggests someone else. There are plenty of capable parents. Aiden gushes he only wants to work with her and get to know her better too. She ponders.
- Brady is busy on his computer as Maggie announces she wants to talk Theresa. She is pretty but he is handsome and could have others. That
girl is going to end up a tragedy. Brady makes light of it. She points out others are concerned too. Brady already knows but explains that there is something he likes about Theresa. She did not know Kristen and did not see what a fool she made of him. Maggie is caught off guard.
- Eric kisses Nicole one more time and must now return to work. Nicole decides to go to Dan's place to see the look on his face when she shares her happy news ...
- Back at the hospital, Jen talks food allergy. Daniel laments he only ingested his protein drink today. Meanwhile at his apartment, Liam the burglar replaces the drugged orange juice in his fridge with a fresh bottle of untainted juice, washes up with his blue gloves, and wickedly wonders what is happening at the hospital.
- Hope and Aiden shake hands. They officially have a deal. Ciara appears in her judo uniform and boasts of her great moves in class. Chase stayed behind to work on his front kick. She calls mama Hope a hero. Aiden agrees she sure is. Ciara wonders if she used a judo move on the attacker she overpowered. Hope laughs she used her badge, which was better,
and hoists her daughter in the air. Aiden admires the heartwarming family moment.
- Brady explains Theresa does not give a damn about his past and she
has no pity for him. It is refreshing, it is the best thing he needs right now. Maggie is close to tears.
- Abe is with Maxine awaiting the results of Dan's drug test and gets a
call. He steps away. Eric rushes up to Maxine and asks what happened to Dan. Maxine sighs it looks bad. Theresa peers around the corner, smug.
- The lab now has the results of Daniel's drug test. Jen is standing by her seated man. Anne Milbauer creeps into the room. The results are in and this was no allergic reaction. This was 15 milligrams of an opiate, a potent painkiller in his system. Madame Milbauer calls Dr. Jonas a prescription drug abuser. What will public relations do now! She taunts PR Jenny,
who can only soap stare.
- Liam makes his great escape with his bag. That is, until the elevator
door on Dan's floor opens and he runs into Nicole. His large loon eyes
are filled with dread. Street smart Nicole smells a rat ... !


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