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September 28 - October 2, 2009
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- Ari assures Sami that Rafe is in love with her. Crazy in love!
- Meredith still has poor Rafe! Ari and Sami soon work
  together to find the missing dude.
- Madwoman Meredith continues her plan of revenge!
  She warns Rafe she is not afraid of death but he will die
  first. She intends to ENTOMB him! (The hospital fired
  her and said she was unstable).
- Meredith boasts to Rafe that Stefano DiMera brought her
  to Salem.
- Meredith sends a text message to Sami and Ari, pretending
  to be Rafe. According to the message, he just decided to leave
  town. However, Ari soon runs into Meredith and decides to
  investigate her, given her crazy belief that Rafe killed Emily ...
- Sami is disheartened and has a disastrous interview at a doggy
- Meredith panics when Ari calls that she will come by to see her.
  Change of plans! Meredith decides to get rid of Rafe in the river!
- Chad wants answers from Mia about their baby! Where is she?
  Mia tells him there was a closed adoption. Chad threatens to get
  a lawyer and stop any adoption. When he tries to grab Mia's
  computer, Will shows up and the two fellas exchange blows!
  Exit Chad. Mia follows him. She decides to divert his attention,
  but he is not as gullible as Will. What happens is Mia dumps
  Will so she can reconcile with Chad and make sure he leave their
  baby alone. He plays along, but he is determined to locate his
  baby girl regardless and he senses Mia knows exactly where
  she is ... Will tells Chad he is a moron cos Mia really hates him!
- EJ gets SCARY and accuses Nicole of LYING to him! She
  tells him Brady's secret is that he is using again. Elvis doubts
  it and insists they leave for Salem, so he can ask him in person!
  Syd has a slight fever on the flight home.
- Nathan asks Mel on an official date. Maggie is against it, and
  she believes Mel cares more for Phil!
- Maggie gives Mel advice about men.
- Chloe wants to give true love a chance. And she wants an
  annulment so Father Matt can marry her and Daniel in church.
  (well, it did happen in Europe more and Chloe used to live
  there, so maybe that's why she thinks it's so easy)
- The DiMera mansion starts to feel crowded.
- EJ and Kate do NOT click! He is highly suspicious
  of her and issues her a warning, with a smile on his face!
  Kate tells him marrying Nicole was a bad decision.
- And Nicole is livid to hear that her old nemesis is now
  the lady of the house! She tries to warn Stefano, but he refuses
  to hear anything bad about Kate, who has fed him his favorite
  sweet cake for dessert, pretending to have forgotten he is
- Nicole begs Brady to help her again, and it is increasingly
  evident he still has feelings for her! Mel notices. Why, he
  is even willing to let her make him look like a druggie to
  cover for her as there appears to be no other way to protect her!
- Will tells Sami that Mia had a baby she gave up for
  adoption and swears her to secrecy! He then needs advice on
  how to get Mia's trust back after Sami tells Mia she knows
  about the baby!
- EJ believes Nicole miscarried his baby and demands
  a full explanation! He has heard a tape of her discussing her
  "miscarriage" - with Brady. He has also secretly gathered
  information on his theory and has her old padding! Like
  usual, Nicole has an answer for everything, and lies she only
  miscarried years ago. Will he buy it? NO! He demands to
  know who Sydney really is!
- The Greek tycoon disapproves of Dan and Chloe getting
  engaged! He warns Daniel she will destroy him and calls
  her names. Dan the man plays hardall and demands he
  R-E-S-P-E-C-T his woman. Victor pretends to relent,
  but then secretly conspires against them ...! Butler Henderson
  knows how he really feels!
- Victor also wants Steph to stay the heck away from Phil.
- Phil and papa Vic have a heart to heart about women!
- Bope are still apart and Carly is a comin'! Right after she
  STABS Lawrence Alamain, who was abusive ...
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