Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 27-31, 2008

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- Sami is able to cover up her pregnancy despite Johnny's
  innocent remark! She is then taken to a secret location and  
  wonders if she will ever get her old life back. EJ slips her pics
  of Johnny when no one sees and this makes Sami's guard
  freak out, as he is part of the DiMera clan! Sami pretends to
  be sick so she can get to a doc. And that's not all! She then
  drugs a guard! Meanwhile, a new hunk shows up at the end of
  the week and this FBI agent, Rafe, has got her number! They
  are gonna be spending lots of time together and get off to a
  tension-filled start.
- Nicole is discouraged when her babysitting Johnny is a
  disaster! How will she fare with motherhood?
- Max decides that Stephanie was right. Melanie might have killed
  Trent after all, based on her current behavior and admissions!
  He discusses with Bo.
- Chelsea feels terribly guilty and longs to confide in Nick.
  Chelsea is filled with guilt about Kate but not Melanie, whom she 
  tells off once are for all! Mel hits back by mentioning Chelsea's
  role in Zack's death so Chelsea slaps her. Nick feels Chelsea was
  really lashing out at him for giving her the brush off while in Mel's
  company ...
- Nick suggests Mel come stay at Maggie's, too.
- Stephanie continues to gossip ...
- Melanie is set up big time by Bo and Hope!
- Kate informs her sons that she does indeed have lung cancer.
  She starts chemotherapy for the fight of her life. She also wants
  Lucas to run her company. Phillip reacts as asked... he fires him!
  Meanwhile, Lucas and Chloe continue to be an item.
- Phil tells Chloe his mother could be dying.
- Abe and Lexie worry about exposing Theo to difficult situations
  after he does not fare well in an interview
- Trent's will includes a mysterious letter for the cops.
- Nicole feels closer to  marrying EJ, until she gets arrested for
  the murder of Trent Robbins!  EJ's reaction? He wants to
  defend her. Easier said than done!

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