Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 20-25, 2008

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- Sami interrupts Nicole and EJ getting hot and heavy and she
  has a very good reason. She needs EJ's help!  Nicole at first
  doesn't buy her story, until she goes to see for herself and
  trips over the mayor's body!
- Then it's off to the police station, where Sami helps Roman
  get closer to finding the assassin with the help of a police
  artist and a composite. Sami says she would be able to pick
  the killer's face out of any line-up! By the way, the assassin
  was following orders from someone unnamed.
- EJ is unable to stop caring about Sami, which makes Nicole
  increasingly jealous!
- Dr. Dan visits Kate at the Kiriakis mansion. Phil is mad as heck
  about Dan and Kate - again! Meanwhile, Chelsea does the math 
  about the pair and also sets her sights on a dinner date with Nick.
- Nicole is rushed to the hospital with abdominal cramps.
- Sami interrupts Lucas and Chloe, which makes Chloe mad.
- The killer prepares to strike again and silence witness Sami!
  The mayor's assassin has targeted her and takes a shot but
  EJ saves her! After advice from Roman, Sami realizes she
  needs to go underground until the killer is stopped.
- Lexie accuses Stefano of ordering the hit on the mayor!
  And she admits to brother Tony it might be all her fault.
- Melanie tells Max about the night of Trent's murder.
  She tells him she blacked out just after she and Trent both
  reached for the knife and when she came to, her head was
  throbbing, while Trent had a knife in his back!
- Max then tells Stephanie and guess who she tells - Bo!
  Max decides Stephanie should stay away from him after
  she betrays his confidence so he fires her as his girlfriend!
- Bo and Hope are even more suspicious of Melanie after she
  advises them to look into Stephanie.
- Mel tries to offer Phil a good time to prevent him for talking to
  the cops but it won't work. Phil tells Bo he recently saw Mel 
  holding Trent's wallet!
- Melanie is told not to leave town.
- Melanie causes even more trouble for those around her and
  shows her mean streak to Bo, which Max overhears. Will he
  now change his opinion of her?
- Melanie has a bizarre Trent hallucination which makes her
  bail on Nick. In fact, she is about to bail on Salem, too!
- Kate's biopsy results are in!
- Marlena prepares to file for divorce.

  Sneak it and peek it
  Little Johnny innocently reveals Sami's secret in EJ's presence!
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