Days of Our Lives Spoilers
Week of November 24-28, 2008

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- Lucas feels insecure about Chloe after he sees her interact with
  Brady at the pub. Chloe swears to Lucas she wants to be with
  him, but does she even know what she wants? And does she
  notice how Dr. Dan flirts with her?
- Nick has visitors - Chelsea and Maggie!
  After Nick begs, Maggie says it's okay for Melanie to remain at
  Horton house for the time being.
- Melanie wants to be an admin assistant.
- Hope has a chat with Julie.
- Chelsea and Melanie have a cat fight and Phil breaks it up!
- Mel gets a break from Philip. He comes to her rescue when she is
  confronted by an old creep in an alley after she lifts his wallet.
  Phil then makes her an offer (perhaps Melanie is the Cinderella
  from hell but Phil hasn't exactly been an upstanding guy all the
  time, so they just might be the ideal match after all!)
- EJ and Stefano are Argentina bound.
- Nicole has a real medical emergency this time! The bad cramps
  get worse when EJ is away and then she miscarries. Brady is
  there for her. Nicole is heartbroken. She soon fears the only
  thing keeping EJ close to her was the baby (the lost little girl)
  and that is why she does not want him to know about the
  miscarriage. Meanwhile, EJ and Stefano become close again and
  EJ informs him that his future is with Nicole.
- Kate is allowed to leave the hospital. She is happy to attend her
  welcome home party, unaware that the worst is yet to come.
- John takes the first step in getting help. He agrees to a one-off
  visit with a shrink whom Marlena respects highly.
- Dan knows he has to break the news to Kate about her cancer
  having spread.
- Max and Chelsea are the closest of pals again.
- Hilda babysits Sami again, with hilarious results! The Big H takes
  some cold medicine which knocks her out cold (excuse the pun
  har har!), enabling Sami to make her great escape! Sami then ends
  up at a convent, where she makes friends with a nun, Sister
  Theresa. Sami introduces herself as Colleen! Theresa takes pity
  on her plight.
- Meanwhile, Rafe does some research on EJ and better
  understands Sami's position ...
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