Days of Our Lives Spoilers
December 8-12, 2008

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- EJ and Stefano survive the attempt to kill them!
- The DiMera mansion security becomes an issue.
- Stefano advises EJ to marry Nicole. EJ tells Sami they are
  through as step one. Sami is hurt by the phone call.
- Nicole considers secretly adopting and passing the baby off
  as her own! Brady tells Nicole if she doesn't tell EJ the truth,
  he will! By the way, Brady must be Nicole's newest best
  friend cos after she comes this close to lacing his drink with
  cocaine, he continues to look out for her best interests. Nicole
  gets the stuff from the Cheatin Heart bartender but cannot
  carry out her plan so she stops Brady from sipping his drugged
  drink and tells him how she feels. Brady then agrees to keep her
  secret.  Erratic Nicole does not seem to be a good judge of
  character as she gets conned by Kelly, a smokin and drinkin gal
  who is out for a buck and not even pregnant, but Brady sees
  first-hand she is bad news!
- Sami and Rafe grow closer.
- Max has a chat with Nicole at the bar.
- Paging Dr. Love! Chloe's blood pressure goes sky high!
  Is it Dr. Dan?
- Jealous Melanie locks Stephanie in a vault, but her actions
  actually push Phil and Steph closer together, cos he happens
  to be in there, too! Also, Phil asks Steph on a date!
- Max calls Mel on her jealousy where Phil and Steph are
- Marlena gets jealous, too, and who can blame her? Charlotte
  Taylor's office is moved next to hers and the doc and John
  seem to be getting along very well. They laugh and chat and
  John decides to trust her ...
- John finds Brady with drugs, but things are not what they seem!
  John soon sees the light and says he is proud of his boy.
- Mel agrees to go see Nick in the slammer.
- Tony and Stefano butt heads about business. It seems Tony now
   knows Stefano is making Elvis his official heir!
- As Bo proceeds to put up the star on the Christmas tree,
  he falls. Is this symbolic in meaning? Stay tuned!
- Rafe gets attacked! Here is how it goes down. Rafe goes on an
  errand for Sami, shopping for Christmas gifts, which is when the
  mayor's killer stabs him in a fight. But Rafe survives!
- Max reluctantly opens his box from Trent, with pal Chelsea
  at his side for moral support ...
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