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- In this mayoral madness Melinda Trask's pitbull politics
- will lead another candidate to fight back and the mud.
- shall fling! Only problem is the innocent casualties that
- could come with it. JJ the hero to the rescue ...
- Tripp was so sweetly convincing with Kayla when he stated
- Steve would back because he loves her. At the moment a piece
- of the Patch puzzle is missing. Dare to dream ...
- Speaking of missing, Ciara ending up as a surprising hostage
- leads to an even more surprising reveal ...
- Glam Kate tossing her martini in Ted's face proved she's got
- her game back. Just wait until she stumbles upon a secret ...
- Bravo Brady finally getting his day of glory back at Titan
- though it does come at a price.
- Rolf's diary seems to have made the rounds. Would it not be
- simpler to revive Rolf for Jack? Suggestions aside ... Jack's
- memory return is expected to be tied to a series of unexpected events.
- P.S. Valentine's Days ahead!

With Luv
Published January 24, 2019
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