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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
might be the Duke/Duchess of Sussex. Stars schooled
in Sussex include Steven Seagal and Billy Idol.

Speaking of Royals, Helen Mirren ...
was cast as Catherine the Great for a TV series and
her real life grandpa was a Russian aristocrat!

A 1950s Hollywood Blonde Bombshell
is believed to have a fully grown child out there
who has no idea who their bio-mom was!

Some Famous Folks are using Propecia
to treat male pattern baldness. As per Drugwatch
propecia can negatively affect a man's sexual health.
Soooo he can look young enough to hit on a young tart
but there's no fuel in the tank to get jumpstarted!

Rocker Rick Springfield recently revealed
he’s always suffered from depression, though one
audience member from a 1980s concert says that was
still no reason to throw water and spit on fans.

Kylie Jenner Facetime cried as Chloe Kardashian
announced she was pregnant. Or did she really hear
the news from a Kylie Minogue newsfeed?! Ouch!

North Korea's leader is using propaganda soaps
with young stars to appeal to the younger generation.
Rumor has it citizens within the 18-25 demographic who
don't watch regularly will be sent to the soap firing squad.

Psst. ME TOO Makeup is on its way!
with big names attached ... Stay tuned