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Chapter 7

- Ciara waits for Ben to physically remove Leo Stark from their almost love nest. Instead he stares at the strange purple blue hue the crystal emits. "Man oh man that looks really ..."
- "Rare and expensive like me?" quips Leo with a wicked grin.
- Ciara shakes her shaggy head. "I have a bad feeling about this. I just got my memory back and now this interruption. It's too soon for us to have another adventure!"
- Leo laughs. "Then you might miss out on holding my one-of-a-kind tanzanite from Mount Kilimanjaro."
- Ciara takes a closer look. "Wow! I have heard of those. You cannot get them anymore and they are supposed to be ..."
- "Magic," Ben mutters, "but the magic is probably in the price of whoever has one and wants to sell it."
- "Can I hold it?" Ciara wonders. Suddenly, someone bangs on the door causing the cabin to shake.
- “Give me my bloody bauble back!” Xander roars. Leo panics and tosses the crystal to Ciara, who drops it down her bra. Ben calmly opens the door as Leo slides back under the bed. He gives Xander a stony stare and claims when he last saw Leo he was outside the cabin a mile down the road. Xander bolts like a bat out of hell. Leo rolls out from under the bed and asks for his crystal back. Ciara produces it but before she can hand it back to him, the entire room fills with a strange fog. Ben grabs her hand and yells to hold on. A few seconds later the fog is gone, along with the cabin and Leo Stark.
- "What the heck?" Ben growls. "Where did everything go?"
- "It must be the magic from the crystal of truth,” Ciara whispers. "Look. There's the limo you were driving me in ..."
- Ben nods and opens the door. "We have to keep going. I have a feeling this is just the beginning." Ciara returns to the back seat and brushes the dirt from her designer wedding dress. Ben returns to the driver's seat. Within seconds they are on the road again. Ciara opens her clenched fist, no longer remembering the now vanished crystal, the fact that Stefano is Ben's father and an evil shapeshifter was the real necktie killer. Ben doesn't remember any of that either. But they both remember the magic of their love and that is all that really matters. For now ...


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