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- Allie laments missing Chanel on another visit. Chanel laments feeling she will be here forever ... Paulina slams down the phone as sympathetic Abe arrives. Glamorous Paulina has a bold idea. Abe wonders. She says to sack Trask ... Angry Belle confronts Trask outside and warns she cannot keep unethically holding her client with no bail hearing ... Jada opens her door to Kate, who bears a recipe for morning sickness. She sadly states she ended the pregnancy ... Eric confronts Nicole for convincing Jada to abort. Nicole denies it and calls her a beech. Raging Eric heard what she said. Nicole refuses to let her lie she suggested she terminate the pregnancy. Eric cries tis too late anyway because his baby is gone ... Kate promises not to judge but is perplexed Jada changed her mind. Jada woefully notes she did not want to be alone raising the baby ... Suited Abe is stunned and says he cannot sack Trask ... Outside the pub Melinda muses courts are backed up plus she is working with Scotland Yard. Belle accuses her of going after scandal cos Chanel is the governor's daughter. Trask doubts Paulina will take as governor and wants lunch ... Shawn shows Chanel that Sloan came to visit and wonders whether she wants to see her. Chanel wants to hear what she wants to say. Sloan intros herself as her worst nightmare while Allie watches. Allie insists Chanel is innocent. Sloan notes it was no accident her mother fell. Chanel wonders why she came. To hear what she would dare to say. She saw the first police report and she confessed to campus authorities initially. She credits Paulina her powerful mother for fighting to change things in her favor and fumes her own mother is no more ...
- Paulina suggests Belle become D.A. Abe sighs it could be considered case rigging. Pauline just wants Trask off the case before she can harm Chanel ... Smart cookie Belle accuses Trask of not playing fair and then smugly hands her something to read ... Kate asks whether Eric tried to stop her but Jada only told him after the fact. Kate wonders how he took the news ... Nicole is stunned to hear what Jada did and denies any wrongdoing. Eric argues she was convinced after Nicole spoke to her and gasps why did she meddle for she had no right ... Turns out Melinda must now appear before an impartial judge to explain her actions ... Sloan does not want to believe her professor dad did anything wrong. Chanel points out he pursued her and Allie says the same. Sloan wonders why she never stopped the affair even though she felt it was wrong for he had a family. Allie snaps to stop ... Nicole reminds Eric they are an item and she overheard him planning to raise the baby with Jada. He told her after but Nicole at that moment thought Eric and Jada had gotten romantic. She only heard the real deal from him later when they ran into one another ... Jada admits to Kate she did not want Eric to talk her out of what she decided. Kate is sorry she was alone and asks if she spoke with anyone before. Yes but she was no friend ... Nicole does not deny warning Jada she would not be going anywhere. Eric bitterly blasts her for getting what she wanted all along ...
- Jada speaks of how negative Nicole was about single motherhood, which made her reconsider. In the right circumstances she would love to be a mother though ... Eric accuses Nicole of bad impulses. She admits she was hoping Jada would not keep the baby and hopes that answer is good enough. Eric stares darkly ... Abe warns his beloved the press would be all over them and he would be impeached. Her idea would get them in the cell beside Chanel. Paulina pauses ... Chanel snaps at bitter Sloan, who insists her mom's suicide was a murder and complains how she and her brother were affected. Did Chanel never wonder what it was like to see their dad drink himself to death. Chanel is sorry but Sloan blames her for ruining her life, instead of the cheating heart dad perhaps because it is easier for her to accept ... Abe promises Paulina he will fight for Chanel plus Belle is the best lawyer to outfox terrible Trask ... Belle is troubled to hear Sloan is with her client at the station ... Meanwhile Allie defends Chanel as a better person and accuses Sloan of trying to get a big payday. Sloan does not deny wanting restitution and revenge. Belle sweeps in and announces Chanel made bail ... Nicole is not sorry for being without that complication. Heartbroken Eric reminds her how happy he was, which was for two reasons - having her again and becoming a father. He is devastated it did not mean anything to the so-called love of his life. She stops him when he starts to add something, assuming he is referring to her inability to bear him a child. Eric looks bewildered ... Jada admits to Kate she still considers Eric a great guy. Kate wonders what comes next. Working and trying to find what makes her happy. Fellow survivor Kate suggests tis nice to have a special someone. Jada woefully agrees ...
- Eric is shocked Nicole thinks he would say something so hurtful to her. She suggests he was hurtful before. He reminds her how happy he was about helping her raise Holly. She counters she felt left out when he got swept up with Jada's news. He did not even call her that night at the pub so she was not part of his dream after all ... Abe and Paulina join happy Chanel and Allie. Belle is pleased with the progress. Trask sweeps in with another mean spirited move. She hands Shawn an arrest warrant for Paulina accusing her of a coverup. Shawn hates having to arrest her. Sloan smirks ... Jada agrees to stay friends with diva Kate but wants to rest a while. She breaks down and cries on her shoulder ... Devastated Eric did not mean to make Nicole feel left out but they cannot change what happened. He must somehow live with the baby being gone ... and Nicole's involvement. He starts to go and she wonders what will happen to them. He weeps he knows not and walks out. Nicole weeps alone.


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The Salem Story on December 1, 2022