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- Brady brings Rachel to Marlena's office. Meanwhile woman in red Kristen trashes Chloe's report and calls her unqualified. She will have to delay the big deal with Gabi and the board and blames Chloe's incompetence ... Gabi is enjoying the beautiful day outdoors and calls Li, who is impatient about the Marina deal and and claims he has an important meeting. Rolf arrives at his door ... EJ makes it crystal clear he overheard Gwen and Ava discussing how Ms. Vitali sneaked her out of the slammer. Ava dares him to call the cops ... Rolf rages at Li for attempting to off Stefano's son ...Pretty Gabi must lunch outside alone. Jogging Johnny happens along and babbles about the apology he owes her ... Back at DiMera mansion Ava learns EJ recorded nothing so tis hearsay. EJ is an officer of the court and knows what he overheard. He demands Jake's DiMera shares if she wants him to keep her secret ... Rachel is happy to listen to music as Brady confers with Marlena about allowing Kristen to see her daughter ... Chloe gets mad about her hard work being reduced to 20 pages after Kristen made her lengthen it. Kristen taunts to quit. When Chloe brings up Brady and her love life, Kristen grabs a gold letter opener and threatens to stab it through the stunned songbird's heart ...
- Ava gets sarcastic when EJ states he will let her stay if she gives him what he wants. She warns him not to become her enemy ... Johnny is sorry and stunned to hear how close he and Gabi got on the desk when the devil was in charge. He blames himself for her and Jake breaking up when it was really devil Johnny she overheard selling her out to Vic, not Jake. Gabi sighs it made her realize Jake would never trust her. She also knows she never stopped loving Stefan ... not to mention Jake moved on with Ava Vitali. Johnny wishes her happiness ... Rolf accuses Li of trying to pull the plug so Li quips Stefan is only a feather in his mad hat. He states his new plan which Kristen now supports cos it means making Stefan fall for Chloe again. He smiles and hopes the mad scientist can do it ... Brady admits to Marlena that Kristen is not in the slammer and Rachel is asking after her mom. Kristen has already threatened to get the custody agreement redone and is Chloe's new boss. Brady believes if he is nice Kristen will be nice right back and not go for full custody. He now calls Kristen - who puts down the letter opener - and invites her to visit Rachel in Marlena's office. Now ...
- Eerie music plays as Li pressures the talented Dr. Rolf to alter Stefan's emotions. He praises how he made Hope Princess Gina. Rolf loves the flattery ... Chloe marches over to DiMera to complain to Gabi that Kristen almost offed her with a letter opener. Gabi suggests she quit but she needs to support her son. Gabi suggests she try not to escalate and hopes Kristen will not stay in town long. She cannot risk angering Kristen cos she would team up with EJ and toss her out of DiMera ... EJ warns Ava if Leo Stark has an alibi he will report wot he now knows to the cops - unless she hands over her shares. Ava hisses she would rather give them to Kristen any day ... Kristen and Rachel have a happy reunion. Marlena and Brady watch like hawks ... EJ claims Kristen is loyal to the family. Ava argues she is family and Jake would be appalled by EJ's behavior. He warns her he will not let her stay at the lavish mansion in return for nothing and she hisses to go to hell. She storms out as suspicious Johnny enters ... Chloe believed Kristen's threat and warns Gabi she is bad for the company. Gabi sighs about not being a DiMera and having enough power. Chloe now suggests Gabi is her enemy, just like she was when she stole Stefan ... Rolf notes he could not necessarily make Chloe feel the same way about Stefan even if he could control Stefan's emotions. Li cares not if that part of the plan fails cos he only cares about Stefan staying away from Gabi ... Rachel missed mommy and Kristen gives her a locket of baby Rachel, mommy and daddy. A family. Needless to say Brady is not pleased ...
- Back at the mansion EJ complains to Johnny about Ava not letting them have Jake's shares so they could oust Gabi at DiMera. Johnny is not impressed with his father, who notes Ava suspiciously married Jake the same day he was killed. Johnny senses she is stressed and might be doing what Jake wanted, which would be to leave Gabi in charge. EJ, however, does not buy her weeping widow act ... Gabi emotionally tells Chloe that she and Stefan did not mean to hurt her when she fell in love with him. She weeps he was the first man who ever returned her love. Chloe is sorry and suggests she and Stefan would not have lasted anyway cos she belongs with Brady. Gabi is still heartbroken about her loss ... Li sends Rolf back to the lab to get to work on Stefan stat ... Marlena takes Rachel to the cafeteria so Kristen and Brady can talk. Once alone he blasts her for the locket. He is mad she is misleading their daughter about them being a family ... Chloe shows Gabi her report Kristen tried to trash after making her lengthen the original. Gabi will have a look and Chloe concludes Kristen is not the only one who can wage war ... Brady warns Kristen not to confuse Rachel with promises that cannot be kept. They are not a fairy tale or a family! She hisses he cannot keep her away so he shouts she tried to keep her away from her father. The visit is done and he departs to take his daughter home. Kristen asks when she can see her again. He growls when she becomes the mother she needs. She hisses how dare you as he coldly leaves ... Johnny visits Ava in her room as she wipes the tears from her eyes. He apologizes for his father and is impressed she stood up to him. He knows his da seems obsessed with the company since his personal life fell apart. Ava muses she is from a mob family so she can deal with it. What really has her rattled is the murder of the eldest son and the other wonderful son going west. Then she lost her Jake but believes she will survive. Johnny is here for her and they share a sweet hug on the bed. EJ appears at the door and stares in dismay. Johnny heads off to shower and Ava thanks him for being a friend. After he leaves angry EJ goes back to Ava's now closed door ... Rachel announces to Brady and Chloe she wants to be a family again ... Marlena informs Kristen that Rachel wanted to go see Chloe. She warns she will not be able to come between them ... RRRRRolf will do his best. Li is satisfied with that and opens his door. There stands Gabi, who suspiciously asks why he was meeting with the sinister mad scientist!


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The Salem Story on Friday, August 19, 2022