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- Beautiful Ben and Ciara admire sleeping baby Bo in their Annapolis Maryland hotel room. They were at sea for almost a year and are happy to be back on land ... Hope is horrified when Harris collapses ... Rolf talks to sleeping Marlena and Kayla and asks who will be the next guinea pig ... Steve calls John. He got a location lead on Megan from Hope ... Megan wonders what Bo is looking at. Rolf's secret notes on HIM. He fumes he will not forget what he read including who his real father was. Megan tells him to forget that file but he slams it down wondering whether t'was an order. She acts innocent about her motives. He suggests her order to kill was sinister. She wanted no distractions. He raises his voice and she asks to ... talk. Bo has decided he is done ... Ciara suggests they go to Salem to see the family ... by plane with baby Bo. Ben sighs it will not be the same without Marlena ... Crazy Rolf concludes he will use Kayla as his test ... Steve and John are en route flying. Steve updates him on how they got the coordinates of where Megan went after leaving Caracas ... Kayla wakes up aching and feeling fatigued. Rolf boasts of his new serum he will test on her as Kate was eliminated ...
- Ciara sighs the situation is sad. Kayla, Kate, Marlena all gone. Ben had no chance to say goodbye to the wonderful Dr. Evans who saved his life. He tells Ciara he dreamt of saving her life last night and she opened her eyes, smiled and he knew she would be alright. She is the reason he has Ciara and baby Bo. Ciara suddenly runs to the bathroom to be sick ... Harris wakes up in a bed hooked to an IV, worried Hope at his side. The doctor said he had a delayed reaction and needs to watch him a little while but does not anticipate any more aftereffects. Harris is grateful Hope stayed at his side and feels better. She gives him water and praises him for providing the coordinates. John and Steve are on it. Harris suggests she go but she intends to stay ... Megan reminds Bo he is alive because of this place. The hero wants to head out and find himself. She calls it a cliché and he reasons he needs to go somewhere and think. She blocks him ... Woozy Ciara emerges and says no more food talk. Ben suggests they call a doctor. She was not sure before but a week ago she was late sooo ... She might be preggers with their second baby ... Harris makes light of his heroics and admits he wanted to bring Megan down for himself as well. It was worth it. Hope wonders where he goes from here. He doubts he could get his navy career back. Hope suggests she try and pull some strings with the ISA director. He would also like to spend more time with her ... Steve and John are studying the map which is full of islands. Alas none is a DiMera owned property. They eventually narrow it down to one island that could have the infrastructure needed. Tis an old military base ... Kayla is horrified to hear about Kate. Rolf is surprised when she reveals she has no interest in his fountain of youth serum. He reasons he has to prove to Megan that a human subject can survive the injection. He plans to make a mint if it works ... Megan informs Bo that Rolf made a new serum to bring back their past. Bo just wants to head to the future. She gets mad and then politely asks for one final dinner. He needs to go now. Meghan whips out her syringe and tells him to be a man ... Meanwhile flying John and Steve discuss the deserted military location and then see it used to be a research facility. John goes to order his pilot to take them down to island 26 first so Megan will not see them coming ...
- Rolf reveals Megan wants to reconcile with an old loved one. Kayla gasps and starts to sense Bo could be alive ... Megan refuses to let Bo go and wants him to accept the sedative so Rolf can fix his attitude. He refuses but the obsessed woman makes her move ... Harris feels he and Hope have another chance and would love to get to know the real her and vice versa. She pauses. He is sorry for the past and assumes he has no chance ... Ben has run to the drugstore for a preggers test. Ciara took it and they have to wait 2 minutes. She notes his nervousness. Ben is over the moon and makes her talk a look. The test is positive and so are Ben and beautiful Ciara. They are having another baby and little Bo gets a baby brother. She wants to call Shawn just to say they are en route. Then she will call Hope. She does and tells him their location. They will stop by Salem soon and will contact Hope as well. She is shocked to hear where she is ... Hope admits some of her feelings for Harrison before were real. Now she has no angle and this is just them for real ... Steve and John are in the dark, guns drawn. Steve sees a building in the distance and they decide to get a closer look ... Rolf makes light of the deaths but refuses to confirm anything to Kayla. She stops him when he tries to jab her ... Bo stops maniac Megan, who ends up being jabbed ... Kayla overpowers a shocked Rolf and runs away in the maze ....Seconds later John and Steve arrive with their weapons and split up to search ... Hope agrees to try again but they must go slow. Harris gives her a kiss ... Enter angry Ciara, who demands an explanation ... John slips into the room where Marlena is sleeping and turns on the light. He sees his beloved in the chamber looking very alive and emotionally gasps ... Bo has his stuff packed and heads off to his future. When he opens the door to depart there stands Kayla, who speaks his name ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on March 24, 2023