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- Chanel learns Johnny got a film job offer in L.A. as first assistant director. He would be working for Rousseau his fave director. Chanel is pumped but peeved when she hears he got said offer a while ago ... Roman updates delighted diva Kate on Eric moving upstairs at the pub. He asks after Lucas. Alas she has not heard from him and fears the worst. Speak of the devil ... Colorful Julie welcomes Chad home to Horton house. The children are asleep. Julie wants to know if Clyde confessed about targeting Abigail. Chad recalls his claim that Abigail was still alive ... Rafe taunts Clyde at the station, smug that the FBI is giving the Salem PD the first crack at the felon. He paints a picture of the perp stuck in supermax forever due to the drug charges. Clyde plays it cool ... At DiMera mansion Stefan shouts to do it now and hangs up. Kristen is curious. He grins he is getting Gabi out ... Johnny admits he did not want to give Chanel and baby stress. She doesn’t buy it ... Kate hugs jean jacket Lucas, who explains he was helping Harris capture Clyde and his henchman. They could not talk until the FBI took over. Kate now believes he must be free. Alas no ...
- Cagey Clyde claims he never heard of a Li Shin. Rafe knows he put the squeeze on Stefan after he broke Gabi's leg. Clyde taunts and cackles when Rafe calls her innocent. Rafe senses Clyde knows who killed Li ... Stefan has plans to break Gabi out of prison. Kristen argues Rafe has Clyde and could get what he needs from an interrogation. Stefan would rather break Gabi free and flee with her. Kristen is against it ... Chad informs Julie that Clyde is now claiming Abigail is alive. Julie reels ... Chanel tells off Johnny for his secrecy. He was thinking of their happy life in Salem. Her happiness is most important. Wife points out he did not turn down the job so far. He admits he is torn and asks her to decide ... Glam Kate stares. Roman discretely steps away. Lucas admits to Kate that Harris has yet to say anything about his future. He got flown home by Chad. Kate is mad at Harris. Lucas reminds her he is still legally a fugitive. She realizes they must hide him fast ... Julie reels from Clyde's reveal. Chad had a gun to his head and assumes it was a lie though he wishes it were true ... Clyde pretends he knows nothing. Rafe brings up the little black book having Li's blood and Gil's blood print. Plus said book was hidden at the Bistro aka the base of Clyde's dug operation. Clyde reminds him that Ava offed Gil. Rafe wants to know what Gil told Clyde. Clyde seeks something in return ...
- Kristen reminds Stefan he agreed to support her for DiMera CEO and suggests he give it a few weeks. Alas he is petrified about Clyde going back to the slammer, making it unsafe for Gabi. Kristen threatens to tell Gabi about his affair with Ava if he does not drop the idea of a very risky prison breakout that would render him useless to her... Chanel likes the sound of relocating to L.A. if Johnny wants the job. He admits he has always dreamt of being the next Fellini but his Marlena movies when to hell due to devil tampering. He also has some self doubt and does not want their family so far away ... Lucas believes he will be safe in a prison cos Clyde is going to Supermax. Mama Kate believes tis safer still at the monastery but he would rather do the last year of his sentence in Statesville, which means he would really pay the price for what he did to Sami ... Chad recalls how Abigail returned to him before and then there is Stefan, who also came back from the dead. He decides to go speak to Clyde himself. Julie agrees to say nothing to no one ... Stefan snaps he only cheated with Ava one time while drunk. Kristen refuses to back down on her threat to expose. She needs him in her cold war against EJ ...
- Clyde drawls he would not mind Rafe going outside the law to help his sister. Rafe leaves and tells the smug felon he will be back ... Chanel pep talks Johnny and will support his decision whatever it is. She would not mind Malibu, Rodeo drive and the endless movie theaters. She would follow him to the ends of the earth. Sweet music plays. Johnny smiles with stars in his eyes ... Kristen gulps her drink and wants to know whether she will have to give Gabi bad news. Here comes Rafe, who has overheard. Stefan stammers it was about the dead end. Rafe has something to report ... Kate updates Roman on Lucas going to bid Julie goodbye before he must serve the remainder of his sentence. Roman is sympathetic but Kate wonders how much ... Lucas learns Chad is not home. He gets a hug from Julie and alludes to an uncertain future ...
- Chad gets into Clyde's room and removes the table between them. Then he tells him to talk. Clyde gets sarcastic ... Kate pushes away her drink and pouts. Roman reminds her he has long supported Lucas and believes Harris is wrong if he does not help him ... Julie knows from Chad that Lucas said he did not believe Clyde's claim. Lucas cannot imagine how it could be possible ... Kristen steps away to take a call. Rafe tells Stefan he knows Clyde knows something. Stefan hopes it is enough to get his beloved Gabi home ... Chad demands to know how Clyde can claim Abigail is alive cos when he found her that fateful night. She was pale, cold, bleeding out, slipping away. At the hospital Kayla even confirmed when she died. Chad held his dead wife. He gets close enough to strangle Clyde, cries about his cruel bomb and demands he explain ... Johnny accepts the job on a long distance call with Rousseau. Chanel is elated and cannot wait to get home with hubby to celebrate ...
- Julie is on a call with Aunt Marie, vowing to uncover what is in the time capsule one way or another ... Back at the pub, Roman bears good news for Lucas. He got in touch with Harris, who says his sentence is over. Kate gasps. Roman confirms he is free. Lucas hugs Kate and winks at his wonderful stepdad ... Rafe's hands are technically tied but suggests he would look the other way if Stefan broke the rules like a DiMera. He leaves. Stefan now informs Kristen he will drop his idea of breaking Gabi outta the slammer if she helps him get evidence to help Gabi. Kisten announces she will no longer help him because ... Clyde asks Chad to move away and he does. The cagey character agrees to tell all to Chad if he helps him improve his ... situation. Chad wonders why he would take the rap for Abigail's murder if it did not really happen. Clyde talks long game and ace up the sleeve. Then he suggests he listen to his bombshell ...


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The Salem Story on JUNE 13, 2024