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- Working girl Nicole gets a call from friendly Eric. She assures him Jada having his baby will not change their relationship. He agrees but seems surprised when she wonders whether she is still having the baby. He says yessssss. She cuts him off to take another call ... Li comes by with pie for Gabi, who opens Rafe's red door. He lies he has no news on sis who is out of the country with Johnny. Meantime EJ and Wendy get back to her place and she worriedly wonders whom they will confront first ... Sleeping beauty EJ dreams that Ava wants to shoot him and wakes up in a cold sweat ... Johnny wishes they had Rolf on tape but they know what they heard him say - that Li and EJ were responsible for Stefan's brainwashing. Wendy will go see Li and assumes he is with Gabi as he is not logged in ... Li loves his pie and Gabi recalls how Nicole - the one she wanted for her brother - got away. But she will not miss the mafia princess beech, who as it turned out, did not hurt Rafe the worst ... Chloe has a smile and a latte for Nicole, who is stunned to hear she also has Kristen's job. Chloe sighs Kristen still got her guy ... Brady congratulates Eric at the pub. Eric smells the cigars and admits he is elated. Brady wonders about Jada. Eric is relieved she agreed to keep the baby. He and Nicole are still together. Brady tries to be as positive as possible ...
- Johnny worries about Wendy confronting Li without him. She insists they divide and conquer EJ and Li separately ... Downstairs at DiMera mansion EJ sighs to Stefan he could still be in a state of drunkenness. Stefan is sorry to hear he went to Susan's crash sight. He is here if he needs anything. EJ is grateful for that and asks him to also thank Chloe. He grins Gabi must be livid when he hears brotha and Chloe are closer than ever. Stefan insists he is immune to his ex's attempts to make him jealous ... Nicole hears that Brady believes Kristen made Li offer Chloe such a high position. Nicole is bewildered Brady broke up with Chloe and let crazy Kristen move in. Chloe knows it is all about their daughter and is trying to move on ... Eric argues he will not be the first co-parenting father. Brady sighs some things do not make sense. Eric quips like his brother and Kristen and takes another sip of coffee. Brady repeats he is doing the best for his daughter. Eric reminds him Kristen went after mama Marlena. Brady changes the subject back to becoming a dad. Eric is pumped about being a papa ...
- Nicole wonders whether Chloe is rebounding with Stefan because of Brady. Chloe talks new beginnings. Nicole admits she and Eric have reunited. Chloe is stunned ... Li seems to sense Gabi is still obsessing about Stefan just as she complains Nicole obsessed over Eric. She assures him she is all in with him and they kiss. Knock knock. Tis solemn Wendy who wants a word alone with big brother ... As they chat in front of the DiMera fireplace Stefan shares how he feels a future with Chloe. EJ believes she is way betta than Gabi the snake who stole control of fatha's company. Johnny comes in and snaps how far would his father go ... Li tells Wendy not to be rude when she insists Gabi leave them alone. Li claims he already told his beloved about her and Johnny's bad actions ... EJ must give Johnny his news first so Stefan discretely departs. Johnny is suspicious EJ has another secret. Alas grandma Susan is no more ... Brady updates his brother on his last convo with Nicole but since then Eric has spoken to her and she understands nothing will change. So he thinks ... Nicole admits she should not have married Rafe when she still was in love with Eric. Chloe hears Jada is preggers and Nicole thinks she is keeping the baby but admits she may have suggested she not do so. Chloe gasps she suggested Jada get an abortion? Nicole denies it but admits she warned her how difficult it is to co-parent with an ex. Chloe sighs she overstepped. Nicole exclaims she cannot lose Eric. Chloe senses her insecurity and tries to set her friend straight. But Nicole worries Eric and Jada will love their baby together. Chloe assures her Eric loves HER. Nicole blurts out it would be best if there were no baby. Drums of doom play ...
- Li growls he already told Gabi everything and waits for Wendy to explain her actions. Gabi makes light of her leaving town with a nice boy. Li acts indignant about her not showing up for work and ignoring his messages. Wendy hisses she had a good reason. Gabi excuses herself to get hot under the collar Li some herbal tea from the square. Wendy talks back and tells brother he should be worried because she knows what he did to keep Stefan and Gabi away from one another ... Chloe admires the hot Ericole pictures. Here comes Stefan, who invites her for breakfast. Chloe accepts and he also invites Nicole, who notes she has work. Once alone she lets out a long sigh ... Gabi is about to return to Li when she spies Stefan holding hands with Chloe at the café as he updates her on EJ ...
- EJ blows up at Johnny's accusations but Johnny boasts he and Wendy know what he did, how he even ordered Rolf to give him and Wendy a memory erasing drug. They know what he did to Stefan too ... Back at the pub Eric is elated when Jada enters. Brady is happy to meet her, states his daughter would love to meet the baby and he is here anytime. Jada anxiously thanks him and asks for a word alone. Brady goes and Eric hopes all is well. Jada soap stares ... Johnny is stunned Susan is no more and is horrified to hear she was abducted for ransom. EJ states the kidnapper still kept Susan and he raced after them in his car but she drove off the road. Johnny demands the she devil's name. Ava Vitali ... Johnny does not understand. EJ snaps Ava was a psycho and rages at his son for trusting her. Johnny feels like he is to blame since he fought his father on banishing her. EJ assures him her revenge was on him but Johnny blames himself for having anything to do with her. EJ swears tis not his fault. But he lets him weep he is sorry. Johnny credits Sue with seeing he was possessed from the start. EJ notes the devil erased her memory. Johnny hisses just like EJ told Rolf to do to him in Jakarta! EJ's eyes widen with worry ... Brady returns to Nicole at Basic Black. He assures his insecure friend that his brother is happy to be back with her. She seems insecure about him also being happy about the baby ... Meanwhile Eric suggests decaff for the sake of the baby, talks books and gushes to Jada he wants to be a great dad. Alas she is sorry to say that there is no baby!


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The Salem Story on November 29, 2022