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- Stefan is disappointed Sweet bits is closed but Chloe enjoyed date two. They kiss and Gabi stops to glare ... Li is stunned when Rolf calls on his sister's phone to say he got his message too late ... Xander admits to Sarah he did a bad thing ... Rafe puts out an APB on Ava's car and assumes Susan is still her hostage ... EJ hopes to send Ava to hell just as she sees him in her rear view mirror. Charlie taunts tis not too late for her to win and them to be together forever. He knows she knows what he means so she swerves right off a cliff ... while EJ watches with sheer horror ... Chloe swoons and starts to leave with Stefan. Gabi stops to show them her heritage style wedding invitations. She insists they attend ... Rolf reveals Wendy was onto them. Li wonders where she is. Indisposed as per the mad doctor. Matter of fact she and Johnny are out cold ... Sarah wants Xander to spill. He stammers he quit his job ... EJ screams at the edge of the cliff for mothaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
- Leopard jacket Gabo boasts her wedding will be the best NYE event. Chloe tries to make an excuse but Stefan states she can be his plus one. Gabi acts upbeat but her eyes flash daggers at the diva ... Rolf updates Li on what he learned so Li sighs he will have to come clean to Gabi. Rolf suggests he steal the pair's vocal chords for a project he is working on but Li has a better idea ... Johnny and Wendy wake up and remember Rolf jabbing them. Alas he never said anything about EJ's involvement but they must get themselves out of the beds they are tied to before ... Rafe calls the FBI about Ava Vitali abducting EJ DiMera's mother. He came too late and concludes Vitali has Ms. Banks. He gets a call about the crash and curses ... Sarah is surprised Xander quit his job so soon. He admits the boss wanted him to do a bad thing but he thought of her and refused ... Rafe stops EJ from heading down the cliff. KABOOM! The car goes up in flames before anyone can see who was still inside and who was not ...
- Xander will only say a woman he reported to made a demand he would not do. Sarah probes. He agrees it was like cooking the books. She praises him and they hug ... Rafe cannot stop EJ from climbing down closer to the scene and follows ... Back at DiMera mansion Chloe is curious why Stefan said he would attend Gabi's wedding with her. He senses his ex is up to something ... Gabi enters as phone Li ends his call with Rolf about his sister coming back and she wonders what is going on ... Rolf destroys the recording Johnny and Wendy made while they watch. Wendy wants to speak to Li. Rolf leers they spoke on her phone and he ordered him to make them forget. He now prepares to jab the petrified pair with something more potent ... Chloe has a drink with Stefan in front of the fireplace as he insists Gabi loves no one, she only wants power. Chloe suspects she really wants Stefan. Still ... Li lies about Wendy playing hooky with Johnny all the way to Indonesia but Gabi overheard him insisting Wendy return emptyhanded and wonders why ... Wendy and Johnny claim they came for Gabi who still loves Stefan. Smart Wendy suggests tis risky to mess with the nature of things. Rolf laughs even Gabi was jabbed with his memory erasing serum when she got too close. At least they will return to Salem ... Sarah loves her new improved Xander who does the right thing and they kiss all the way to the bed ... EJ is sitting and watching while the fire department puts out the fire. Rafe is sympathetic. Alas the firemen assume no one survived ...
- Chloe is concerned Gabi still cares for Stefan, who laughs she can watch them holding hands at her wedding. Chloe wonders why he wants to cause her hurt. Stefan claims he only cares for Chloe and then he kisses her ... Li lies he wanted Wendy to come back to work instead of going on a shopping spree across the globe. Gabi tries to talk him out of firing her cos she and Johnny are cute. Li calls him a spoiled brat. Gabi softly states they deserve to be happy ... Rolf decides ladies first but Wendy begs him not to jab her. Johnny heroically jumps up and tells the mad scientist to unhand her ... After the lovin Xander lets Sarah know he wants a job he can be proud of. At least he is done with that woman. He heads to the shower and she gushes she will be waiting. Then she turns on the TV ... Rafe is sympathetic and suggests EJ ride in his car. He needs to take his statement at HQ. Tony said Ava abducted his mother but he wants the whole story. EJ feels tis too late for his motha and refuses to relive any of it. He numbly starts the long walk home. Rafe is unable to stop him ... Li is moved by Gabi's good intentions but refuses to change his mind. She talks true love and he calls her a softie. They kiss and he caves somewhat noting no harm was done ... Johnny fights off jabbing Rolf and Wendy whacks him on the head. Teamwork wins every time ... Stefan and Chloe kiss again. Enter bedraggled EJ. Stefan asks if he is alright and assumes he was in an accident. Not him but Susan and she is DEAD ... Li admires the lavish wedding invites. Gabi is keeping this copy for herself to make her feel it is real. Li smiles they will be wed on New Year's Eve and they kiss in bliss ... Dream team Johnny and Wendy have tied up Rolf to face the music while they return to Salem to spill all his secrets ... Xander comes out of the shower and Sarah updates him on Susan Banks being dead ... Stefan tries to help EJ, who screams and gasps tis his fault motha is no more ...


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The Salem Story on November 22, 2022